Tennis. Laver Cup 2022: Farewell to Federer's tears

Tennis. Laver Cup 2022: Farewell to Federer’s tears

Tennis.  Laver Cup 2022: Farewell to Federer's tears

Laver Cup 2022. So it was Roger Federer’s last game that would end in defeat. After a tight match, the Swiss, along with Rafael Nadal, had to bend over a very strenuous break where he was going to serve in the match, as happened at Wimbledon in 2019. A party touching his image.


  • It wasn’t the ending we were expecting, nor the fireworks we were hoping for. In his last professional match, Roger Federer suffered a final defeat. In doubles with Rafael Nadal, Basel, who had not given up on his commitment, won in the first round but was unable to force the decision in the undecided second quarter as he and the Spaniard sank in the tiebreak. The super tiebreak was contested and committed, but the former world number one Swiss was unable to convert match point to his serve, unlike Jack Sock, after a few moments. Thus, the defeat to American and compatriot Francis Tiafoe (7-5, 6-7, 9-11 in 2 hours 14 minutes) ended Federer’s career chapter.
  • Earlier in the day, Team Europe showed their supremacy with victories for Tsitsipas and Roed thrashing Schwartzman (6-2, 6-1) and Sock (6-4, 5-7, 10-7), ahead of early reaction from Team Monde early on. From the evening by Alex De Minaur. The Australian ended up dominating Murray, stubborn but of fair physique (5-7 6-3 10-7).
  • Follow the Laver Cup 2022 live and full of all the matches and live scores.


02:15 – Thank you everyone but Roger Federer

It’s time to leave after this emotionally charged evening. Thank you all for coming so late into the night and for sharing this moment in history. Federer’s chapter ends in tears and is one of the most transformative pages in tennis and sports, after more than two decades of fascination on courts around the world. Thank you Roger Federer for this amazing adventure you invited us all to.

02:05 – Tears for Federer and Nadal

When singer Ellie Goulding began her song to honor Roger Federer at the same time as his career photos were shown, the Swiss was sitting on the bench alongside Rafael Nadal. Thus the two men shouted together inside and outside the court. The image of friendship that transcended competition and tennis history.

02:00 – Snapshots from an extraordinary evening

A few pictures summarizing the last career of Roger Federer. From his duet with Rafael Nadal, to honoring the whole audience and his former opponents. An evening filled with emotions that brought more than a tear to the Swiss and to all tennis lovers.

01:50 – Roger Federer’s full speech

For those who missed this emotionally-filled moment, we invite you to watch or see once again (you should not indulge in his happiness) Roger Federer’s touching farewell to professional tennis.

01:46 – Federer never imagined such a fate

“It wasn’t supposed to happen like this. I just wanted to have fun and play some tennis. It was a perfect trip. I wouldn’t change anything about what I’ve been through. It’s been amazing, so fun and awesome. I’ve had so much support around the world, thank you.” All of you who are here tonight.”Roger Federer thanked with tears in his eyes.

01:42 – Greetings to Mirka

While Jim Courier invites him to talk about his entourage who accompanied him during his career, Federer could not miss the opportunity to thank his wife Mirka, by honoring him with him. “You could have told me to stop a long time ago but she didn’t. She always supported me and encouraged me to keep playing. Thank you!”Captivated under the wet eyes of Rafael Nadal. Then he thanked his parents.

01:40 – Federer: “I wanted it to be a party”

“I didn’t want to be alone to live this moment. I wanted it to happen as a team, because I’ve always been a team player. Thanks to my team”Federer, citing the names of his teammates Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray, Matteo Berrettini, Casper Ruud, Stefanos Tsitsipas, greeted Federer. “I wanted it to be a party and it was.”

01:38 – Federer: “I’m happy”

In court, after Jim Courier was questioned, Roger Federer wanted to reassure everyone of his first words. “I’m not sad, I’m happy. It was a great day”Said the Swiss, tears in his eyes. “I chose this last moment, all these last times with my fans, family and friends. I’m glad I didn’t get injured, and that everything went well. Playing with Rafa, with the others on the team, after all these Rod Laver legends, Stefan Edberg.. .” Through emotion, he couldn’t finish his sentence and burst into tears, as the Swede was his childhood sweetheart before becoming his coach in the last moments of his career.

