Love in the Meadow: "Sylvian, you make me come" ... when Terry leaves in front of a suitor

Love in the Meadow: “Sylvian, you make me come” … when Terry leaves in front of a suitor

At the time of residence on the farm, the farmers still hesitated among the suitors while the others made their choice.

Thierry, a farmer from Vaucluse, is quite a character. He was already a favorite in 2015 – he had his heart broken by a rival he had signed for – back in the current season of ‘Love in the Meadow’. He chose two suitors: Sylvian, a retired nursing assistant from Toulouse and Remedios, a hairdresser at home in Provence.

And in the episode that aired Monday night, Thierry toured his home construction site. Project started in 1996! Twenty-six years ago. The brick body of the house is still neither out of the water nor out of the air, and there are no barriers yet. If Remedios actually sees himself living there, Sylvian is more cautious given the large amount of work that remains to be done. But Terry knows what he wants. Closed kitchen, not American kitchen. “I’m French, not American.” And he wants a bidet in his bathroom. Washing the ass is important.

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In the evening, to please these ladies, Thierry decided to make lasagna. With its own recipe. Sheets of lasagna noodles, tomato coulis and beef sausage. A recipe that disgusts Remedios, Jade Cordon Bleu, who came to the farm with a pressure cooker. During the meal, Terry discusses more with Sylvian which he prefers. Remedios understood this very well. Disappointed, you prefer to go to bed as soon as the meal is over.

Thierry, he hurt his leg. He only has a caregiver on hand. So he asks Sylvian to change his bandage. When you pour betadine, Thierry frowns. And he comes out with an unexpected sentence in context: “Sylvian, you make me come. I’m not ashamed to tell you, you make me come.” Sylvian remains silent and finishes with Thierry’s treatment.

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—David H (@airness68) October 3, 2022

“Sylvian, you make me ejaculate”??
With Thierry there are more valves to find???? # ADP22 #adp2022

– FRED (FRED_R_) October 3, 2022

Thierry: You make me sleep.
Give him a bandage!!#adp #adp2022

– Stephane Chapel (@Stephane_Chapel) October 3, 2022

In the evening, Terry went up to the room where Sylvian was already in bed and asked her what she thought of her day and the house under construction. Toulouse plays a fair role: “There is a lot of work and in our time, it will be difficult. It’s a huge construction site, you can’t say the opposite. Now you have to see your guts.” Here Terry warned.

Where are the other farmers?

Noémie, a 25-year-old farmer from Jura, He made his decision. She had no feelings for Roman, whom she tactfully declared to him during a walk in the woods. She chose to keep Gaël, an ambulance driver from Gers, silent and shy at first. The young man was more comfortable accompanying Noémie to rugby training.

William Auvergne He continues his stay on the farm with Tom, a stable manager and Maxim, a model maker in the textile industry. Tom seemed to score points by spending the morning in the kitchen and showing himself relaxed at a ball of traditional dances, one of the sentiments of the 34-year-old farmer.

in Corsica, In Sebastian the pig breederThe situation is very tense between the two contenders: Perrin from the North and Lea from Alsace. The trio keeps crippling Léa. A meal in the restaurant overlooking the sea turned into a filter. Léa wanted to speak to Sébastien but the discussion lasted an hour outside. Unacceptable to Beren. The next day the tension subsided.

Jean Paul, 70-year-old winemaker from Grand-Estwelcomes his suitors: Davey, a 56-year-old Swiss luxury businesswoman, and Valerie, a 57-year-old provincial civil servant whom he has known for ten years.

Alan Britton is 72 years old A former hog farmer turned to equal tourism has chosen a lodge in the Brocéliande forest to welcome Marie Ange, a 61-year-old nurse’s assistant retired from the Toulouse region and Catherine, a 67-year-old painter from Marseille. The two contestants wanted to know the log cabin Alan lived in and were intrigued.

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