Live broadcast - Leicester - Manchester United: The third win in a row for United, which joins the top five

Live broadcast – Leicester – Manchester United: The third win in a row for United, which joins the top five

The third victory in a row for Manchester United!

It’s over in King Power! Manchester United beat Leicester 1-0 thanks to a goal from Sancho and win their third consecutive game in the English Premier League! With this victory, the Red Devils return to fifth place in the standings. Manchester is slowly getting back into shape but is still hectic in its run of meetings. Ronaldo and Casemiro entered the match.

United in management

Manchester United players want to keep this score and at the same time we feel they want to score Ronaldo! Take care of the inequality!

4 minutes left to play

There will be four minutes of extra time in this meeting, and United are still at the end of the game! Iheanacho is close to scoring in his camp with a cross from Fernandez!

Ronaldo again!

He wants his goal, Cristiano Ronaldo, fired by Fernandes deeply! Trying to hit with a very closed angle and no worries Ward!

Ronaldo chisel!

Another flawless ball from United as Fernandes fired Dalot on the right! Turning the center in the far post of Ronaldo, who is trying unusual scissors! Absolutely on the side!

Ronaldo takes action!

Incredible ball from Fernandez diagonally to Rashford who is running at the right pace Ronaldo! CR7 beats Eriksen but good return from Evans!

10 more minutes to play

Excluding extra time, there are 10 minutes left to play in this match! Leicester finished this match much better…

United regain possession

Erik Ten Hag players finally get the ball back but it’s complicated! They were invisible in the second period.

Iheanacho enters the turn

Brendan Rodgers makes his first attacking change by bringing Iheanacho into play for Tillmans!

Casemiro is not yet up to speed

Several times since entering, Casemiro has shown that he is yet to reach the rhythm of the Premier League! He lost the ball and then delayed pressing puts his team in a difficult position.

Enter Ronaldo!

Jadon Sancho gives way to Cristiano Ronaldo in the last 25 minutes! He was praised by United supporters!

Leicester takes confidence

United are in bad shape and are making serious mistakes in front of their own area! Varane then Mctominay jostled Madison, a free kick for the Foxes!

Vardy falls into the box

Foxes are putting more and more intensity and hurting Eric Ten Hag players! Vardy collapses in the area after touching Martinez and the referee does not hesitate!

Varane is always flawless

Harvey Barnes always puts in the same amount of speed and gets back on the pivot with his power! He was stopped by Varane who was back to his best level!

Casemiro comes into play

The second match in the Manchester United shirt for Casemiro, who replaces Ilanga!

United under pressure

A free kick for Leicester and put it in the penalty area by Dewsbury Hall! Bruno Fernandes turns into a corner!

What a parade from DE GEA!

A free kick at the entrance to the rooftop Leicester and James Madison go through the wall and send the ball into the porthole… that was not counting the extraordinary trip from De Gea!

Yellow card to Martinez

The third yellow card for Manchester United defenders after a mistake by Lisandro Martinez against Desbury Hall! Only Varane received no warning.

Ndidi don’t miss it

Partially guilty of Sancho’s goal, Ndidi intervenes well this time in a deep pass to Rashford!

Manchester United continues his memories, Sancho top scorer!

It’s time for a break in King Power! Manchester United leads 1-0 against Leicester and continues to regain the shape of the league. Slightly worried by the Foxes, United found the fault in a good deed that Sancho concluded. Note that Ronaldo and Casemiro left to warm up before the whistle at the end of the first half.

Malacia takes it in yellow

Justin speeds up Malacia and hits the Manchester full back a little bit in the passes! Yellow card for him!

The rails are not far from the frame!

At the entrance to the rooftop, Harvey Barnes turns around and tries to find the Oculus De Gea! It’s close to a Manchester post!

Sancho miraculously blocked

Zone fired, Rashford focuses on Sancho who controls and continues with a small, low roll! He was kidnapped!

The power of the king gurgle

The foxes were harmless from the start of the game, which began to annoy the audience at King Power Stadium.

Good exit from Ward

Another problem with Ndidi out at the wrong time on Fernandes! The Portuguese took the opportunity to fire Rashford in depth but it was too long!

Dalot takes his yellow

The first warning from the meeting called Diogo Dalot after he pulled on the shirt of Harvey Barnes!

Eriksen seizes his chance

Christian Eriksen didn’t get attacked at the entrance to the rooftop, taking a shot with his left foot, but it’s just too much for Ward who quietly picks it up!

Sancho continues well

After his goal against Liverpool, Jadon Sancho continues his good start to the season with a new achievement!


Here’s the opening match for Manchester United! Fernandez found Rashford between the lines and the English man gives a hidden ball to Sancho who will overtake Ward and finish the job!

Nice entry from Martinez

Dewsberry Hall managed to overtake on the left and cross towards Vardy! Lisandro Martinez perfectly intervenes from his head and cleanses his camp!

He plays well with United

Interesting triple play with Fernandez back in Rashford and the Englishman sending Ilanga overflowing! Swede skips but expelled!

There is a rhythm

Whether in the races or in the game with one touch of the ball, both teams are trying to set a lot of rhythm! Technically, it’s not perfect yet!

Eriksen misses the frame!

Christian Eriksen is found at the entrance to the roof, hiding his shot and trying to find the nearby pillar! Absolutely on the side!

Fernandes gets a corner

The first corner of the next match for United was well received by Fernandes, who tried to hit the goal from a narrow angle!

Leicester want to work against

With every ball United lose, Leicester are trying to put a lot of speed into the transition! For now, the Manchester defenders are in place.

Sancho is very worried

United winger Jadon Sancho shows his legs tonight with two successive accelerations!

The two teams set up

There is no risk in this first balloons, we are running and trying to hit all the players!

Leicester – Manchester United kick-off!

And here we go for this last match of the fifth day of the English Premier League between Leicester and Manchester United! In good shape, the Red Devils want to confirm this evening at King Power Stadium!

The boss is there too and he made strong choices

We remind you, CR7, Casemiro and Maguire are once again on the bench for this meeting. Sancho, Ilanga and Rashford will lead the attack of the Red Devils!

United squad with Ronaldo, Maguire and Casemiro on the bench

De Gea, Dalot, Varane, Martinez, Malacia, McTominay, Eriksen, Sancho, Fernandes, Ilanga, Rashford

Lister composition with stainless steel Jamie Vardy!

Ward, Justin, Evans (centre), Ndidi, Thomas, Dewsbury-Hull, Tillmans, Somare, Madison, Barnes, Vardy

Good evening everyone !

And welcome to our site to follow the live commentary on the match between Leicester (20, 1 point) and Manchester United (12, 6 points), counting the fifth day of the Premier League. Scheduled departure at 9 pm.

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