Ligue 1: Lorient climbs to the podium behind PSG and OM after beating Auxerre (1-3)

Ligue 1: Lorient climbs to the podium behind PSG and OM after beating Auxerre (1-3)

Hikes do not stop. They even find themselves temporarily at the top of the Ligue 1 standings with PSG and OM. The Laurentis team is still in good shape, as it clearly beat Auxerre, on Friday evening, at the start of the eighth day (1-3). Dango Ouattara (15th place), Terme Movi (36th place) and Enzo Lové (44th place) scored in the first half. Gauthier Heine (50) cut the score for second but AJA suffered a fourth straight loss.

This meeting between two teams with diametrically opposite dynamics started with great fanfare. Lorient set up their fast match on the spot and Movi made an effort for Mountains and Alexander Coiff. If the second showed aggressiveness, the first quickly found himself in difficulty. Keen on adventure, Auxerrois distributed the ball well but failed to take the opponent’s defence.

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The indefensible Ouattara, the inspiring fairy

Unlike inspired Bretons just like the excellent Le Fée fired Julien Ponceau to the right of the Burgundian deck for a low pass and uncrossed recovery from Ouattara on their opening penalty (0-1, 15). A symbol of such a brilliant start to the season for Les Hakes, the 20-year-old Burkina Faso now stands at 4 goals and 5 assists in the league. He almost got a penalty after her dangerous exit from Benoit Costell, but the referee and the VAR system did not see any foul by the goalkeeper (18).

However, the AJA kept playing against Hicks who fell back after taking the lead. Hamza Sakhi found himself well positioned in the Truth Zone but sent his recovery to Yvonne Mfugo (27th) while midfielder Mbaye Niang never stood out. Quietly and patiently, the residents of Lorient waited for the right moment to punish their opponents again after a free kick was repelled. In the second step, Vincent Le Gauve went to the center on the left to hand him from Montsar Talbi at the far post and header from Movi from close range to bluff Costel (0-2, position 36). Also in good shape, the 23-year-old Nigerian has already racked up 6 L1 achievements in this exercise.

Auxerrois still failed to defend because they didn’t react enough, and were quick to collapse again. The Fairy infiltrated the Truth Zone to serve Ouattara, whose recovery Costel had delayed. But the 22-year-old Britton coach followed him and scored closely in his turn (0-3, 44). Initially dismissed for offside, the VAR finally validated his goal and Lorient took off thanks to Le Fée’s second goal of the season.

Courageous but extremely tender AJA

Rhythmic and open in the first period, the meeting started again on the same grounds after the break and Heine revived Ikauni after a hit from Matthias Utret was blocked by Mfugo (1-3, 50). However, Lorient remained dangerous thanks to his fast, trained passing and Le Fée sight that served Muffy to perfection at the entrance to the opponent’s area before he miscalculated his small curling shot (56).

Fired in turn by Le Fée, Diarra put in a great cross on the right but faced Costel at the end of his long run (70). In turn, Auxerre grabbed the ball and pushed it without managing to be really dangerous until he missed the next Lassen Sinaiko in overtime (90+2). After their defeat at Rennes (5-0), Jean-Marc Forlan’s men lost again. Ascending candidates will have to correct many points to stop their negative spiral. Team Hakes of Régis Le Bris, they will only regret that the international break comes to suspend their phenomenal dynamics and historic start to the season.

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