Live - Drama at a soccer stadium in Indonesia: Indonesian president calls for independent investigation

Live – Drama at a soccer stadium in Indonesia: Indonesian president calls for independent investigation

Request for an independent investigation

Indonesian President Joko Widodo has announced the opening of an investigation into the crowd movement, but rights groups are calling for it to be conducted independently, and demand that the police be held accountable for the use of tear gas in an enclosed space.

“Nous appelons les autorités à conduire une enquête rapide, approfondie et indépendante sur l’utilisation de gaz lacrymogènes au sein du stade et à veiller à ce que les personnes qui ont commis ces infractions, so international pubédé liques” statement. “This loss of life cannot go unanswered,” the NGO added.

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“This is not moral, it is criminal,” the Indonesian Armed Forces chief denounced

After broadcasting several videos showing Indonesian Armed Forces soldiers beating their supporters inside Kanjuruhan Stadium in Malang, the Indonesian army chief spoke of a “criminal act”. “It’s not a morality, but a crime,” Andika Perkasa said during a meeting at Kimenkopolokam’s office in Central Jakarta on Monday.

The commander also confirmed that an internal investigation was underway to find out whether the soldiers abused their authority by committing acts of violence against supporters.

Identification of the victims is still in progress, and not a single person has been identified so far

In the aftermath of the tragedy, the process of identifying the injured and deceased victims is still ongoing. According to Indonesian media, no one has yet been identified. The government has so far identified 424 casualties in the Kanjuruhan tragedy: 260 with minor injuries, 39 seriously injured, and 125 dead.

Indonesia’s health minister stated that “measures must be taken” against those responsible for the stampede

The Indonesian minister in charge of Indonesian security on Monday urged “to take action” against those responsible for the mass movement that killed at least 125 people in a soccer stadium in Indonesia.

In a televised statement, Minister Mahfouz called on the Indonesian police to “identify the perpetrators of the crimes,” saying that “measures must be taken against them.”

“We ask the National Police to find the perpetrators of the crimes in the coming days,” he demanded.

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“The fans died in the arms of the players,” a coach testifies

“There are fans who died in the arms of the players,” Chile coach Javier Roca of Indonesian club Arima told Spanish radio on Sunday. secret lockAfter a mass movement left at least 125 people dead and 323 injured in a stadium in Malang, east of Java.

“After the match, I went to the dressing room and some players remained on the field. And when I returned from the press conference, I discovered the tragedy on the field,” the Arima coach explained in a touching testimony he gave to the Spanish media. .

“The players and the victims passed in their arms. The most terrible thing was when the victims came for treatment by the team doctor. About twenty people came and four died. There were fans who died in the arms of the players”, Chilean technician.

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Minute of silence in front of Monaco and Nantes

Before the Sunday meeting between Monaco and Nantes (5:05 pm). A minute of silence will be held in honor of the victims.


“The fans died in the locker room,” the chilling story of an Arima player

Witness to the tragedy that occurred during the match between Arima and Persibaya Surabaya on Saturday in Indonesia, Arima player Abel Issa Kamara, tells the horror. The home team players were trapped in the locker room to avoid blows from their fans, and ended up watching some fans die.

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The balance sheet has finally been revised downward by the authorities

The death toll from the deadly crowd movement at Indonesia’s Malang soccer stadium was revised from 174 to 125 on Sunday, an official in East Java province said, as the death toll doubled.

“Today’s death toll is 125. 124 have been identified and not a single one has been identified. Some of the names were registered twice,” Emil Dardak, deputy governor of the province, told Metro TV.

Delort’s touching message ‘Football is not a morgue’

The authorities are not the only ones affected by the tragedy in Indonesia. Via his Twitter account, Nice striker Andy Delort sent a message: “Bleeding heart. Football is a party, football is not a mortuary. My thoughts are with the families of the victims.”

Why is the Indonesian league one of the most dangerous leagues in the world?

The tragedy that killed at least 174 people on Saturday in a stadium in Indonesia is unfortunately not the first to shake the country, which is used to violent clashes between its supporters. The Indonesian tournament has been rated “one of the most dangerous in the world” and actually cost 95 people between 2005 and 2018.

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LFP sends its condolences to the victims

The Professional Football League also provided support to the victims of the tragedy. “Following the terrible tragedy that occurred yesterday during a football match in Indonesia, we extend our thoughts and condolences to the families of the victims,” wrote LFP.

A minute’s silence was observed before the Dutch championship matches

The Dutch Football Association wrote on social networks: “A minute of silence will be observed before the start of the five matches that were held in the Eredivisie today, out of respect for all those who were killed in the tragedy that occurred at the Kanjuruhan Stadium. We sympathize with Indonesia.” .

FIFA: ‘An unimaginable tragedy’, Infantino regrets

FIFA President Gianni Infantino said in a statement on Sunday that the stadium disaster in Indonesia was a “tragedy beyond imagination”. At least 174 people were killed Saturday in a crowd movement at a stadium in Malang city, east Java island, when thousands of fans invaded a soccer field and were sprayed with tear gas.

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Mass movements, police overcrowding, and tear gas… Causes of the tragedy

At least 174 people died on Saturday during a match between Arima and Persibaya Surabaya in the Indonesian league. The first witnesses and the Indonesian press implicated the police and the use of several tear gases against the invasion of the land, causing deadly crowd movements.

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Sergio Ramos message

In response to the many victims who died in the wake of the crowd movement that occurred in Indonesia after a football match, Sergio Ramos posted a message on Twitter: “Breaking. Our thoughts are with the victims and their families.”

A minute of silence on the stadiums of the Spanish League

The Royal Spanish Football Federation announces a minute of silence on the grounds of the Spanish First Division and Second Division in memory of the victims of the tragedy in Indonesia.

Death toll rises to 174

The death toll of fans after a soccer match in Indonesia has risen to 174, local authorities said on Sunday, making it one of the worst tragedies at the stadium so far. “At 9:30 am (local time) the death toll has risen to 158 and at 10:30 am to 174 dead. This is the data collected by the East Java Disaster Management Agency,” East Java Deputy Governor Emil Dardak said on television. Compass TV channel.

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