LIGUE 1 - OM goals against PSG (1-0): Mbemba everywhere, Harit anywhere

LIGUE 1 – OM goals against PSG (1-0): Mbemba everywhere, Harit anywhere

Paul Lopez: 7

Marseille’s guard was completely imperial on his line and in his line against one. He first warmly warmed his gloves in two goals from Messi in the first five minutes before disgusting Hakimi (sixth) and then Mbappe (20). Regarding Neymar’s goal, he is completely helpless. The only light shade on the board, he must clear his area from a Messi free kick that hit the crossbar (34).

  • Briefly : Without him, Marseille would be on the water.

League 1

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Chancelle Mpemba: 7

He was present everywhere. Half the time, he was busy quelling all of Mbappe’s offensive tendencies, to which he responded with an impeccable reading of the game and an impressive athletic presence. In the other half, he spent in the attack, unbalanced Bernat on his side, and even tried to come back acrobatic (54th place). He was more dangerous than Klaus in the right lane, that is. We could say he’s irreplaceable if one of his countless climbs didn’t cost him Neymar.

  • Briefly : almost perfect.

Eric Bailey: Non-resident

OM lost against Bailly’s injury (41) and Gigot’s entry! The Ivorian defender was on his way to posing a major sporting challenge to the Paris attackers who came to smash his shoulders. Especially in Mbappe when he came back to the match (10th). He even allowed himself to scratch some very high balloons.

replace it Samuel Gigot, who made a somewhat correct copy before going completely off and cutting Neymar (72). And his expulsion ruled his people to suffer until the end of the match.

Leonardo Balerdi: 5.5

His first period was very weak. On several occasions, he defended poorly for Messi who reached (4th, 28th place) and he missed some fairly easy increases. His second run was much better. Replacing him in the middle of the three-man defense made him pretty good. He was less exposed to Messi and Mbappe accelerating and taking some hot balls

  • Briefly : a two-sided game.

Nuno Tavares: 3.5

Marseille needed Nuno Tavares from the start of the season to reverse the balance of power. Instead, they played with a very unskilled left piston. Technically, he brought back many balls to recovery and entangled and provided a goal ball to Messi (third). Offensively, he had chances but he didn’t make good choices. Facing Donnarumma, he tore his shot completely (26th place) and when he put in a frame (32), it was straight towards the Parisian goalkeeper.

  • Briefly : Where did Tavares go at the start of the season?

replace it Issa Kabore at the 71

Jordan Veritot: 4

Defensively, as well as some scratched balls, he didn’t turn up more than that. Offensively, he did absolutely nothing. Whether it’s with very inaccurate passes (11, 17,), hits without conviction (39) or very timid drops throughout the match.

replace it Pap Gueye at 79

  • Briefly : is not accurate enough.

Valentine Rungier: 5

The Parisians, particularly Neymar, were easily found in midfield and had streetscapes on the table. It could have been worse had Ronger not acted as he did. After Gigot was kicked out, he filled the holes as best he could.

  • Briefly : There is a lot of work to be done to make a good match.

Jonathan Klaus: 4

He was not present defensively. Even if it wasn’t really a disadvantage because Mpemba was big on the right side of the three-man defense. Even if it was crucial to the Parisian half, it could have been a good thing. But this was not true. He made the wrong decision in a good central position (16th) and lost face to face against Donnarumma (53rd).

  • Briefly : It didn’t matter for a more successful match.

Matteo Guendouzi: 5.5

A little on the horizon in the first quarter of an hour, slowly gaining momentum. He made himself available between the lines, upset Vitina with his laying and was efficient in his back for the match, Klaus fired really well on the wing at the quarter-hour mark of energy, and he deserved more success. It slowly faded again, as Paris tightened her grip on the confrontation.

  • Briefly : influential but indecisive.

Amin Harit: 3

He was the right man on the Olympic side when this match started. But we’d never guess by his performance. If he tried to speed up the match as he got close to the surface, he was constantly scrutinized, missed opportunities with very timid strikes (23, 37) and lacked creativity. Above all, it is the reason for the rather naive loss of the ball that led to the Parisian goal (45 + 1).

replace it Genghis is rarer at 71

  • Briefly : very challenging game.

Alexis Sanchez: 3.5

Alone at the front with Guendouzi and the uninspired galloping around him, the outcome was tough. But it is not impossible. He had some rare opportunities but he traded them poorly. Like Harit’s pass intercepted on counter (2) and his shot over five minutes later. Note, however, a superb pass by Jonathan Klaus over the defense (53rd place) who deserved a better fate.

replace it Bamba Deng at the age of 79

  • Briefly : It had to be super efficient.

League 1

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