LIVE - Japanese Grand Prix: Verstappen finally crowned world champion for the second time in his career

LIVE – Japanese Grand Prix: Verstappen finally crowned world champion for the second time in his career

Verstappen: “That’s crazy!”

Max Verstappen: “It’s crazy! It’s a mixture of emotions. I won the race. What a year we’ve had. Thank you to everyone who made this success possible. It’s a lot of emotions.” It’s always pressure but it’s good pressure and it makes me very proud. Now we want to focus on winning the constructors’ title. “

Verstappen is finally crowned world champion!!!

In Suzuka’s confusion, all points were finally awarded. With a penalty kick taken by Charles Leclerc and demoted to third place behind Sergio Perez, Max Verstappen was officially crowned world champion for the second time in his career.

Victory but no title for Verstappen!

The Dutchman from Red Bull has achieved victory but has not (yet) won the World Champion title. Max Verstappen leads Charles Leclerc and Sergio Perez. Frenchman Esteban Ocon finished in fourth place very well. There is still doubt in second place for Leclerc who shot right before crossing the finish line.

It’s the end of the hour, last roll!

Drivers only have one lap to attack.

The midpoint has passed

If the points scale changes again, the current positions do not allow Verstappen to become a world champion athlete.

The flirtatious is still in the pits

Third stop for the Frenchman, 18th and last place in the Grand Prix. 12 minutes left in the race.

Hamilton attacks Ocon

Big fight for fourth place! Ocon resists Hamilton’s attacks, but for how long?

Fastest lap point for Verstappen?

According to the rules, the race winner only wins 13 points and not 25 when less than 50% of the race is completed, which may be the case on Sunday at Suzuka (the top nine drivers get points). In this hypothesis, Verstappen cannot be crowned this Sunday with a victory and the best time. On the other hand, it could be if he scored 6 points more than Perez and 8 more than Leclerc, which is a bad start. Leclerc is the fastest lap in the makeshift race.

Here is the distribution of points:

1st place – 13 points; second place – 10 points; third place – 8 points; 4th place – 6 points; Fifth place – 5 points; 6th place – 4 points; seventh place – 3 points, eighth place – 2 points; 9 – 1 point.

Leclerc’s fastest lap

Less than half an hour from the end of this Grand Prix, Monegasque Charles Leclerc wins the fastest lap of the race.

Verstappen regains his place as captain

The pit stop benefits Verstappen who regains his first position against Leclerc at 0”4.

Verstappen and Leclerc are in the pits!

The two leaders stop in turn and choose the intermediate frames. Alonso is now in the lead.

Many drivers in the pits

This is the case for Bottas, Vettel and Latifi who are leaving on intermediate tyres.

Here we go again!

Verstappen is leading the race ahead of Leclerc! Let’s go fight on a track that is still very wet.

Already two survey periods

There is no doubt that departure is imminent.

The cars are back on track

Driven by the safety car, the individual seats returned to the Suzuka circuit. “The track is very good,” Hamilton declared. It will be a quick start.

Jules Bianchi’s father got angry

Philippe Bianchi, the father of the French pilot who died in 2015, wrote in Suzuka after his single-seater got stuck under a lift device that ended up evacuating Sauber from German Adrian Sutil, who had left the track on the previous lap.

Racing will resume

Weather conditions have improved slightly so racing will resume at 9:15 am.

Sergio Perez’s anger

After Lando Norris, it’s Sergio Perez’s turn to express his anger after having a tow truck on the track. “How do we make it clear that we don’t want a crane on the track anymore? We’ve already lost Jules (Bianchi) to this bug. What happened today is totally unacceptable!!! I hope this is the last time I see a crane on the track,” tweeted the Prix winner The last major in Singapore.

What if Gasly was wrong?

Pierre Gasly is called up in about half an hour by the race guards. But for what reason? According to Canal+, the Frenchman who was furious for entering the track next to a truck could be punished for having crossed the 250kph limit under a red flag.

No points are awarded if the race is not resumed

According to the rules, no points will be awarded if the race is not resumed. To distribute the points, drivers must have completed two laps, as was the case at Suzuka, except that the second lap was completed under the safety car. However, both rounds of the track must be completed under normal racing conditions.

Norris isn’t hot to resume either

Lando Norris (McLaren) just posted a message on Twitter and like Albon, the Brit is clearly not too eager to resume: “Wtf. How did this happen!? We lost a life a few years ago (Jules Bianchi passed away in 2015 here in Suzuka, editor’s note) We’re risking our lives, especially in circumstances like this. We want to race but like that… It’s not acceptable.”

What you need to know about Gasly’s wrath over tow truck

After removing the display panel from his wing that landed in the front of his AlphaTauri, Pierre Gasly got back on the track but ended up with a tow truck. Having this truck can be very dangerous. It infuriated the Roan Family, who said, “I could have killed myself!” The race guards opened an investigation. According to Albon, Vettel has already raised the issue of tow trucks entering the circuit too quickly after an accident.

… All information and photos are here

Albon doesn’t want to go back to racing

In response to a question from Canal+, Alexander Albon does not want this Grand Prix to resume. The Williams driver feels the conditions are not good enough. “These are the worst conditions in my career. Of course we want to race, but at what cost?”

Things are not getting better in Suzuka

According to the weather forecast, heavy rain is expected in about ten minutes. So we are not ready to resume racing.

Delayed start again

The rain never stops disrupting this grand prix. The new start is still too late. Point will be determined in 10 minutes.

The race will resume at 7:50 AM.

Race keepers announce that racing will resume at 7:50 a.m.

Gasly’s anger

According to Canal+, Pierre Gasly was furious that he found himself on the track with a truck after the plate attached to the Elftawy was removed in the pits.

No sign of better weather

There is still doubt about the resumption of the race due to the rain.

Gasly’s Big Wrath

In the images broadcast by Canal+ after the race was interrupted, we can see the French pilot very angry in the pits without knowing the reasons for his anger even if he appears to be related to the board that landed on his car right after the start.

Pierre Gasly's anger
The Fury of Pierre Gasly | © Canal +

Gasly’s amazing picture with a piece of billboard

The start was also eventful for Pierre Gasly who inherited a display panel in the front of his AlphaTauri before the race was interrupted.

2/53: Red flag!

The race stopped after racing accidents, especially the retirement of Carlos Sainz.

1/53: Sainz and Albon on the carpet, safety car

The rain is already doing damage! Racing under the safety car after Sainz (Ferrari) and Albon (Williams) leave the track.

1/53: Let’s go, Verstappen resists Leclerc

Great start in the rain! Leclerc attacked him from the start, Verstappen resisted and managed to keep the first place! to the show!

Let’s go for a warm up

After a few minutes of doubt due to rain, the start will stop fine and will not start. There will be 53 rounds on the program.

Pierre Gasly will start from the pits

The choice of the French driver (AlphaTauri) dictated by the weather. He had to start on the ninth line.

To know all about the start grid…

The article on qualifications is here

The rain should disrupt the race

It’s raining on Suzuka. These challenging weather conditions will make the race complex and exciting.

Max Verstappen crowned champion if…

-Win the Grand Prix with the fastest lap of the race

He scored 6 points more than Perez and 8 more than Leclerc

Good morning all

Welcome to RMC Sport to follow the Japanese Grand Prix, round 17 of the F1 World Championship, live. At the wheel of Red Bull Max Verstappen, Pullman, could become world champion for the second time in his career this Sunday at Suzuka after burning his first cartridge last week in Singapore. Departure at 7 am

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