Women's Euro 2022 - Melvin Mallard's performance against Iceland (1-1), big sighs for Deacon

Women’s Euro 2022 – Melvin Mallard’s performance against Iceland (1-1), big sighs for Deacon

From our special correspondent in Rotherham,

The pre-match match was on his picture: frustrating. After exchanging a few passes with her best friend Selma Pasha, Melvin Mallard isolated herself near the center circle in order to…reconcile. During this time, incumbents on the side gathered to physically pressure them with the coach of the group. But Mallard was missing.

Euro 2022

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With a big smile, she ended up joining the forces, laughing her head out in the air. Once the warm-up was over, she had the right to find her ball for an attempt in front of goal. Turning to her left foot, she sent a brilliant brush-brushing shot into the skylight before making her way to the locker room. It was ready. seen.

From her first ball, she tried her luck. His creed in this game. In the second I felt Clara Mathieu behind her. His heels full of spontaneity put blue in the right direction. The rest, she tells it. “I’m a player who loves fusion and saw this goalexplained in a press conference. I give Clara a discount and she feels like I’m asking for it again deeply. She gave me the pass and handed my left legSimple as pie. Confusing but also disarming.

20 used players out of 23: “For now, Deacon has everything good”

Accolade Powered by Deacon

Because this match against Iceland was like no other for her. In the absence of Marie Antoinette Catuto, to whom she devoted her goal, all eyes were on her. With the basic question: does it have the right level for this kind of competition? The answer is a sigh of relief to Corinne Deacon. Because Mallard won his bet. And because the blues were able to evacuate this black cloud that started to form above their heads.

While his press conference the day before seemed to have named Olimata Sarr as a natural alternative to MAK, it was finally Mallard who was chosen by Deacon. “You have to decipher the linesChief Blue laughed with reporters who questioned her about this reversal. Melvin is a young woman, she has shown great things in training. It never disappoints, especially tonight. I scored that goal that almost gave us the win. She is a talented young player who does not count and gives much. I wanted to return the favorWhen she left, it was also a long hug that the coach held for her player.

The Blues chief was undoubtedly afraid: Mallard was trying to bridge a gap. She exaggerates trying to get into Kattuto’s belts. It ended up playing against nature. It was just the opposite. Because the OL player didn’t see the problem that way. “The coach trusted me, and I said to myself ‘It’s up to me to play football’She explained her state of mind before the match. We’re in a big competition, we had to have fun, it worked out really well, and that’s a good thing“.

Melvin Mallard, Iceland’s top scorer

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Catuto describes it: “It was huge.”

In fact, Mallard had a consistent idea: to score. But not for her, but for the sake of her friend Katuto, with whom she has become close in recent months, for asking for her advice to finish the match better in front of goal. “We exchanged messages before the matchexplained the heroine of the evening on TF1, opposite… Katoto. All I wanted tonight was to celebrate and pay tribute to Mary. The check begins, because we have a check with Mary with this M. She’s there for us, we’re there for her“.

For her part, the PSG player had only words of praise towards the one who would temporarily replace her at the forefront of the tricolor attack. “It was huge tonightKatuto admitted. She is a very good player and has improved a lot. She has become my little sister, and I love her very much and hope she continues that way because she has everything for her. So keep up our success but stop partying for me, please. I do not want problems (Laugh) “.

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Among the players, no one suspected Mallard. Because everyone adores a woman, her constant smile and regular positive energy. But also because everyone has already seen the player in action. “Coach Mallard put Mary in, she has a sense of purpose too, we have complete confidence in her, and I’m proud of herHe particularly explained Sakina Karshawi.

As for Wendie Renard, she let out the barbed wire around the guard when she talked about her performance. “We should not put pressure on existing players‘, the captain of the blue ship appreciated, only for a little more protection than those that sometimes put their head in the clouds. However, on Monday, the sky was clear to be seen in Rotherham. Especially above Corinne Deacon’s head because it seemed that the ‘Katutu Succession’ cloud had really dissipated ….

Euro 2022

Should we believe the Netherlands confrontation? “Les Bleues are almost my favourite”

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Euro 2022

20 used players out of 23: “For now, Deacon has everything good”

15 hours ago

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