FIFA is blind

FIFA is blind

tAll other factors being equal, the launch of the 2022 World Cup was celebrated on Sunday, November 20, in the city of Al-Khor, about fifty kilometers north of Doha, as happened a few years ago. Decades ago, when a shopping center opened at the edge of the city. Local politicians (Emir Al-Thani and regional leaders) Head of field of activity (Gianni Infantino, FIFA President [FIFA]And the “government” of world football) and the first agents (spectators and television viewers from all over the world) gathered, under the eyes of the media, to witness the opening of the doors.

The comparison stops there, because, scale-wise, this World Cup would be on another planet, a planet in excess. FIFA officials decided this in December 2010: the stadiums would grow on an area as big as Correz and Creuse combined, on barren but gasdollar-irrigated land, where 2.9 million people live. Of the population, only 10% of them are indigenous. The list of problems that FIFA has concealed for the organization’s proxy to the highest bidder is long. In Qatar, women’s rights are limited, homosexuality is illegal, foreign workers work in other age conditions on construction sites, and some lose their lives.

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In the face of such a bleak picture, it was expected that the leader of European culture, the Italian-Swiss Gianni Infantino, at the helm of FIFA since 2016, would adhere to initiatives calling for the host country, and others, to be progressive. On the other hand, Mr. Infantino, on Saturday 19 November, made a harsh appeal to the media for Qatar and against Europe, the continent where the most critical voices are heard.

Irony and obscenity

“For what we Europeans have done during the last three thousand years, we must apologize for the next three thousand years before giving moral lessons to others.”He fired, showing awkward relativism and anachronism. During this speech, Mr. Infantino ended up turning to sarcasm and obscenity, claiming particularly, on country soil, to feel “gay” And the “migrant worker”.

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As is often the case during such meetings, after disagreements, the sports scene would have taken over. Football fans are not responsible for FIFA’s mistakes. They find there a happy distraction that contrasts with the tormenting time. However, many European teams have wanted to express their concerns during competition by wearing a hand armband that symbolizes their connection to a world more inclusive than the country in which they play. They were called in for the application by FIFA, and had to abandon it.

In response, the German players expressed their feeling that they were being censored, Wednesday, November 23, by placing their hand over their mouths during the official photo before their match against Japan. It is time for Mr. Infantino and his supporters at FIFA to sever the connection they have shown in recent days and finally listen to the message being sent to them. To do this, they will need to create governance capable of distancing itself from the powers of money and dedicated exclusively to promoting global and grassroots football. Are these guys capable of such an aggiornamento?

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