'I give everything to France and Deschamps': Griezmann gives a presentation at a press conference

‘I give everything to France and Deschamps’: Griezmann gives a presentation at a press conference

The 2018 world champion spoke cautiously in the media two days before the World Cup round of 16 against Poland.

Special Envoys in Doha

Antoine Griezmann landed at 5:04pm (two hours less in France) and everyone was smiling and relaxing in the press room at Jassim Bin Hamad Stadium in Doha. And in front of him is the assistance provided by French and foreign media, who are present in large numbers to attend his press conference. Anything unimportant that he appears at this very moment to deliver the good word. Another competition begins in Qatar. Make way for the owner (s).

Two days before the round of 16 against Poland (Sunday 4pm), the France international (31 years, 113 caps) made the change in a drill he perfected to perfection. For a true show between ambition, love of France, human connection and good judgment. excerpts.

The disallowed goal against Tunisia

“I was already one of the first to score a goal that was disallowed by the VAR during the France-Spain game I think… It’s boring, it doesn’t allow you to celebrate as you want. Disappointed, but we were kind because we were already qualified. It would have been different if not We still have something to play … “

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His opinion on Didier Deschamps

“I owe him a lot, he called me first and we haven’t parted since, it’s a great relationship. I owe everything to him in the France team. I give everything for the shirt, France but also for him. I try to do everything so that he continues to play.” “Trust me. Every game, every action, it’s like a thank you I send to him. I want to try to do everything to make him proud of his number 7. Strength to the group? He likes talking to the players, knowing that what we feel is very important to him. He’ll always try to find the best solution.” For team balance. We found it, we found it, we have to keep this going. He trusts everyone, it’s a strength on his part. We have a group that knows that. We’re completely behind when he gives an order or advice.

Antoine Griezmann Stephane Mahe / Panoramic

His joy is living in Qatar

“Being physically healthy helps me a lot. There is no problem in my private life, in my head. I had a hard time at Barcelona, ​​it was complicated. Last year I came back to Atlético, it was also complicated, I had to work, make myself small, find “Myself on and off the pitch. Now I’m full of confidence, I feel very good at the club and at the national level. I know people need me, they trust me, everything is going well.”

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“My last World Cup was in Qatar? I don’t know, we have to see what matches my performance. There it was limited to what I heard (from the media at its level). »

Antoine Griezmann on playing his last World Cup final with the Blues in Qatar

Changes from Switzerland to the Euro

“We were a bit comfortable against Switzerland when we were leading 3-1, we thought it was over. In major competitions it is always difficult, there is no easy opponent and it will be the same against Poland, complicated, you have to prepare well, it is not a foregone conclusion , and you don’t have to give anything up for 90 minutes. The coach believes a lot in the group, he gives all the power to the group, it’s up to us to manage it, have a good mentality on and off the field. We’re on the right track. The group is living well, doing everything they can to train, And the 11 starts where they are brought back in. It’s perfect to go as far as possible. (…) Poland, it’s going to be complicated. There are a lot of changes in the group compared to the Euros. We’re not in the quarter. There’s a No. 8 to play. We’ll have to work hard. In the coming days to get to the top for this match.It’s the last 16 of the World Cup, we’ve seen it, we can lose against anyone, we’ve seen it in the other groups.Switzerland?You have to keep going even if it hurts…we’ll remember before Match that nothing is certain, anything can happen, we can lose We don’t or win at any time, whether you’re ahead or not.

A frustrating role (or not) from an offensive standpoint

“No, after that I had chances to score one. I may be less close to the surface but I’m playing good games. I miss that goal but I’m not going to shoot 50 every game. I’m going to try to find the best solution in a pass or a shot. Don’t worry about the goal. The team.” He needs me more in the heart of the game, defensive attacking relationship, being close to my defense when we don’t have the ball Up front I’m not going to break my head shooting 10 times a game, I have to try to put forwards in the best conditions, or try to find Kylian or Ousmane For one-on-one, or on crossovers.I’m more into this vision than I am at the end.

The last World Cup with the France national team … or not

“I don’t know, we’ll have to see according to my performance. There it was limited by what I heard (smile). We’ll see, I said physically good looking (before joining MLS in 32-33), maybe I gained extra pounds and won’t be able to play in the next World Cup … We’ll see if it’s the last. The World Cup. I’m having fun. There’s a lot of things too… You also have to do well at the club. We’ll see… If people follow me that my desire and vigor are still there, we’ll see, But I don’t ask myself the question today.

LGBT support

“A bit embarrassed (to play the World Cup in Qatar), yes and no… No matter where in the world I am, they will always have my support and respect. After that, I am a footballer, it is my profession, my country calls me to an international competition, with great pride and desire I come.

