Fifth. The Prix des Poiriers in Deauville on Saturday 5 November 2022.

Fifth. The Prix des Poiriers in Deauville on Saturday 5 November 2022.

The Prix des Poiriers in Deauville on Saturday 5 November 2022.

Deauville trend on Saturday 5 November 2022 for Tiercé-Quarté-Quinté+. In this event, the Prix des Poiriers compete against runners. The race will be contested over 2,500 metres, and he will receive 50,000 euros.

In this event, Lettyt Fight (7) has been flying alternately hot and cold in recent months. Having trouble aligning two consecutive good results. Survival of success, will try to emphasize here. He who rests especially on freedom. His two most recent releases on PSF ended up being equally successful. Checkpoint Charlie (9) has adapted fairly quickly to his new environment, recently arriving at Stéphan Cérulis. Furthermore, he had just returned to success in a conditional race. Evidence of his perfect physical condition. It was at a longer distance and on the grass. But this elegant horse no longer has to prove himself on the fibers and is about 2,400 meters. Cordy Rose (10) has proven his form by defending himself well recently at Compiègne. These honest mare find fiber on Saturday. But she has done well in the past on today’s track. It should defend itself well again. Even if it has to prove its competitiveness in this context. She’s the one with a less luxurious title than this or just anti-female

Jenny’s Secrets

Pascal Barry: Dojo (1) He made us happy last winter and early in the season. Unfortunately, penalties caught up with him and now he no longer has a margin in weight. However, he loves PSF and this time of year makes me think he should do well. A place in the top five would be great.

Carmen Buxay: Utamaru (2) got a 7-pound penalty and hopefully he’ll have at least a say in places. The fact of running on PSF doesn’t bother me, Deauville’s profile should suit him. Weighing margins are reduced but we are moving with ambitions.

Henry Alex Bantal: Sasakia (3) disappoints us a bit. She goes a little bit all the time at her job. I want to see how she can do on PSF.

Stephen Jewett: Sam (4) had no real excuses to make lately but the race track was not in his favour. It is still in good condition and not bothered by PSF. Now, since it doesn’t have a lot of weight room, it needs a smooth ride. If so, it can end up in the correct group, that’s all we want.

Mrs. Helen Menissier Martinez: Creative (5) hasn’t worked much to be able to regain its freshness. She is a mare that gives a lot in competition and she needed to relax a bit. Its value has been adjusted down and likes this track. Now, I hope I don’t leave it too quiet…a small place that pleases me.

David Smagah: Situmeledemandais (6) remains successful. He was logically punished. And this time it won’t have a separation from the apprentice. In short, the context is completely different this time with this fantastic competitor who has won 5 massive handicaps in just over a year.

Alan Quittel: Just Light (8) moderately ran in Pornichet. Since the Deauville PSF is doing well, we are trying again at this racetrack. It really is a PSF horse, as it is so much better than grass. She should rest assured after this failure, but if she proves her worth, she is competitive at 35.5. Besides, prove it. I hope it works well. Otherwise, I will be disappointed.

Vaclav Luka: Ideal King (11) always has little problems getting out of the starter stalls, I try longer. He is calmer as he gets older and has a very good result. I can’t wait to see him run this distance. If he has a good track he can be competitive, but he is a bit special.

Mrs. Connie Whitfield: Felicia (12) is in great shape as her latest outing shows. She won the track on August 27. Find herself at five here. He obviously won’t have an easy job of circumstance. But she is ready to give her best.

Alessandro Petti: Local Whiskey (13) defended himself well at Pornichet but in this racetrack profile he had to approach early and with intensity but I think he behaved well. They remain competitive at this value and will benefit from their reduced weight. With a good trip, I hope to finally see him.

Julian Philippon: Zareka (14) is still on a streak of good results in recent weeks. After aligning the successes, it remained in third place. On that day, the event did not go in his favour. It’s better than that. It’s clearly in the shape of her life. That’s why it’s tempting to line up here. Definitely rise in category. But it should work fine in my opinion.

Miss Anne Sophie Crombies: Renewal (15) finds itself at last at the beginning of the quintet. He who was initially more likely to compete in the second event of this split handicap. She no longer has to prove herself on the fibers and got a good series number on Saturday. He approaches this race with a lot of spirits. Run for a long time this time. That’s why I’m removing the blinders here.

Alessandro Petti: Circo Massimo (16 years old) has been doing well lately, being only slightly defeated which led to a better ranking. I find it’s not a bad weight and can work at this value, which is why I put it back on the handicap. Now he has to face his elders and that’s no easy feat. I hope he can take a place.

Summary: 8-7-9-1-2-4-12-6 Press Summary: 8 – 1 – 9 – 7 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 6

Equidia: 9-1-7-4-11-8-10-16
Europe 1: 9-7-1-10-12-8-6-11
Paris: 1-9-7-8-10-6-14-3
Alsace: 14-1-2-6-13-8-7-12
Paris Stadium: 7-8-9-2-1-4-11-15
RTL: 9-3-12-1-10-4-2-8

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