Sporting Portugal - Olympique Marseille (0-2) / OM notes: Harit - Sanchez, what a duo!

Sporting Portugal – Olympique Marseille (0-2) / OM notes: Harit – Sanchez, what a duo!

Paul Lopez: 5

Facing a team reduced to ten and then to nine, the Marseille keeper was called up very little. He stopped in two stages to take a shot from Trincao (37) and a fairly accurate intervention on a cross (47) where he did not take the slightest risk.

  • In short: a very quiet evening.

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Some fallacies in the Renaissance. But nothing to say about the rest. He was attentive to controlling depth (25, 45 + 4), knew how to go beyond his job as a defender by participating in the offensive game. The Congolese were rightly rewarded for his initiatives with a superb opening, at the origin of the second Olympic goal.

  • In short: always necessary

Eric Bailey: 6.5

He immediately gave communicative serenity, both in recovery (second, fifth) and in duels (17). His reassuring presence extended into the airspace with good intervention at a crucial moment before the break (45). Far below the order after the break, he was able to manage his defense without worry. Only downside, a warning of an error on Nuno Santos (43).

  • In short: A Boss Match

Replaced by Samuel Gigot (64th)

Eric Bailey (OM) vs Sporting

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Leonardo Balerdi: 6

Its placement was sometimes random. But what a generosity. Ballerdi contributed significantly to collective control by getting his opponents too high to keep balls out, most often judiciously (ranked 59). Notable activity to lend a helping hand to Nuno Tavares on the side, without neglecting the axis with a perceptible intervention before the break (45 + 2).

Jonathan Klaus: 5

He sought to control his passage without risking too much, even in numerical superiority. However, the France international has emerged with a few serious rises (29), including a fine cross for Amin Harit (56). Physically, he did not show any signs of concern after he missed the match against Ajaccio due to injury.

  • In short: Not the usual relief, but OM didn’t suffer from it.

Replaced by Issa Kabore (64th)

Valentine Rungier: 6.5

It only took a few minutes for it to technically settle down. At the back, the former Nantes player spoke about the accuracy of the match and his place to rule in midfield. Always on hand, he brings precious smoothness to the Marseille match. The numerical superiority allowed him to have a few offensive runs, with the left foot resuming from close range which didn’t find the frame (66).

  • In short: strong bond as usual.

Valentine Ronger (OM) vs Sporting

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Jordan Veritot: 6

There was a missed ball that put his team in danger (15th place). But other than that, Veretout made a very clean copy. Always well positioned and accurate in his passing, he even allowed himself some drops forward with a shot on goal from 20 meters (45+1) and a cross that put Sporting’s defense in a panic mode (85th place). He could have taken more risks on his serve, but the match scenario didn’t dictate it.

Replaced by Pape Gueye (87th place)

Nuno Tavares: 5

He was teased by the Portuguese public and this may have played on his performance. Nuno Tavares made extraordinary technical errors, especially in a situation where he could present himself alone against the goalkeeper (38). He didn’t offer that attacking effect that usually distinguishes him, but he was an impeccable and decisive defensive tackle in a hot position against Gonçalves (42).

  • In short: lower tone than his teammates.

Matteo Guendouzi: 5.5

Announced in the attacking trio, the French international has finally developed between two positions, the position of the torchbearer and the striker on the right side. He sometimes had legitimate difficulty locating and finding areas served by his partners. Which partly explains why Guendouzi didn’t have his usual effect. But that didn’t stop him from being decisive with a converted penalty, and he’s not without a bit of success (20). Collecting a yellow card can be largely avoided for a voluntary alert (VIII).

  • In short: he somehow adapted.

He was replaced by Cengiz Under (64), author of two off-target hits (75, 83).

“The strong man in OM is Tudor”

Amin Harriet: 7.5

He is pleased. The Morocco international inflicted a penalty kick initially to open the scoring with a lot of selflessness and a sense of sacrifice, which resulted in Ricardo Esgio being sent off. He then offered Alexis Sanchez the break goal in a group after a perfectly perceptible call and a high-quality cross pass (31) and he could have given himself a double if his header hadn’t slipped off the frame (69). With his ball capture, his technical quality, his tempo (26) and his view of the direction of the match, he was the enduring poison of Sporting.

Replaced by Dimitri Payet (72), author of a very nice hit as soon as he plays (73rd place)

Alexis Sanchez: 7

He remains impressive with his activity, ability to tirelessly squeeze and multiply calls. Alexis Sanchez showed his all, with precious stalls between the lines (23), dangerous kicks (24, 26) and inspirational passes (69). He has performed his role as technical leader perfectly. Above all, the Chilean was decisive in getting past his defender to score the second goal for Marseille (31).

  • In short: the one who pulls OM up.

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