McDonald's is already announcing Christmas with these two new gourmet drinks

McDonald’s is already announcing Christmas with these two new gourmet drinks

Major companies and brands use surfing for the Christmas holidays. This is the time to spend for families who want to treat themselves in the heart of winter. Thus, all the major multinationals take off their clothes at Christmas and double up on the offers associated with the end-of-year festivities. As of November, McDonald’s launches and is already offering two new drinks perfect for this period when the cold starts. Enough to make you want to quickly go to the McDonald’s restaurant closest to you.

Two new drinks for McDonald’s

Are you looking forward to Christmas? McDonald’s restaurants are happy to accompany you until December 25th. To help you wait, the American company is bringing you two new hot, aromatic drinks for their year-end festivities. It is ideal for watching the Christmas TV movies that are already beginning to invade the screens of French channels.

First, there’s a brand-new hot chocolate that the company has described as ” A silky candy made of chocolate syrupA drink that can also be enjoyed with whipped cream. But that’s not all because a second drink is also available. And that makes us overdo it. In fact, it is a caramel milk waffle. Obviously, those with a sweet tooth will be tempted as they will feel like eating a waffle with caramel cream.

To confirm the start of the Christmas season, these two drinks are served in mugs that proudly show off the colors of Christmas. We don’t know about you, but we do know where to spend our next warm snack.

Restaurants have been around for 50 years in France

This Christmas is special for McDonald’s as it marks the 50th anniversary of the company in France. In fact, the brand is not so young anymore and celebrated its fiftieth anniversary in France in 2022. In 1972 the adventure began, thanks to Raymond Dayan, in Creteil, in the Paris region. Indeed, the memorial plaque stamped on the facade of a McDonald’s restaurant on the Place des Halles in Strasbourg has forgotten it (indicating that the first restaurant opened was the restaurant of the Alsatian capital in 1979) It was Raymond Dayan who opened the first restaurant 50 years ago.

Fast food that has to face stiff competition, with Burger King and KFC in particular. To celebrate this anniversary, there is no big event… Excluding the huge fine that the brand agrees to pay the tax authorities: 1.25 billion euros.

The company said in a statement that the agreement Puts an end to tax litigation and judicial investigation without admitting fault. It provides for a comprehensive financial settlement equivalent to 100 million euros annually during the relevant period “.

So this Christmas is unique and should be celebrated as it should at McDonald’s. They are counting on you to taste the latest creations to celebrate the occasion.

McDonald’s victim of customer complaint

A customer got a nasty surprise while going to a McDonald’s store. Everything starts normally. The 30-year-old customer ordered her menu at a restaurant in the Paris area. Once she receives the order, she nibbles on her burger. But she feels something strange under her teeth. It’s not an expired pickle, but…a lizard hidden under the beef. The customer is not in the mood and can’t believe she was bitten by a lizard. Immediately complain to the management.

But the staff have no explanation. They don’t know how a lizard got into his burger. to be forgiven, They offer him a 10% discount on his next order. A gesture that this woman considers insufficient.

A hearing is scheduled for 2023 at the Pontoise court. An internal investigation was conducted by McDonald’s and no non-compliance was found. For her part, the client indicated that she vomited the next day. Above all, she is still breastfeeding her newborn and fears the repercussions for her baby’s health.

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