Fifth. The Prix du Pays de Bray in Deauville on Sunday, November 6, 2022.

Fifth. The Prix du Pays de Bray in Deauville on Sunday, November 6, 2022.

The Prix du Pays de Bray in Deauville on Sunday, November 6, 2022.

Deauville trend on Sunday, November 6, 2022 for Tiercé-Quarté-Quinté+. In this event, the Prix du Pays de Bray competes against runners. The race will be contested over 1,900 metres, and a sum of €70,000 will be awarded.

In this case, Royaumont (6) is a competitor of constant value. Its ability to fiber can no longer be demonstrated. He stays in two very good games on PSF. But it was on a more modest level than on Sunday. At value 41, you’ll need a specially designed course to be able to take on the leadership roles. Nottingham (9) won its quintet this summer, then showed its relative limits at that level. She returned to the world of fiber on Sunday, the surface where she has only a few titles. Before the hour has passed, it’s more of a potential spot than a potential winner. Tantpispoureux (11) has recently returned to success. It was on the same 1,900 meters of sandy track. This race is a logical continuation of his program. Resting in this cycle and in good shape, she will try to assert her good mood at the moment, although the value is logically adjusted upwards.

Jenny’s Secrets

Christopher Escuder: Dragonet (1) had a good summer, but it just showed us that it’s now a bit trickier at this value. However, when I find him in good shape, I take him back to his preferred method. Looking at a lot, I hope you can get a place. Watching him fight for the top spots seems complicated to me.

Christopher Ferland: Watch Him (2) has kept in great shape since its last appearance, performing very well. He doesn’t have a lot of leeway in the weight and I hope he gets a good run, which is important on this course. Logically, it finally has its place.

Philip Decos: Install (3) Drive well without getting the best track in the race lately. It hasn’t played very often on PSF and probably needs to find this deck. However, at this value it does not have much space but I still think it is competitive. At the end of a good race, he has the ability to play the leading roles, especially since he is in great shape.

Gavin Hernon: The Sky Power (4) hasn’t had such tough terrain lately. It is clearly better than the value achieved that day. It is a horse particularly comfortable on the fibres. He actually showed it to me during his morning PSF workout. Confirmed in this course and well positioned in the starting stalls, you’ll be launching with legitimate ambitions on Sunday.

Carmen Buxay: Vents Contraires (5) will find the distance he likes and a surface he doesn’t bother with. With the good track to race, there is no doubt that he will be able to fight for victory.

Didier Prudhomme: Khochenko (7) is in good condition and especially loves sand. He waits and sees and chord 2 isn’t necessarily an advantage for him. Rhythmic racing would be welcome. I hope to see him pinning his fifth this winter!

Alessandro Poti: Rock Joyeux (8) would definitely be better off at PSF. I would expect a rehab, but at that value, it doesn’t have a huge weight margin. A place that pleases me.

Didier Guillemin: Pont Mirabeau (10 years old) left us hungry with no real excuses. Finally, he completely extricated himself to prove that he remained competitive to achieve success. Now, like any wait and see service, you need good racing action. Stay in good condition and will detect PSF. He’s never run on this surface so I don’t have any perspective.

Jean-Pierre Goffin: Intellectual Pink (12) maintain the correct outputs at the level that interests us, without being able to claim leadership roles. Its profit margin is poor for its value. You will discover PSF. It would be interesting to see it in this context. Its origins predispose it to an appreciation of soft slopes.

Roman Lou Drin Deleuze: La Roseliere (13 years old) approaches this competition with freshness and high spirits. It will proceed with my legitimate trust.

Norbert Linders: Ker Welen (14 years old) is in good shape, but has no weight margin. As for the fibers, there is no special luster at the moment.

Stephen Jewett: Fiona (15 years old) is an elegant filly who is always responsive. However, at this value, its maneuverability is not important, it needs a good flight. PSF wouldn’t bother her, only a bad race track could prevent her from running well. A place in the top five will satisfy.

Nicholas Collieri: Bobydargent (16) gradually finds value at which he must be able to compete. Looking at his recent rides, one can’t be overly optimistic, but as his weight improves, I hope to see him race on Sunday.

Summary: 10-2-4-5-7-3-11-15 Press Summary: 2 – 5 – 10 – 13 – 4 – 1 – 3 – 7

Equidia: 10-7-5-4-2-3-13-15
Europe 1: 2-7-5-13-10-3-4-11
Parisian: 2-5-3-13-1-10-4-11
Alsace: 2-10-4-8-11-5-1-6
Paris Stadium: 2-7-5-13-10-3-4-11
RTL: 7-2-13-10-11-5-4-15

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