LIVE - Nice-Strasbourg: There is no winner in Allianz Rivera, Delort and Guimero top scorers

LIVE – Nice-Strasbourg: There is no winner in Allianz Rivera, Delort and Guimero top scorers

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is over! Draw between Nice and Strasbourg!

There is no winner in this duel, despite the lively end of the match where both teams could have snatched victory! Two days later, Nice and Strasbourg did not win. Delort and Gameiro are today’s top scorers.

Thuram is also inaccurate

The Eagles midfielder took his chance from outside the area, but narrowly missed the Alsatian tyre.

Ajorque is missing!

Strasbourg chance! After a quick movement, Ajorque is served in a back-to-back position in the area. rushes to strike. It’s pretty much out of range.

Diarra lights a wick

Away from Nice’s goal, Diarra attempts a powerful one-touch shot. It does not pass far from the right illuminator.

Lotomba gives way

He has been replaced by Daniliuc who will likely try to resize him to set pieces.

6 minutes of extra time

There are still many possibilities for both teams to avoid a tie!

Nice golden free kick

Ramsey rushes to 25 metres… he’s way above the goal.

nice corner

It is played quickly and is filled by Sels du poin in front of Dante. A new opportunity is coming.

Lovely trying everything

Les Aiglons finish this match strong! But Strasbourg still holds the tie point for the time being.

Two new ones from Strasbourg on Earth

And collided Nyamsi and Le Marchand when they hit the ball past Rosario and their own goal. They will have to be patient with their teeth, nice to have no more change.

Attal blow!

After being knocked down by Delort, the next picked up the middle and alerted Sels with a powerful shot, pushing back for a corner. Do not do anything.

Lutumba tries his luck

Finally a try for Aiglons. Lutumba makes the difference in the opposing camp and hits from far. His shot was slowed down and then picked up by Sels.

The latest changes in Strasbourg

Gameiro, Aholou and Bellegarde were replaced by Ajorque, Diarra and Senaya.

Atal is too greedy

After a corner kick from Ramsey, the ball returns to Atal at the far post. His evasion does not work and Strasbourg regains its liquidation. Bellegarde to land in his area.

Le Gym strong ends

Driven by the entrants’ energy, Ness was pushing hard for a few minutes, and managed to stay ahead.

Rosario warned

Lots of commitment for the midfield Aiglons against Thomasson.

Work for Dzeko

Exhausted, he was replaced by Beren in the last quarter of an hour. Elie leaves for Atal in Nice’s side.

Djiku can no longer stand it

Dzeko’s defender falls to the ground and appears to be suffering from spasms. He could still take his place, for now.

Gameiro down

The Alsatian striker is still on the ground after Dante put him on the ground while circling in the Nice camp.

Triple change in Nice

Brahimi, Rosario and Ramsey replace Limina, Goweri and Stings.

Thomasson clumsy

The decisive pass steps on Lemina’s heel and, in turn, receives a yellow card.

The tempo has dropped

Strasbourg released his fist and left the ball more to Nice who is not taking advantage of it. The match came down again.

Stefan’s first change

Prcic replaces Delaine. Bellegarde moves to the right.

Delort Harvest!

Taking advantage of a hesitation from Djiku, Ilie recovers the ball very high and finds Delort in the pivot. Nice striker shot to the left of the goal.

The race to attack

Strasbourg remains true to its goal and is trying to push hard for its first success of the season. The thrill is complete before the last half hour of play.


Strasbourg tied very well! At 40 meters off the goal, Thomasson makes a great opening towards Gameiro, who quickly connects an area control with a small dive in front of Schmeichel. The Dane is attached, 1-1!

Stengs lacks precision

Nice’s winger hits just above in his attempt against the surface.

Dante Gameiro . Blocks

The France international made a sharp call in the penalty area but faced the cover of the excellent veteran defender.

Things are better for Strasbourg

The visitors have controlled the ball since play resumed and are getting more and more daring.

Delaine warned in turn

3rd Visitor Warning: Delaine is being penalized for committing a foul against Thuram.

What a rescue from Schmeichel!!

Diallo is very close to a tie since the beginning of the second quarter. But right in front of the goal, he stumbles upon Schmeichel, author of a very elegant strong hand.

beginning of the second half!

Strasbourg begins the second semester.

Reactions to breaking (channel + sport)

Thomas Dilling: “The pace is weird. We have to be sharper to get chances. Defensively, there are 2-3 jumps in focus that need to be erased. The details are played out, we have to correct that and recharge your batteries on break before attacking with more force.”

Jean Claire Todibo: “We are progressing, it is good for us and our confidence. Our attacker opens his response at home. He is very good in terms of content even if sometimes futile. We need to find each other more. We try to take our time, find gaps, with the quality of our attacks , we have to create situations. Casper is great, he arrived not so long ago. We manage to understand each other very well, there is no language barrier because we all speak English. I think the integration is going well.”

Half the time!

1-0 to the gym at the end of the game that’s still slow to take off! The most determined, the Aiglons surprise Strasbourg, which struggles to create opportunities.

smart trader

The belt on the Stings deserves a logical card for the Strasbourg defender.

4 minutes of extra time

Nice always had the ball in the last minutes.

Delort upset

Nice striker complains of another blow to the referee. Nice recovers the error a few moments before the break.

