Alert about this new grain scam: be very careful, this scam is rampant on the web!

Alert about this new grain scam: be very careful, this scam is rampant on the web!

with Gas price hike saving electricity for the beginning of 2023And the inevitable change in the customs shield, fuel prices will also increase. Saving Money heating costs this winter using wood pellets It is a good choice for some people.

pellet stove Through the assistance provided to install it. However, the pellet shortage has been in full swing for a few months now. Because of this deficiencyMany people Concerned about not having enough pellets To keep warm this winter.

some criminals Take advantage of this phenomenon set up tricks. We tell you everything!

Wood pellet deficiency

Between the increase in gas prices and Electricity For the beginning of 2023, as well The inevitable evolution of the tariff shield. Thus, the price of fuel oil is also rising.


for Dealing with this price increaseMany people Looking to save heating costs This winter. to do this, Wood pellets can be used to heat the house.

it’s a A good solution for many people. pellet stoves saw Their sales increased by 41%. And pellet boilers at 120%.

but, a few months agothe shortage of Wood pellets in full swing. And it causes more problems than expected. Our colleagues from Que Choisir recently warned consumers against sites. These sites claim to sell pellets to keep warm.

However, the products that be charged, is not delivered. Thus, I ordered wood pellets not reach its destination.

Fraud: Pellets were paid for, but never delivered

Consumers Association What do you choose Warns buyers of pellet some sites. These sites claim to sell heating wood.

However, it seems that This site is a trap set by scammers. Scam you take advantage of People who are anxious or going through difficult circumstances. advise consumers Wanting to buy online Use extreme caution, points out the Que Choisir Association.

Testimonials clearly show that they have Dealing with a scam. The consumer pays for a basket. The pellets are pushedbut they did not reach their destination.

organic pellets

suddenly, The merchant is no longer accessible. association Consumers point that if many names are listed and closed, The others remain active. Some of these names Keep coming back to these scam sites.

Beware of exaggerated prices

According to the association, Some people testify They lost hundreds or even in thousands of euros ! Generally, this money disappears when banks refuse to pay it back.

On the pretext that Consumer verification of payment. In fact, it often happens that banks do not pay scams because they claim to be any bank transfer Or online transactions are the choice.

To avoid being deceived by the association What do you choose It is advised to be wary of offers that sound too good to be true. but also for reading Online reviews and even backtracking When paying by bank transfer Requires confirmation Deal before receiving the request.


newly, Another type of fraud is like wood grain circulated. This is the impersonation of reputable companies in the industry. Unfortunately, from Many people They signed it and couldn’t get the help they needed from their bank. So be vigilant!

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