Film Releases for July 20: Happy Retirement 2, As bestas, La Petite bande...

Film Releases for July 20: Happy Retirement 2, As bestas, La Petite bande…

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As bestas by Rodrigo Soroguín

With Marina Fo, Denis Menouche, Louis Zahra…

what is he talking about ? Antoine and Olga, a French couple, have been living in a small village in Galicia for a long time. They have a farm and are renovating abandoned homes to facilitate resettlement. Everything must be idyllic, but a serious conflict with their neighbors leads to an irreparable escalation of tension …

Do you know ? Thriller (and its variants such as thrillers, dramatic thrillers, etc.) is the favorite genre of Spanish director Rodrigo Soroguín, as evidenced by El Reino and Madre, but above all Que Dios nos perdone, where Antonio de la Torre and Roberto Olamo are in pursuit of a killer Terrifying series.

Happy Retirement 2 by Fabrice Braque

With Michel Larroque, Thierry Lermitt and Constance Lappe…

what is he talking about ? They thought that they would finally get a quiet retirement… 3 years have passed. Marilou and Philip decided to introduce their grandchildren to their new vacation home in Portugal. But once they get there, they discover the horror that the house is still under construction!

Do you know ? Apart from happy retirement! With Happy Retirement 2, Michelle Larroque and Thierry Lermitt played together on Fallait pas! …and Tango and Le Placard and So we Dance.

Labyrinths by Bogdan George Aptri

With Ioana Bujarin, Emmanuel Parvo, César Antal…

what is he talking about ? A 19-year-old novice secretly leaves her monastery to settle an urgent matter in the city. That same evening, on her way home, her fate changed. Marius, the police inspector in charge of the investigation, is determined to solve the mystery by all means, but the case quickly turns into an obsession.

Do you know ? Dédales is the second part of a trilogy preceded by Unidentified. These two feature films were shot and filmed simultaneously.

Tempura from Akiko Oko

With no, Kentou Hayashi, Asami Osuda…

what is he talking about ? Mitsuko has always lived in her bubble. In the heart of Tokyo that is too big for her, she passionately dedicates herself to cooking the recipes that she refines from her tiny apartment. As a complete single person, she sets herself up with new challenges every day, including the unprecedented challenge… of inviting a boy to dinner!

Do you know ? Tempura displays a novel by Risa Wattaya. The director spoke about what tempted her in the original work: “Most of the protagonists in Risa Wataya’s novels are women engaged in romantic comedies that go beyond the simple pursuit of love and humor to tend toward moments of self-actualization.”

The Little Band of Pierre Salvadori

With Paul Beloust, Laurent Capilotto, Matisse Claudon-Genes…

what is he talking about ? The little gang is Kat, Fouad, Antoine and Sami, four 12-year-old students. Out of pride and provocation, they embarked on a crazy project: blow up the factory that had polluted their river for years. But in the newly formed group, disagreements are frequent and equal votes are constantly paralyzing.

Do you know ? This is the first time that Pierre Salvadori has shown characters to children. Originally, the film focused on a small group of “incompetent and clumsy” adults, but the director changed his tune because he found it out of fashion: “I slipped towards children for reasons of dramaturgy. Suddenly I became more interested in their sense of improvisation, lying, and resourcefulness.”

Me and Mia, the heroine of Centopia by Adam Jan, Matthias Timmermans

With Margot Nuccetelli, Dave Willetts and Rick Kavanian…

what is he talking about ? Mia, a bright little girl, has the ability, thanks to her magic bracelet, to transform into a dwarf in the magical world of the Unicorns of Centopia, where unusual creatures live. After discovering that the magical stone in her bracelet is linked to an ancient prophecy, she embarks on an exciting journey to the farthest islands of Centopia.

Do you know ? Originally, Mia and I is a series that mixes live action and 3D animation created by Gerhard Hahn in 2011. The show currently consists of three seasons (78 x 23 minutes) sold to TV channels and streaming platforms in more than 170 countries.

Magdalene by Damien Manneville

With Elsa Wollston, Amy Lombard, Olga Moak…

what is he talking about ? Since the death of Jesus, Mary Magdalene withdrew from the world. Her hair turned white, she eats berries, drinks rainwater and sleeps among the trees. Alone in the heart of the forest, she remembers her lost love. Looking for a way to find it.

Do you know ? Filming was done in three short sessions. Originally, Majdala had to be completely silent, but as soon as the first session was over, the director realized that his film lacked sound.

Mr. and Mrs. Toutlemonde by Jean-Michel Nouri

With Blandine Moret, Erica Regembau and Pascal Maupin…

what is he talking about ? Mr. and Mrs. Everyone is a collection of images, all the heroes of their ordinary lives. Twelve different personalities reveal their most intimate secrets to us, and strive to confront the same question: “How do you write your life? …”

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