01:30 – Group greeting

In the midfield, Federer greeted the O2 Arena crowd by inviting his Team Europe teammates. We read a lot of feelings on faces. Nadal was affected, like Tsitsipas, the two men are also unable to hold back some tears. Lots of emotions on the court for this farewell from Federer.

01:26 – Federer is already crying

When Roger Federer welcomed his teammates and opponents, he left himself overwhelmed with emotion and couldn’t hold back his tears as he hugged his teammates and the loving crowd who stood to applaud and cheer him on at the height of what he deserved.

01:25 – Sock and Tiafu spoil Federer last time

Sock insists on Federer on a country backhand before breaking through Nadal by walking along the line in the much-discovered lane of the Spaniard. The American player wraps up the match and presents the victory to his team in front of an astonished audience, who would very much like to see his idol Federer win his last professional match. There is no feeling in the Laver Cup 2022, even for the maestro. Thus, Sock and Tiafoe win the tiebreak (5-7 7-6 11-9) and spoil (slightly) Baszler’s party.

01:24 – 10-9, Tiafu Suk

In Federer’s serve, Tiafoe entered the field and crossed the ball to make a resounding comeback that almost hit Nadal in the net. His ball is perfect and gives his team a match point (10-9).

01:23 – 9-9, Tiafu Suk

Federer tries the ball from outside but lacks accuracy. On the second ball, he is revived and at the net Tiafoe rushes to shoot the ball. The retracement is low and the Swiss is too short to go up (9-9).

01:22 – 9-8, match point Nadal Federer

Nadal gets in on his way back and crosses a backhand to return the ball to the server or even take it off the field. Tiafoe wants to support the diagonal but a forehand cross is difficult to achieve and comes to rest in the net, as Federer was cruising. Match point on the Swiss serve (9-8).

01:21 – 8-8, Federer Nadal

Federer attacks the second ball strongly in the T. His return surprised the American, who commits a mistake in the net (8-8).

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Where is the Laver Cup 2022 held?

If the 2021 Laver Cup takes place at TD Garden in Boston (USA), the 2022 Laver Cup will take place inLondon O2 Arena (England). Releases take place alternately in Europe and the rest of the world.

What are the differences in the Laver Cup?

During the Laver Cup, two teams compete: Europe and the rest of the world.

world team:

  • Felix Auger Eliassim
  • Taylor Fritz
  • Diego Schwartzman
  • Alex de Minor
  • Francis Tiafoe
  • Jack Sock
  • Tommy Ball (sub)
  • John McEnroe (captain)
  • Patrick McEnroe (vice captain)

European team:

  • Novak Djokovic
  • Rafael Nadal
  • Stefanos Tsitsipas
  • Casper Road
  • Roger Federer
  • Britain’s Andy Murray
  • Matteo Berrettini (substitute)
  • Bjorn Borg (captain)
  • Thomas Ingqvist (vice-captain)

What is the Laver Cup?

A sort of tennis Ryder Cup, the Laver Cup is a clash between Europe and the rest of the world. Its name refers to tennis legend, Rod Laver. Laver Cup 2022 is the fifth edition. Each team consists of six players, two of whom are chosen by the captain (Bjorn Borg for Europe and John McEnroe for the rest of the world), and the other four players qualify according to their ATP rankings.

In the Laver Cup program: three singles and one doubles match over three days. If the matches of the first day are worth 1 point, then the matches of the second day are 2 points and the matches of the third day are 3 points. The matches are held in two groups with a probability of breaking a long tie by 10 points if equal. The first team to score 13 points out of a possible 24 is declared the winner. In the event of a tie at 12-12, the teams are decided after the decisive doubles match in one group.

During the Laver Cup, each player is required to play at least one singles match during the first two days and a player cannot play more than twice, in singles, during the three days. For doubles matches, at least 4 players per team must play and a pair can be selected only once (except in the case of 12-12).

In the Laver Cup roster, Europe won the first four tournaments (2020 canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic).

Which channel broadcasts the Laver Cup?

TV rights holder Laver Cup, be in sports The event is broadcast from the first edition.

What is the Laver Cup schedule?

During the three-day competition, the six players selected by the captain (Bjorn Borg for Europe and John McEnroe for the rest of the world) compete in singles and doubles matches. Here is the Laver Cup 2022 schedule:

  • Friday 23 September: Three singles matches and then a doubles match
  • Saturday 24th September: Three singles matches, then doubles
  • Sunday 25 September: Doubles match, then three singles matches

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