World Cup 2022: What the world press thinks about the Blues

World Cup 2022: What the world press thinks about the Blues

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We French know what the strengths of the national team are. And we count a lot of them, from collective strength to individual talents to our ability to play low-level offense. But what the foreign press says, and it is forced to develop its opinion on the French selection, that it qualified again for the World Cup final, four years after the Russian version.

The English media had had time to swallow their disappointment since losing to the Blues in the quarter-finals. This morning, the British press celebrated the words of Olivier Giroud, who is determined to break the global dream of Messi, but admires his talent. It is clear that the upcoming duel between Kylian Mbappe and Lionel Messi will focus most of the discussions. However, analysis of the blues track sheds light on other players.

England repents of Loris

We started with Hugo Lloris, who was judged harshly at the dawn of the match against England and gave a definitive answer. “France needed a great goalkeeper to get to the final. It went up a notch. If France beat Argentina, he will be the greatest French goalkeeper in history.”So judge Watchman. The group of players is also highlighted. “No N’Golo Kanté or Paul Pogba? No big deal, France have Aurélien Tchouaméni”Note that daily Mailwho is under the influence of the Real Madrid midfielder.

A man wins all votes, while he has never played in England anywhere else. This is Antoine Griezmann. All journalists from skysports Covering the world gave their opinion on the best player in the world. If Messi wins, the second most cited player is Griezmann. “The focus is on Kylian Mbappe and Lionel Messi but if Argentina want to win a World Cup final the man they will have to stop is Antoine Griezmann. Mbappe has the number 10 on his shirt but his teammate plays that role to perfection. He is a member of the France team.writing Watchman About the Atletico Madrid player.

Griezmann celebrated

The Italian press is equally enthusiastic about the number 7. Like former trans-football glories, tactician Arrigo Sacchi, who also congratulates Adrien Rabiot on the pass. “Griezmann is exceptional, he never missed a match. Also congratulations to Rabiot who was finally able to show all his great qualities with his country. Against Morocco, his absence was very much felt.. The Gazzetta dello Sport Above all it makes Griezmann the perfect lieutenant to Mbappe, Between Kante and Pirlo. Because it is in Italy, as elsewhere, that the duel between Mbappe and Messi generates the largest number of articles, aiming to get the honorary title of the best player in the world.

Among our Hispanic American friends, it is not the tricolor that speaks, but above all the individuals. Well two to be exact. The prestigious duel between Messi and Mbappe is also present. Will the young French wolf take home his second World Cup or will he see the Albiceleste legend lift the trophy for the first and last time in his career? In Brazil, the media Spear! I hope the French win. But not because the Blues are more attractive than the Argentines. Reasons to support France? The reason is unique and simple: Argentina are Brazil’s biggest rivals in football. As found in the rivalry between the two clubs, the Brazilian has been trained since childhood not to have positive feelings for the Albiceleste team. Historical episodes reinforce this climate of rivalry. In 1990, for example, Argentina knocked out Brazil from the World Cup. Moreover, the Argentine fans have countless songs provoking the Brazilian team and players.”

The expected duel between Mbappe and Messi

On the Argentinian side, there is almost no place for lodging in the media treatment of the event. It is very clear that: Why should Messi win, why is he the best in the World Cup and that’s it. » However, the journalist from Diario Ole Sergio Maffei makes it clear that it is not the defending champions who will be under the most pressure next Sunday. France will be a competitor to Argentina. A team with a fast and effective attack led by Mbappe. But his defense is not impregnable. France will be a tough test for the national team because of their incredible attack and because they arrived without pressure. Retaining his title is an exception. Les Bleus have a chance to make history, but they don’t have to love Argentina (the win for Messi)”.

For Claudio Mori, journalist at NationThe Blues deserve more respect despite their unexciting team image. “I consider France to be a great team with a big squad, but huge personnel, and the most important of them is Mbappe. It’s a team where it’s easier to win than to control the game. They’re a very strong team with good technique and they prefer direct turnovers over tiki taka. This is a group that has alternatives. We’ve seen that.” With Kanté, Benzema etc. As far as Deschamps is concerned, I don’t know if he gets all the recognition he deserves. When we talk about the greatest coaches, Deschamps is rarely mentioned even though he is a technician who can win a second World Cup in a row and knows how to Administration. “

And otherwise? In Spain and even in Brazil, it’s not just Mbappe. Also at home, one man managed to impress everyone: Antoine Griezmann. Having been repositioned in midfield for this World Cup, following the big withdrawals of Paul Pogba and N’Golo Kante, the Atletico Madrid man has impressed more than one player. “Total Griezmann in Qatar. The striker achieves an exciting World Cup. He is the best passer in the tournament and the player who creates the most chances. His defensive stats are also very good.drifting away as such.

Same with the journalist sports Joan Maria Batley. “Messi Mbappe, title and Ballon d’Or. The final couldn’t be more attractive: the best player of all time against whoever aspires to be the best player in the next few years. Mbappe was more of a killer than Messi, quicker to shoot, but an old acquaintance No one bet on him with the Euros that make France play. I am referring to Griezmann, the fantastic striker, who has turned into a third midfielder, fourth striker and fifth defender. Incredible!”

From Brazil to Morocco, Griezmann has dazzled

Finally, Daniel Mundim, of GloboesporteGriezmann praised all terrain. “Griezmann didn’t score or assist in France’s 2-0 win over Morocco, but he won the Man of the Match title. An indisputable reward. A 7 seed can finish the World Cup without scoring a goal, but reach the final as a champion. And it’s not absurd to think that he A key player in the France team. Even before Mbappe, who scored five goals. As a striker, Griezmann was one of the best French players in the title in 2018 with four goals. In 2022, the No. 7 had three assists. But it’s not those stats that determine his brilliance His performance. Griezmann is a midfielder, midfielder and striker in the game. He’s an all-terrain player. His 48 touches against Morocco came from every corner of the pitch. He’s ubiquitous and rediscovers himself in the World Cup finals, as the number one defender But it is also the direct link with Mbappe, Dembele and Giroud.”

Ahead of the semi-final match Morocco lost to the Blues, several former Atlas Lions internationals didn’t hesitate to put their fingers on two key elements of the French attack: “When Mbappe and Dembele arrive, they are unstoppable”He had explained for the first time former coach Mohamed Fakher (2006 and then 2007), followed by his counterpart Badou Zaki (2002-2005 and then 2014-2016), who is also a former international (118 caps): “The French national team is lucky because it has a fiery attack, it is a team that knows how to wait for its opponent and defend well, unlike Spain. Most of their goals come from recovering the ball followed by counter-attacks thanks to their fast attackers, such as Mbappe and Dembele.”

Another player who caught the eye in this confrontation between the French and the Moroccans: Antoine Griezmann, and his contribution in the midfield, since then. “He was free and played a big role in midfield.”Mohamed Fakher also claimed on Moroccan television. Enfin, à en croire l’ancien de Rennes et Nancy Abdesslam Ouaddou, (59 capes, 3 buts), the selection championne du monde en titre se repose également sur le travail réalisé en amont par la FFF, récompensée par d’excellents résultats en world Cup : France has no less than 40 training centers. It’s 17 pillars of hope. It is a well-organized union. These fruits did not fall from the sky, it is a policy that has been implemented for several years.explained into a microphone RMC Sports After the second semi-final.

All in all, it’s not surprising to see the France team pull off a succession of their own, as the strengths are numerous and the talent pool impressive. But the Blues don’t have to lift the World Cup on the Sunday after the meeting. Lionel Messi’s Argentina seems to have the most popular support on the football planet.

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