Tour de France - Tadej Poujacar promises hell Jonas Weinggaard: 'I have to attack with all my passes'

Tour de France – Tadej Poujacar promises hell Jonas Weinggaard: ‘I have to attack with all my passes’

No, Tadej Pojjakar did not have the eye of the tiger in his meeting with the press on Monday during the third and final day of the Tour de France finish. He’s not the type of boy who prefers to say things with a smile and a laughing eye. But if the “body language” of the double title holder does not betray the urgency that is his, then his words do. Still pushed to 2’22” by Jonas Vingegaard, a delay accumulated in Granon’s failure ring, Sovène intends to seize all the opportunities that will present himself in the Pyrenees.

Does Tadej Pogacar play poker? On Monday, he gave a kind of guide to a young cyclist who wants to cover their trails. While he has already warned against wanting to “emphasize” Jonas Weinggaard, wearing the yellow jersey with all that suggests extra pressure, the UAE leader has somehow brought it back. With three stages and nine passes, two of which are not of a class, the Pyrenees offer a beautiful playing field, and don’t count on your little ‘boogie’ to use just a small portion of it.

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I have to seize every opportunityLogically admits. I have to try to attack with all passes. Go as fast as you can every day, take your time. I’ll give it my all, I hope I have no regrets“.Unfortunately for anything, that seems to be the leitmotif of Pogacar who would probably think back to this moment in Gallibert, where he ran behind Vinggaard but also Roglic, should the three-round get away from him.”I was a little short on gassmiling after a week. I had to face a lot of attacks, I did ten races, Primo’s and Jonas only five. I kind of killed myself back then. “

This hunter role seems to fit him like a glove. If he knows how to control the race, the 2021 round proves it, Pogacar is above all a member of this generation that wants to set fire to all the time. “Jonas is ahead of me by 2’20“. Of course it’s my number one favourite‘, he says again for refusing to put pressure on an opponent he had already tested without success at Alpe d’Huez and then at Mende.

Pogacar tried twice, but Vingegaard didn’t flinch

He gives me motivation, he’s the guy to beat, he’s so strong. At Alpe d’Huez, he was with me, but if I went further, if I had a little more confidence, I would probably take some time. “In one way or another, it is also the impression we got on going up to the 21 laces. And that, the Slovenian still keeps it in the corner of his head.

It wouldn’t be the end of the world if I didn’t get to Paris in yellow

With Primoz Roglic and Steven Krueswijk losing on a hopelessly black day on Sunday, the double defense champion also knows his opponent will be less comfortable. After all, if Vingegaard caught his wheel, it was above all the act of undermining Jumbo-Visma that sent him to seventh heaven toward Granon. “Of course, it wouldn’t be easy for Jumbo to only have six passengers.‘, he points accurately and mischievously.

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With a super fast Tour de France and more stable heat, bodies are bruised, and fatigue is very present. Anyone can break, know a day without it, point to second in the overall rating. And if he couldn’t bridge the gap with Jonas Weinggaard and arrived in Paris as a runner-up, how would he react? “I’ll give 100%, I’ll attack and try to take some time, but it won’t be the end of the world if I don’t get yellow in Paris. I’ve done that twice already. Second place in the white shirt is also a great achievement. “

Don’t bet on everything last time

Everyone will judge the sincerity of Tadej Pogacar who we know is voracious and cursed on top of that when the Tour of Flanders he finished fourth arrives for his first participation. So the Tour de France, the race he’s been doing in his garden for two years…if the Pyrenees were to give birth to the status quo, there would still be a time trial at Poujacar. After all, invoking the memory of La Planche des Belles Filles for a lost cause wouldn’t seem like the worst idea.

I think I should close the gap before trial timeThe child smiled. Jonas is also very good at time trial. I wouldn’t bet the last time on the experiment, on the fact that I could get 30 seconds or two back. I will try to submit everything before this time so that I finish with as little gap as possible. You can’t bet everything last time. If even a Planche Miracle Man says so, Jonas Vingegaard should really prepare for one hell of a fireworks display for the next three days.

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Tour de France

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