Blue's notes against Iceland (1-1): Melvine Mallard, much more than a promise

Blue’s notes against Iceland (1-1): Melvine Mallard, much more than a promise

Pauline Perod Magnin: 5

She was exploding hot and cold throughout the match. In the corner, she struggled to win (41, 60), and made real Iceland stops. But it is still attentive elsewhere (49, 73, 90). Nice vertical trigger from long shot (56th place). Some quick reminders I felt too, but this belated penalty deprives her of a clean sheet that is still leaking in this Euro.

  • In short: we have to be more authoritarian in the air against the Netherlands…

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Marion torrent: 5

It still looks like it’s on a string but has managed to hold its own despite the complicated start of the match (10). His generosity allows him to get out of some bad situations and clean up hot balloons (ranked 36). His offensive contribution was limited, Diane didn’t help her in the first period, and the quality of his passes is always uncertain.

  • In short: less effect than Perisset.

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Aissatu Tonkara: 4

It was difficult to raise God. The defender, who was clearly in contention with Greg Mbok for the position, lost countless balls in seemingly harmless passes (36, 54, 61). Some even have Icelandic chances. Not always royal in fencing (55, 77), it saves the day in some opposing business (45, 80, 90).

  • In short: Is there really an argument with MBOK?

Aïssatou Tounkara vs Iceland

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Wendy Fox: 6.5

Where her teammates seemed to struggle, she never veered off course. Always authoritarian in the air, she left nothing to her immediate opponents who ended up putting their elbows out there. His long passes were less present than in the first two matches, which did not help the French match. Serious head from the angle of the report (xv).

Salma Pasha: 4

We feel she has energy to spare. But on Monday, I had a hard time managing it. Sometimes she’s too shy with the ball, and not accurate enough on her transfers, that she even teased Corinne Deacon on a long ball she played without defiance in the first period. His left foot charm wasn’t able to properly express itself.

  • In short: a missed opportunity to show off.

replace it Soukaina Qureshawi (63rd place)which stood out from the start.

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Sandy Toletti: 5.5

When you take the ball, you arrange the blues thoughts. Its vertical game would be great in the sequence (the eighteenth, twenty-fourth) but it would lack the effect in the build. In a test environment, we would have liked to take on more responsibility. The dangerous ball loss (45) should be noted.

  • In short: we are waiting for her to take power because she has so much that it takes…

replace it Grace Giroux (63th place) Who hit the post with one of his first balls (67) before depriving him of the second half goal at the end of the match (89).

Sandy Toletti vs Iceland

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Charlotte Bilbout: 5.5

She started her match with a serious loss of the ball (5). But for the rest, I kept the house as usual. The main stalker even transformed herself in certain actions into a ball exit maestro (38, 45) with welcome gestures taken under pressure.

  • In short: a strong group stage in general.

Replaced half the time with

Ella Palese: 6

So clean, she never tried to do too much and simplified the French game with her reminders full of common sense. An interesting long game and a good tactical read.

Clara Mathieu: 6

She started with a pass to Mallard (first) and followed the striker in her wake, often with the right French shots. But it disappeared from circulation when the Icelanders physically raised their voices. A good corner kick (15) should be noted. She could have finished the second show if the VAR had not rejected Giroud’s goal (89th).

  • In short: the correct gesture is often when giving the last balloons.

Clara Mathieu vs Iceland

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Kadidiatou Diani: 3

She lined up in her favorite lane, and we never really recognized Diane in the first two games. In absolute discretion, rarely touched and sometimes inaccurate, she went through a delicate first period, without any real opportunity or spotlight. A performance you don’t have to worry about but still demonstrates his lack of regularity in performance.

Replaced half the time with

Delphine Cascarino: 6

She went back to her right wing and was blown away. His dribbling sparked discord among the Icelanders, and the French’s biggest chances often came in the second half. Nice stroke from the left (81) to remember the beautiful memories of Italy.

  • In short: poison to his direct opponents.

Melvin Mallard: 7.5

She was in a rush and that led to one of the best goals in this group stage with a back kick in a swerve for Mathieu and then a bed finish on the left (1). His start to the match will be exceptional with opponents always in the direction of the game, good ball possession and excess activity (20, 24). She descended logically after that but her qualities are like what France needs: movement, artistic ability and a lot of instinct. She missed the double by sneaking up on El Garchaoui’s caviar (ranked 69).

  • In short: Marie Antoinette Mallard.

Replaced by Olimata Sarr (79th place) Who misses a great chance at the end of the game (90) but above all causes the Icelandic penalty in an embarrassing way.

Melvin Mallard (France) celebrates her goal against Iceland in the group stage match at Euro 2022, July 18, 2022

Credit: Getty Images

Sandy Baltimore: 6

She, too, will be in sight at the start of the match, especially with a highly fluid technical relationship with Mallard. She had three good chances (15, 20, 55) but didn’t find the net, which is the only complaint she blames on her. However, his left claw made some good stances without turning the table.

  • In short: the profile of the Joker is more than its potential carrier.

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