Here's how to get 4,000 euros in aid promised by the state!

Here’s how to get 4,000 euros in aid promised by the state!

Since this year, the French have seen their daily lives change drastically. In fact, from many fears talk then who are they epidemic years. Since the end of January, some major players in international trade have been unable or unwilling to do business with the rest of the world. This creates a large gap in the trade balance and this leads to High inflation all over the world. Thus, to come and strengthen the purchasing power of the French under attack, The government has put in a lot of aid. We will explain everything here.


Even if the government seeks to help the French, it remains very complicated. Last August, inflation appeared about 7.7%. A big increase is getting more and more difficult for the French to manage. Fortunately, in addition to the government, retail brands are also looking at to help consumers.

In fact, there are many major brands that seek to create promotions, discounts or even offers to lock in prices. This is how we find help in supermarkets Like 30 products for 30 euros. or even large surfaces that Banning the prices of products deemed necessary. Among the latter, we can find food products, as well as hygiene, maintenance, etc.

But all this help It is not enough to maintain a standard of living similar to what it was before inflation. This is why the government implemented a bill called purchasing power.

Purchasing Power Support

In this act we can find help, rewards and above all many promotions. and rightly, Promotion is essential to help the French During this very complex period. It turns out that the help that makes France so charming compared to other, less social countries, is no longer in line with the cost of living. In fact, some means allow, for example, Pay for back to school supplies. But with inflation, prices have changed. Thus, the back-to-school allowance can no longer cover all the expenses of low-income families.

So, in the purchasing power bill, we were significantly able to find a revaluation of the back-to-school allowance. They looked like crumbs at 4%. But that’s enough to win about 15 euros In the highest cases for families. Something that slightly eases the cost of starting the school year. Also, there are aids like aging minimum. Also known as the ASPA New Senior Solidarity Allowance. The latter makes it possible to guarantee a minimum income All retired. It is a very valuable help.


But in order for the solidarity premium for paid people to remain attractive, it must follow the path of inflation. And so, every year, in January, the latter is re-evaluated Always follow the cost of living. But given the exceptional situation, the state chose to update the latter in July. Exceptional assistance that allowed many retirees at times to raise their heads above the water. In fact, with the new balance, it allows for a higher minimum income. But that’s not all, for seniors in the platform, their pensions seem to have increased to 4% height.

So, for this year, Pensioners who have a pension from the statute can see Revaluation of 1.1% last January. so That raised the rating by 4% last July. A very important help for retirees.

Help of 4000 euros

Another sector well affected by inflation is the price of fuel. In fact, it is difficult not to notice that the prices for the latter did not explode. So, now more than ever, The French government encourages the use of electricityWalking and even cycling. So the government puts a hand in its pocket by giving it aid.

Because if inflation remains a concern, so does the state of the planet. In fact, July seemed One of the driest for many years. As many tragic consequences as many fires followed. So the state wants to give help to make the decision The French have to cycle to consume less.

With the help of bicycles, the government wants the French to cut carbon dioxide emissions. In fact, a few weeks ago he seemed to be advertising to help switch to electric bikes double left. Therefore, by replacing your old car with an electric bike, you can get help of up to 4000 euros.

double installment

In fact, recently, help to buy a bicycle It can be up to 4000 euros if you decide to get rid of your old car. A great sum to encourage the French to switch to electric bikes without spending a lot. in contrast, There are conditions that must be met In order to receive this bonus.

This assistance is intended for the most humble families or those with disabilities. So you can touch 40% of the acquisition cost with a ceiling of 3000 euros. But if you live or work in a ZFE low emission metropolitan area, Can still reach 1000 euro additional. Thus, the total amount of assistance rises to the famous 4000 euros.

But if you have a higher income, you can still get this help. There is, too, You can get 40% of the cost but a maximum of 1500 euros. To which is added the same amount of 1,000 euros in the case of residence or work in the ZFE. Thus, It can be 2,500 euros if you get rid of your old, polluted car.

But your vehicle must also meet certain criteria to qualify for this assistance. In fact, it should look like Registered before January 2006. You must have owned it for at least a year, without pledge.

Other terms!

The bike you wish to have must also meet certain conditions to receive this assistance. In fact, it should be electric, the new where second hand. It must also contain a file A unique identifier on the frame And the You do not have a lead-acid battery.

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