World Cup 2022 live: Benzema can return... legally

World Cup 2022 live: Benzema can return… legally

Benzema can come back… legally

While the Spanish media is pressuring Benzema’s speed of recovery, it should be noted that the Ballon d’Or, since he is still officially on the list, can legally return to play a World Cup match in Qatar. This is just confirmation of the settlement, because Karim Benzema still appears on the match sheets. Obviously, all the power of such a decision belongs to the French Football Federation and coach Didier Deschamps.

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More than 700 prisoners were released in Iran after Wells’ victory

“According to a special order of the head of the judiciary after the victory of the national football team (…) over the Welsh national team (2-0), 709 prisoners were released from various prisons in the country,” the judiciary agency Mizan Online specifies.

She added, without giving further details, including “some people who were arrested during the recent events.” Al-Ahdath refers to the protests sparked by the September 16 death of Mohsaa Amini, a 22-year-old Iranian Kurd, who died after being arrested by deputy police for allegedly violating a dress code. .

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Xavi criticizes the “unfair criticism” of Qatar

Barcelona coach Xaviwhich was also for the dam (Doha) in Qatar, in the not-too-distant past, opposed the public criticism that criticizes the environmental perversity that constitutes the attribution of the World Cup to A country considered backward in terms of human rights. The former Barcelona symbolic midfielder believes, on the contrary, that this World Cup is “an opportunity for Arab culture” and that it will leave a “very positive” legacy, stressing that it will allow people to understand “what Qatar really is.”

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Roberto Martinez assumes “tensions” in the Belgian dressing room

And in an interview with RTBF the day after Belgium’s defeat (2-0) against Morocco, coach Roberto Martinez said that he “saw the fear of losing on the faces of his players.” After the match, Jan Vertonghen responded harshly to Kevin De Bruyne, who felt before the match that the Red Devils did not have the level to win the World Cup. “Yes, there are tensions in the group,” Martinez admitted. We’re in this kind of situation. We’ve never lost by two goals in a World Cup. We know we can do it. We were hoping to qualify in the second game, but that’s the truth. We still have a chance to pass it.

Cameroon: A sports dispute with Song over the origin of Onana’s departure

According to several sources close to Cameroonian goalkeeper Andre Onana, his exit from selection is not directly related to a disciplinary sanction. It is more of a “sports” disagreement. His coach, Rigobert Song, would not have appreciated the style of play and especially the risks taken, in his position and in the game on foot, by Onana during the first match against Switzerland and this created some tensions between the goalkeeper and the coach. After the latter made the decision to leave Unana on the bench for the match against Serbia, the goalkeeper felt it best to stop the adventure so as not to cause more internal turmoil. However, it is still a hasty and sudden start, in the middle of the World Cup. Samuel Eto’o, the president of the Cameroonian federation, who is very close to Onana, tried to intervene to calm things down. But the goalkeeper believes that trust is broken with his coach and that he would have been better off leaving.


The Belgian press was disappointed after the defeat against Morocco

In the aftermath of Belgium’s defeat by Morocco (2-0) Sunday in the World Cup, the Belgian press was not kind to the Red Devils. Post-match violence with Moroccan fans in Brussels and in several cities in the country also featured prominently in the newspapers.

“Sadness and shame.” In short, the Belgian daily Le Soir summed up the feeling of an entire country.

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Cameroon goalkeeper Onana was sacked for disciplinary reasons before the match against Serbia

Agence France-Presse has learned from a source in the Cameroon Football Federation (Vikafoot) that the Cameroonian goalkeeper, Andre Onana, was “expelled” from the group before the match against Serbia in the 2022 World Cup on Monday. It will be a disciplinary sanction, without specifying the reason or the duration of this sidelining.

After being defeated by Switzerland (0-1) in the first match of the World Cup, the Indomitable Lions should be relaunched on Monday.

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The Argentine goalkeeper exchanged contractions after the defeat against Saudi Arabia

In response to a question after beating Mexico (2-0), Emiliano Martinez, the Argentine goalkeeper, returned to the defeat he suffered against Saudi Arabia (2-1) in the World Cup. The goalkeeper revealed that he had consulted a psychologist to talk about his performance and the weight on the national team’s shoulders.

“I suffered a lot,” said the 30-year-old doorman. “I spoke with a psychologist because they shot me twice and conceded two goals,” added the player who plays for a team with Aston Villa. “I have 45 million Argentines behind me and I should have given more.”

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Who is Niklas Volkrog, German champion against Spain?

The scorer of the equalizing goal in the last seconds on Sunday night against Spain (1-1), Niklas Volkrug became the new champion in the selection of the German national team by preserving the hopes of the Manchaft during the World Cup. Unknown or almost unknown to the general public, with only three games in check on the clock, Werder, a true number nine and nicknamed “the hole” for his teeth, tapped into the pack to find his place in the group from Hansi’s flick.

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Kramaric’s harsh response to the Canada coach after Croatia’s victory

The owner of the double victory for Croatia (4-1) Sunday over Canada in the World Cup, Andrej Kramaric, coach of the Canucks, greeted him in his own way after the match.

“I want to thank the Canada coach for this motivation,” the forward said after the game. “He could have chosen better words. He could have phrased it a little differently. In the end, Croatia showed who has sex with who.”

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How will the teams be separated at the end of the group stage?

The group stage of the 2022 World Cup is drawing to a close, with most teams having already played two matches in Qatar. An opportunity to assess the rules of the competition, to understand how countries will be determined if they find themselves restricted at the end of this stage of the competition.

Five criteria will be taken into account:

Overall goal difference
Score more goals
Direct confrontations
-fair play
FIFA ranking

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Optimism is growing in Brazil about Neymar and his ankle

Injuring his ankle against Serbia, Neymar sees his condition developing positively, to the point where he can get back on his feet sooner than expected, says UOL Esporte, even if the goal remains to restore him to the eighth World Cup. Brazil will have their first chance to qualify at this stage of the competition against Switzerland on Monday (5pm), but they will not be able to count on the missing PSG player.

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Program on Monday, November 28th

Four meetings on the program for Monday, with the particularly nice poster between Brazil and Switzerland in Group G.

Program of November 28 (French time)

11 am: Cameroon – Serbia (Group G)
2 pm: South Korea – Ghana (Group H)
5 pm: Brazil – Switzerland (Group G)
8 pm: Portugal-Uruguay (Group H)

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