Tennis lessons NYC - How to Find 

Tennis lessons NYC – How to Find 


New York City is home to some of the best tennis lessons NYC has to offer. With premier clubs, experienced coaches, and countless public courts, there are ample opportunities to learn and play tennis in NYC. This article outlines how to find the best tennis lessons in NYC, from private to group classes, as well as tips for beginners.

Finding Private and Group Tennis Lessons NYC

Private and group tennis lessons NYC allow you to get personalized instruction and hit with players at your level. Here are some of the top options:

Premier Tennis Clubs

NYC is home to world-class tennis clubs that offer top-notch instruction. Some of the best include:

  • Sportime Randall’s Island: This premier club has 70 courts and pro coaches like Lawrence Kleger, former coach to ATP pros. Private and group lessons for all levels are available.
  • Sutton East Tennis Club: Located in Midtown Manhattan, this club offers private lessons from USPTA-certified pros. Group lessons and elite junior academies are also available.
  • NY Tennis Club: Private and group lessons in Manhattan with experienced pros like Simon Shen. Classes for juniors and adults at all levels.

Tennis Coaches

Many independent coaches in NYC offer private and group tennis lessons. Check sites like LessonFace to find pros like:

  • Mitchell Frank: Former ATP pro #53 offering private lessons. Hitting sessions also available.
  • Bethanie Mattek-Sands: WTA champion ranked Top 20 in doubles. Coaches at Sportime Randall’s Island.
  • Murphy Jensen: Former French Open doubles champ. Top coach with over 20 years experience.

NYC Parks Tennis Permits

The NYC Parks Tennis Permit program offers access to lessons and court time at hundreds of public courts throughout the 5 boroughs. Pros offer group lessons at various levels.

Flexible Group Lessons

Companies like City Court, VolleyPark, and MeetUp Tennis organize group lessons at public courts in NYC parks. Schedules are flexible and lessons range from beginner to advanced.

Best Places for Beginner Tennis Lessons NYC

For those just starting with tennis, NYC offers plenty of options to learn proper technique and basics:

  • Manhattan Plaza Racquet Club: This affordable club has permanent 36′ and 60′ courts. Beginner group lessons available.
  • NYJTL: This youth organization offers free or low-cost lessons for kids and adults through after-school and summer programs.
  • Columbia University: Group beginner tennis classes open to the public on their indoor and outdoor courts. Taught by assistant coaches.
  • Sportime: Their PPTI program has group beginner lessons from certified pros. Hit with players at your level.
  • Washington Square Park: Check the bulletin boards to find tennis coaches offering affordable beginner group lessons at this iconic NYC park.

Tips for Learning Tennis in NYC

Here are some key tips to help you succeed with tennis lessons in New York City:

  • Take group lessons to save money and meet players. Private lessons with a pro coach accelerated improvement.
  • Ask coaches about their certifications, experience, and playing background. USPTA-certified coaches have proven teaching skills.
  • Check lesson policies carefully. Many require 24-hour cancellation notice or charge for no-shows.
  • Buy your own racquet so your equipment is customized for you. Demo racquets before purchasing.
  • Upgrade your skills steadily. Take beginner lessons, then move to intermediate drills, private lessons, and matchplay.
  • Play often on public courts to reinforce your skills. Parks like Flushing Meadows, Riverside, and Central Park have courts.

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Finding the Right Tennis Coach in NYC

With so many options, it can be challenging to find the best tennis instructor in New York. Here are key factors to consider:

Credentials & Experience

  • USPTA/USPTR Certified: These certs ensure proper training and continuing ed. Not all pros have them.
  • Playing Background: Former college, touring pro, international experience preferred. Shows depth of knowledge.
  • Coaching Experience: Number of years teaching and diversity of students taught.
  • Specializations: Beginners? Advanced? Juniors? Make sure their expertise matches your needs.

Teaching Approach & Style

  • Communication: Do they explain techniques clearly? Adapt to your learning style?
  • Empathy: Are they patient and encouraging? Or do they get frustrated easily?
  • Customization: Will they tailor drills and instruction to your goals, skills, strengths/weaknesses?

Logistics & Cost

  • Availability: Schedule flexibility for lessons.
  • Location: Distance to their courts. Home or club?
  • Cost: Private lessons from $80-$150/hr in NYC. Group and clinic costs vary. Get an estimate.
  • Policies: Cancellation, no show, payment terms.

By vetting tennis coaches carefully on these criteria, you can find the ideal instructor for your lessons in NYC.

Top 5 Tennis Academies for Juniors in NYC

NYC has some exceptional tennis academies focused on developing top junior players:

Academy Head Coach Location Style
John McEnroe Tennis Academy Lawrence Kleger Randall’s Island Intense training, cardio, mental toughness
Chelsea Piers Diego Moyano Chelsea Piers Drills, tactics, point playing
Elite Athletic Training Gus Paidas Upper East Side Customized game development
Sutton East Tennis Club Per Henrikson Midtown East Stress technique, discipline
NY Tennis Club Simon Shen Upper West Side Holistic development, strategy

All academies have experienced coaches, rigorous drill-based training, fitness and mental conditioning. Contact each for details on programs, coaching philosophy, and costs.

Finding Free and Low-Cost Tennis Lessons NYC

While private instruction can be expensive, free and affordable tennis lessons in New York City are available, if you know where to look:

  • NYC Parks tennis clinics and lessons often start under $100 for a session of group classes.
  • Check community centers in each borough like Flushing Meadows Corona Park Tennis Center in Queens for low-cost group lessons.
  • Tennis clubs like Alley Pond in Queens offer beginner packages starting at $20/hour.
  • Join a National Junior Tennis and Learning (NJTL) program for free or cheap instruction. And they provide racquets and balls.
  • Become a ballperson or ballgirl at the US Open for free lessons and court time from the USTA.
  • Volunteer to coach at public schools or community programs in exchange for free private lessons from the tennis pro.

With free parks, club deals, and non-profit programs, NYC offers affordable ways to learn tennis lessons even on a tight budget.

Learning tennis opens up a lifetime sport you can enjoy, while getting great exercise. Hopefully this guide provides everything you need to find the right instruction and start playing tennis in NYC today!



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