L1 - OM, the "amazing" defeat to Lens, according to Igor Tudor: "Maybe it's our best match"

L1 – OM, the “amazing” defeat to Lens, according to Igor Tudor: “Maybe it’s our best match”

Igor Theodor had a grim look and one certainty on Saturday evening: OM had an evening “unfairWhen the coach of Marseille was asked to analyze the defeat his team received at home to Lens (0-1), he considered it undeserved: “This is probably our best game, what happened today is amazing“With the help of an interpreter to answer our colleagues from Channel +He insisted on the quality of Marseille’s performance in his eyes: “We should be proud of the way we played. “

While the score was 0-0 at the break, Amin Harit gave a similar speech:We are not far from one of our best first periods of the season. We don’t give up chances, we have a lot of them, in the game it goes fast, we are very happy with this first half. What was left was just a downside:All that is missing is this goal that will unlock everything“The problem is that this goal was never achieved, for the locals, who ended up in the last quarter of the hour.

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Igor Theodor, OM coach, who lost at home to Lens – Ligue 1, 10/22-2022

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The team that deserved to win was OM

We just need to register‘, still cursing Tudor:Nobody is happy to lose, but football isn’t always fair. Sometimes the team that deserves to win loses. Today, the team that deserved to win was OMBrice Samba, the porter of Lenseau who passed through La Canebière, did not go so far as to cry over his former club, but partly shared the surrounding feeling in Marseille:We did XXL. It was necessary to win this match, because OM also had an XXL performance. “

Jonathan Klaus, who also opposed his “precursor”, nearly cheated on Samba at the end of the first act. But his right foot caress came to lick the left post. A symbol of what OM has been lacking during this 12th day of the French League. Not much. “We don’t know how many chances, shots saved, shots saved in extreme cases, we don’t know howFrench International fumes. Hmm, they have a hit, and it is countered in a good way (The Artesians made 12 rounds, and their hosts had one more, editor’s note.)

Matteo Guendouzi (Marseille) / Ligue 1

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This is probably the most frustrating and frustrating

That’s what’s terrible‘, considers Kloss, who summarizes:I think we played a very good game, probably the most frustrating and frustrating (…) Defeat hurts you so much, but you have to take a step backValentin Rongere agrees:We could have won, we should have won. When we look at all the chances we have, we have to score at least two goals (Saturday) evening“The Marseille midfielder admits the same thing:”In the second half they managed to get us in trouble, and they changed their tactics. “

It was a little difficult in the first halfDavid Pereira da Costa, the only scorer in the match, admits, but also points the finger at a topic that the beating has evaded today:Marseille was a little tired in the second half. The coach was able to give us the right advice before we even got home and we were able to put it into practice.. “Thanks to this success, the Nordic club is four points ahead of its opponent (fourth) and takes second place to Paris Saint-Germain, while OM does not only have to deplore the scenario of the match. Its dynamics can be alarming.

The Olympians were unbeaten in the first nine days, losing three consecutive league titles: against Ajaccio -“It was deserved, but this time we gave it our all on the pitch“Not enough frustration, we will have to find cures for inefficiency (only one goal scored during these three meetings),” notes Rongier-, PSG, then Lens.It should be tighter on both surfaces‘, says Klaus, before ending with a touch of optimism:We are progressing tremendously, and it will come with time. “

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