FFF staff received a 'strange email' after the union was revealed

FFF staff received a ‘strange email’ after the union was revealed

Info RMC Sport – In the midst of the media turmoil of a few days, FFF staff, both in Clairefontaine and at Grenelle headquarters, received an email with a copy from Thomas Cayol, Legal Director, in order to discuss “compliance policy within the FFF”. With the latest news and revelations about the union, some employees consider this email “curious”.

This email begins with a reminder of the “Sabine Law of 2016” which “establishes principles aimed at establishing greater transparency in public decision-making and in economic life, with special rules on whistle-blowing representatives of interests and protection.” A document that can be found in full on the website of the French Football Federation. “Sending this letter, while the procedure was known, takes a great deal of scope, a week after the SoFoot article,” an employee judge at 87, Boulevard de Grenelle.

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“The intent of this law is to work better against corruption and breaches of integrity. Taking into account the recommendations of the French Anti-Corruption Agency and in extending the actions already implemented by the FFF on this subject, the Executive Committee of the FFF was validated in July 2022, a code of rules Behavior of the Beautiful Future Forum,” the email continues.

Before adding: “This blog is intended to help all FFF personnel identify risky situations and find appropriate responses, both individually and collectively.” It addresses the various topics of “ethics and compliance” policy, “associated with corruption, influence peddling and other breaches of integrity”. This email reminds you of the whistle-blower principle. “A whistleblower is a natural person who reports or discloses, without direct monetary compensation and in good faith, information relating in particular to non-compliance with the FFF Code of Conduct, or to an offense, offense, threat or harm to the public interest.”

Document on the facts of “harassment or sexual acts” is attached.

Attached to this email, an element gaining momentum with the recent controversies over 3F, is a document that lists procedures for reporting facts of “sexual harassment or acts”. In this document, the authors recall the legal definitions of moral and sexual harassment and sexual harassment. Then describe the reporting and investigative procedures for these facts. This document was signed on May 17, 2022, during the CSE, by the Director General of the FFF, Florence Hardwin.

As a preamble to this dossier, the FFF states that in order to “ensure a calm climate, and promote the well-being of its employees”, the FFF makes improving the quality of life at work a major focus of its human resources policy.” This document reiterates that its purpose is to “Promoting Freedom of Expression.” This document has been attached since May 17, 2022 to the 3F Bylaws.

What concerns many union employees this evening is the timing of this email (sent this Tuesday to all FFF employees). “Very curious” to some, “in response to recent news” to others.

In AfterFoot Wednesday, Daniel Riolo spoke about the investigations into the FFF and its internal dysfunctions: “Since the article in So Foot, some (in the FFF) were surprised (that these issues are in the press) we knew that a long time ago (still in the FFF), but they They think it’s much better if it speeds things up.. ‘It’s hands and feet tied…(…) Testimonials, what do they say? Sexism, harassment, harmful atmosphere, horror, humiliation, mismanagement, baroness of all the employees who benefit from Expense reports, trips, matches… When you work at the Fed, you’re socially present.(…) The people (in the FFF) are on the porch, ready to help us make a revelation.

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