Stengs solicits Sels

At the end of the counter-flash, Stengs takes control and then hits from the left on the chest. Salts reject the end of the glove in the corner, which gives nothing.

Nice still abusive

Like a center from Lotomba and a missed step from Thuram, Niçois tried to push the point home before the break, against an opponent still out of the game.

punished race

After overcoming one of the first adverse accelerations, Strasbourg pushes a wait-and-see attitude in this first chapter. Visitors are forced to get up to avoid another defeat.


Delort takes Sels with the wrong foot with a penalty kick! He hits hard with his right into the small left net, he is unstoppable and it’s 1-0 to Nice!

Nyamsi beware

The Strasbourg defender receives a card in addition to this penalty.

Nice penalty!

Qweri acceleration rewarded after the intervention of Nyamsi lost!

closed match

Spaces are still scarce on the Allianz Riviera, even if the gym has been discovered.

Ellie does not fit

The young Romanian throws a bullet from the right onto the left side of the roof. The ball slips while Delort is still on the ground. This was Nice’s first shot of the match.

Guerry is looking for Delort

Great relaxation from Djiku to get the ball off the head to Delort who was present in front of goal. Strasbourg is no longer prominent.

Aholou KO

Dante involuntarily wipes the ball down the belly of the Alsatian midfielder. It must be treated, the game is paused.

Everything is cute in control

The ball remains at Ness’ feet in the opposing camp, but Siles’ surface is still well protected. The first opportunity is still waiting.

Schmeichel is still there!

A new block from the Danish goalkeeper! He relaxes perfectly to push Dzeko’s ball back onto his line after a corner kick. Then the referee orders a great break in this first act.

Todibo saver

Diallo succeeds in controlling the area, but is repelled by the return of Todibo, who gives up the corner.

Eagles forward

Ness insists and stays very loud for a few minutes, without being able to test the Sels. Strasbourg can come out.

nice wake up

The gym gets a first corner. Lutumba finds no one in his midst, except for Dylan.

Schmeichel wins his duel with Gameiro!

Aholou sneaks into the pivot and launches Gameiro on the left, who stumbles upon the rookie from Nice. In the process, Thuram relaxes his defense.

A very messy game

Neither on the one hand nor on the other, players are not able to stop the game and install passes. The ball moves between the two camps without much danger.

1st corner of Strasbourg

On the right, Bellegarde finds the penalty spot, where Thuram fends off the menace with a powerful header.

The salts are already shining

Le Marchand is very close to cheating his goalkeeper after a cross from Thuram. Finally it allowed Sels to stretch into a corner with a nice ride.

Aholou collapses in turn

Serving backwards, Aholou hooks before dropping at the deck entrance. Logically, he does not get a penalty.

Delort is not listening

The Nice striker called for a penalty, but the referee eventually indicated play and returned the ball to Strasbourg.

Free kick for the gym

Guerre hits Todibo’s header at the far post, but the match ends after Delin interfered with Delort…

Strasbourg on the attack

In these first few seconds of play, visitors get ready and stay in the Nice camp. Soon they regain possession.

Let’s go between Nice and Strasbourg!

The start of the match was given by Strasbourg, good match for everyone!

Schmeichel’s words before kick-off (Canal + Sport)

“I’ve heard a lot about the atmosphere here already, I’ve played a few matches there with Denmark. I was impressed. I can’t wait.

You’ve come to the end of the story with Lester. I needed a challenge, a tournament, a different language and culture to get out of my comfort zone. When he made the offer itself, she agreed immediately.

Everyone has been great with me, I’m just waiting to get started. At the start of the season, everyone has to find their own rhythm. All matches are important, regardless of the opponent.”

The end of the multiplier to wait

It is a multiple serve rich in goals and twists that will close in a few minutes before kick-off between Nice and Strasbourg.

>> Double day two live

salts on roll

For another purpose, no wonder Mats Seals period. The German goalkeeper excelled over the weekend by scoring 9 saves against Monaco (1-2), his best total on the first day.

First for Schmeichel

The Danish goalkeeper, who arrived in Nice at the beginning of August, will play his first match in his new colors at noon today. Also note the first period of young Romanian starter Raris Eli (19), who entered at the end of the match against Toulouse (1-1).

nice eleven

Schmeichel – Lotomba, Todibo, Dante, Bard – Lemina and Thuram – Stengs, Ilie and Gouiri – Delort

alternativesPolhindi, Danieluk, Atal, Viti, Rosario, Claude Morris, Ramzy, Becca, Brahimi

Alsatian formation

Salts – Dzeko, Nyamsi, Le Marchand – Delane, Thomasson, Ahulu, Belgaard, Lenard – Diallo, Gameiro

alternativesKawashima, Beren, Dkouri, Nos, Sanaya, Persic, Diarra, Ajurk, Jan

The hateful Strasbourg

Eagles beat him on the 38th day of last season by finishing fifth, and Racing wants to take advantage of this meeting to take revenge and win his first match of the season, a week after a setback against Monaco (1-2).

Latifa enters a crucial week

Le Gym will play the Conference League’s first leg match against Maccabi Tel Aviv Thursday evening (7pm) in Israel, a week before returning to Cote d’Azur. An opponent that coach Lucien Favre has not yet been able to monitor.

Good morning all

Welcome to the live broadcast of the match between Nice and Strasbourg, the two teams that failed to win during the first day of Ligue 1. The match will take place at 5:05 PM from Allianz Riviera.

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