If its approach is different in 2022 than in 2014 and 2018

Yes, my style is different. Je racontais à Matteo (Guendouzi) et Jordan (Veretout), ce qu’ils ont ressenti contre la Tunisie, je me souviens aussi de mon premiere match avec le stress, les jambes lourdes… Tu fais une passe, tu ne sens pas the ball.In 2014 it wasn’t me, and it wasn’t like that in terms of feeling (the Blues were eliminated in the quarter-finals by Germany).But the further we go, the more we play in competitions, the further we go. At the age, we relaxed, but the tension and adrenaline are present when the match arrives. »

“Kylian is so much more in the group (in 2022 than in 2018), he brings joy to life, which is important to us. He knows his every gesture will be watched by the journalists, fans and players too. He is beyond reproach.”

Antoine Griezmann on Kylian Mbappe

His point of view on Mbappe

“Kylian in 2018 is not the same player, nor the same personality as now. He is so much more in the group, he brings joy to life, he is important to us. He knows that his every gesture will be watched by journalists, fans and players too. He is above reproach.”

Its hybrid role in breeding

“I’m completely free, I have to be in a relationship with the defense and the attackers. I also want to help my teammates, put them in the best conditions. I have 3 players in front of me (Mbappe, Giroud and Dembele), so the choice is easier for me. Physically, I’m in very good shape.” And when I am, my head is better. In these conditions, it is easier to play and repeat efforts. »

The Blues, a more offensive team than they were in 2018

“There are more attacking players than there were in 2018 but we need that balance, to be compact without the ball. That’s actually the most important. Without a great defense you don’t win competitions. Olivier and Ousmane do exceptional work, and Kylian does that from time to time. But he has to keep his legs cold for counter-attacks. We’re all about balance. Even if we have attacking players, we must not forget when we don’t have the ball. So far, we’re doing very well. We must keep doing that. That will be key for our future in this competition.” .

His collusion with Mbappe on the ground

“We don’t have a lot of games or minutes to play together, so it’s hard to work on that bond. It’ll come as games and years go by (together). I’m in a role where I get off a lot. I’m starting to understand his game and what he needs and wants. It’s easier after a few games together. . »

Kick management stopped at the Blues

“I’m here if needed (smile). It depends on what the coach wants and what the team needs. The coach asked me to take corners and free kicks at the moment (smile). It’s very clear at this point who takes the penalties (which means Mbappe He is the designated shooter). But we will not give the information (to the Poles). Szczecin will have a shooter surprise, if we have one on Sunday (in the round of 16). We haven’t worked on penalties yet, maybe today (Friday). Oh no tomorrow ( Saturday) because today it’s open to the media. (Laughs)

“There’s a lot of envy in these World Cup matches, to say I’ve lost myself in matches before is a bit harsh and cruel.”

Antoine Griezmann on his struggles

Difficulties he faces in the club or selection before the World Cup

“There’s a lot of envy in these World Cup matches, to say I’ve lost myself in matches before is a bit difficult. Competing in a World Cup, there’s always a desire to do well. It’s a short competition, it’s full of time and you have to give everything.” Something for 7 matches. There is no question of fatigue and you have to do everything you can to play in the most beautiful shirt in the world. »

Antoine Griezmann at a press conference on Friday Frank Viv/AFP

The next record Lloris will equal Thuram

“He’s an absolutely fantastic person, an absolutely fantastic goalkeeper who saved us several times in 2018. I have great respect for his career, and he will go down in the history of the French national team (on Sunday, he will have 142 caps, like Lilian Thuram). He can be proud of what he does. He’s a friend.” A very good fellow, a great fellow, a pleasant person with whom we are delighted even if he is not very talkative.”

Since 1930, all Blues tournaments have been in the World Cup

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Difficulty managing the preferred position

“No, against Tunisia, there were a lot of changes, no mechanism, players who didn’t play their position. And they knew they were being watched. It was difficult to play. After that, whether you’re favored or not, we have to focus on us and keep the mentality in the first place.” Two games, we were worried both offensively and defensively.

His record is (soon to be) 71 consecutive matches for France

“Yeah, that’s important. Vieira was 44 years old, and I remember that in the 40th pick, I made calls with my feet until the coach kept putting (the smile). I was lucky that I didn’t get badly injured, it’s a great honor, a great pride, I want to give all Something for that shirt and coach.”

His message to Pele, who is currently in the hospital

“What can I say? He’s a legend. I’ve never met him, I hope so. He’s a legend of football in Brazil and no matter what I say he won’t be at the level of the player or person he is. We watched his videos and his goals and they were exceptional.”

World Cup: Who are the scorers in the history of the Blues?

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