Live - French team: Deschamps speaks

Live – French team: Deschamps speaks

Let’s move on to Didier Deschamps’s briefing, we’re talking about surprises today

Did Thuram’s arrival come because Karim Benzema is in trouble? “There are no Deschamps answers. In my mind I knew I was going to finish 26th but I preferred to drop all the matches of the weekend to get the clearest picture possible. From the moment I took this picture I took a player I was thinking of but it’s not about Karim or the striker. Another may have concerns.”

Official numbers for the jersey

Moments before Didier Deschamps’ press conference, the French national team announced the shirt numbers that the players will wear during the World Cup in Qatar.

Note that Karim Benzema will keep the number 19 while the number 9 will be on Olivier Giroud’s shoulders.

Deschamps press conference begins at 4 pm.

Especially expected given the changes to the list this morning. Remember that the list must be sent at 7 pm to FIFA.

World Cup: Macron in Qatar in a state of half the blues

Emmanuel Macron will travel to Qatar if the Blues reach the World Cup semi-finals, which begins on Sunday. Sports Minister Amelie Odea Castera will have dinner on Monday with the French national team in Clairefontaine, before the French delegation leaves for Qatar on Wednesday morning.

The Blues’ march kicks off in Clairefontein

This is where it all begins. This Monday, the 26 blues shortlisted for the Qatar World Cup were set at the National Football Institute of Clairefontaine, in Evelyn.

While all players had to arrive before noon, Karim Benzema was the first to arrive. The 2022 Ballon d’Or, which has played only 28 minutes since October 19, was attended by Steve Mandanda, Ousmane Dembele and Dayot Obikano. A smiling Mbappe arrived shortly after 11:30 a.m. Called in at the last minute, Marcus Thuram climbed the steps of the famous castle around 11:45 AM.

More information here.

With AT in Clairefontein

Kimpembe’s message after his expulsion

On Twitter, the PSG defender posted a message a few seconds after he formalized his group.

“After many tests with the technical teams of Paris Saint-Germain as well as with the French national team, I have made the decision not to play the World Cup. As many know, I am always ready to fight for choice and always represent my country a source of great pride and the opportunity to play in the most prestigious competitions once and for all. Other is an honor.

Unfortunately, my health comes first and recent tests have shown that I won’t be able to guarantee 200% performance and I don’t want to destabilize the group. I wish the best competitions to all my teammates, I have confidence in you and I will always be your number one fan… Come to Les Bleus! “

Kimpembe package, called Disasi

lightning strike! Team France announces Presnel Kimpembe (27 years, 28 selections), Paris Saint-Germain defender, for the World Cup. Monegasque Axel Disasi (24) was called in to replace him. Kimpembe returned to competition this weekend with Paris after playing several matches with a hamstring injury, then a tendon. Desassi was called up for the first time in his career with the France national team.

FFF formalizes Marcus Thuram’s appeal

After deleting the first message on Twitter, the French Football Federation (FFF) has finally formalized the invitation of Marcus Thuram as the 26th player in the France squad for the World Cup.

As the regulations gave him the possibility, Didier Deschamps decided to complete the list of players selected for the World Cup in Qatar, the national coach has already called up an additional striker, Marcus Thuram, and the Borussia Monchengladbach striker is expected before noon in Clairefontein like all his teammates in the team “.

Confirmed, Thuram has been called well into the boost as the 26th player

RMC Sport confirms the invitation of Marcus Thuram, as the 26th player in the France squad. The Borussia Monchengladbach player will join his teammates on Monday at Clairefontein. (JRe)

France team invites Thuram … before deleting the tweet

L’Equipe announced the news first: Marcus Thuram called up the 26th man title in the Blues on Monday morning. Information confirmed by a tweet from the official account of the France team in the process … except that after a few minutes, the tweet was deleted and uncertainty remains.

France's tweet on Marcus Thuram
The French team’s tweet on Marcus Thuram © RMC SPORT

Gathering at Clairefontaine on Monday

The 25 players selected by Didier Deschamps for the World Cup are expected on Monday at Clairefontaine. There are no injuries to be regretted after the last matches of the various tournaments this weekend. The players will head to Doha on Wednesday.

Good morning all!

Welcome to the live broadcast to follow the news of the France national team eight days before the first match of the World Cup against Australia (November 22).

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