'You Should Stop': She's been stalking comedian and former reality TV candidate, Ennis Rigg, and a maniac fan is imprisoned in Marseille.

‘You Should Stop’: She’s been stalking comedian and former reality TV candidate, Ennis Rigg, and a maniac fan is imprisoned in Marseille.

A Marseille court (Buchs du Rhône) has sentenced a 38-year-old woman to a year in prison for harassing comedian Aeneas Rig and influencer Anis Camizoli. This “fan”, which was becoming more and more invasive, would also have been a threat, according to information collected by our colleagues from La Provence on Monday, September 26.

This fan of comedian Ines Rigg and former reality TV candidate Anis Kamizoli has been prosecuted for “harassment” and “malicious calls” against them.

Marina, a thirty-year-old nursery nurse, carefully followed the first steps as a comedian for Ines Reg. From the small Parisian stages to the front row of these latest shows, nothing has escaped Marina.

Ines Reg who became famous in August 2019 because she wanted to ‘Kevin puts sparkle in his life’, especially by this unconditional fan. Gifts weren’t lacking, as were the little touches. A poignant stance that impressed the young comedian immensely in the early days.

Only here, over the months, the little attention turned into a very intrusive behavior: a gift of 300 euros, clothes from her favorite store she never mentioned … Sensitive situations follow each other, a beautiful day, Marina has gone so far to go back and forth between Paris and Marseille To bring a bouquet of flowers and chocolates to the sick comedian.

An act that did not leave Ines Rigg unaffected and growing anxiety, which prompted the artist to take drastic decisions, such as preventing his fans from number one from the first place, which he says. “Scare”. But it was impossible for the security to come to terms with Marina, who finally took first place. The paralyzed comedian will wait until 2:30 a.m. to escape as quickly and secretly as possible from the stage. Frightened, Ines Rage decided to cancel one of her dates in Marseille, Marina’s residence.

Everything is paid, the wheel is turning, we will see your true face

In February 2020, the comedian decided to take legal action, after a series of letters with a sometimes threatening tone, the author of which would be none other than Marina. The private messages he receives on his Instagram account are about an unknown person pretending to be “Prosecutor of the Court of Paris”.

Completely overwhelmed by events, and increasingly anxious, Ines Reg files a complaint and is prescribed a 30-day ITT. The doctor who examined her reported a “acute tension”From “Intrusive thoughts”From Sleep disturbances with insomniaas such “excessive vigilance”.

Obsessed cheerleader who wasn’t on her first try

The case of Ines Reg is not an isolated case. In fact, Marina had another person who followed her every step. This is Anais Kamizoli, the reality show winner and now an influencer, followed by 2 million people. It was also installed on the civilian party bench during the trial, as it also had similar problems with Marina.

“At three o’clock in the morning I noticed a somewhat strange woman who was waiting for me in the rain. At first, I took her in sympathy. She was offering me, to my sister… I saw her everywhere I went and even in front of my house”As Anis Camizoli says, according to the testimony reported by our colleagues from La Provence.

The former reality TV candidate claims the line was crossed when Marina took a chip from SFR, pretending to be the victim’s mother. Obsessed only increased, the young childcare worker tried by all means to be employed in the nursery of Anis Kamizoli’s daughter.

A kind of harassment that is no longer confined to the simple person of Anais, but to her family. “I am a public figure, but my daughter did not ask for anything!” , She denounces at the bar. After her separation from the father of her child, she said that Marina’s intrusive behavior in particular was a source of great conflict and tended to damage the relationship she had with her ex-boyfriend and father of her little girl. “My daughter’s father forbids me to go on vacation alone, for fear of running to Marina… I can’t live normally. He must stop!”The young mother pleads in court.

“I hit the verb verses”

A psychiatrist was appointed to shed light on this. His report revealed “no disease”. Far from being convinced, the attorney general advocates the opposite, which the Marines reveal “Personality questions its seriousness and multiplication of verb verses”.

The Marseille court finally sentenced Marina to two years in prison, including one, for “malicious calls”. A ruling that she can implement in her home with an electronic bracelet, an obligation to take care and of course a ban on contacting complainants and victims of this harassment.

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