Enchanted: You just left us... rest in peace

Enchanted: You just left us… rest in peace

According to reports, actress Rebecca Balding who Played by Elise Rothman،, editor of the Bay Mirror newspaper “Charmed” series Turn off. After a battle against ovarian cancer, unfortunately, the 73-year-old died. She is his cousin Caroline Williams, who is also an actress in the Emergencies series, Gray’s Anatomy and Mentalist, who announce the news July 18, 2022.

A cousin of the deceased wrote on Twitter:

“My cousin, Rebecca Balding, passed away in Salt Lake City. Although we weren’t close as adults, she had a profound influence on my interest in show business and acting. Mother, wife, actress. She did it all.”

Greetings from Alyssa Milano

After hearing what happened to Alyssa Milano was upset. She then decided to honor him via her Instagram account on July 20, 2022, two days after Rebecca’s death.

Alyssa, best known for her role as Phoebe Halliwell Milano, rubbed her shoulders with the latter in the “Charmed” series. And therefore , In appreciation of this great friendshipShe posted a photo from the series where we can see the two of them together. All accompanied by a message dedicated to The person who played Elise Rothman.

“Not only was Rebecca Balding a great actress, she was a very beautiful person. I loved every minute I spent with her at Charmed. I have fond memories of Rebecca and her husband Jim dancing the holiday season! I have an idea for everyone who loved him. I feel so proud that our paths crossed in this “May you rest in peace,” she wrote.

Rebecca Balding biography

Rebecca Balding American actress Born 1948 in Little Rock and Died on July 18, 2022. She is primarily known for her appearances in TV series “Charmed” and “Soap”. We’ve also seen it in Several American series As a guest or in small roles, such as “Starsky and Hutch”, “Beverly Hills 90210”, “Melrose Place” or even “ER”.

However, her role in “Charmed” remains the one that she plays Most popular with the general public, having played Elise Rothman, the boss of Phoebe Halliwell (Alyssa Milano) on several seasons. she He appeared in episode 7 of season one.

On the private side, it was Rebecca Balding Married to producer and director James L. konway who she met on the set of The Boogens in 1981.

Source: Charmed

Singer and actress Danny dies

same day Rebecca Balding diesAnother star came out, too. This is the singer, model and actress Danny. The artist, whose voice was hoarse, disappeared after falling ill in the Tours area where she lived.

Inspirational 70’s Just finished his tour From her latest album “Horizons Dorés” when she got sick. She had already finished preparing the new album, which she chose to name “Attention Départ”.

Her professional entourage on Facebook replied: “Nothing was more important to her than creativity, singing and being around the ones she loves.”

Who was Danny?

Singer and actress was born Danielle Graul real name on October 1, 1944. At the age of nineteen she moved to Paris. After her beginnings in modeling, and several small roles in cinema since 1964. Especially under the direction of Roger Vadim in “La Ronde”,They will launch their first round 45 “Tomboys”, two years later.

It was in 1968, with His nickname is “My father just married the maid.”Danny’s career is taking off. In 1970 the artist had released his first artwork “Danny”, which earned him the Grand Prix de l’Académie Charles Ducros.

The star who has since its beginnings A frequent frequenter on Parisian nights, becoming one of his inspirations, he opened L’Aventure, a trendy nightclub, in the 1970s, playing showgirls at the Alcazar until 1974.


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