"All the women wanted to sleep with him, he didn't need to rape anyone": Emmanuel Sener defends her husband Roman Polanski

“All the women wanted to sleep with him, he didn’t need to rape anyone”: Emmanuel Sener defends her husband Roman Polanski

Emmanuel Sener testifies in the movie “Seven to Eight” TF1 . screen

in seven to eightThe French actress speaks out for the first time in the face of accusations of rape and sexual assault against her husband and asks us to “leave him alone”.

“She is a woman in love, damaged by years of legal, media and hard-line pressure”, Audrey Crespo-Mara explains how to describe her guest Emmanuel Sener. Sunday, October 16, in picture of the week Broadcasting for the magazine seven to eightThe journalist gave an interview to the wife of Roman Polanski. The actress is about to post “Intimate and Documented Advocacy” To respond to the issues that haunt the director, the first of which dates back 45 years. If Emmanuel Sener thought of publishing it When Roman isn’t aroundI finally preferred to speak up today and denounce “Illusions and Excesses” who turned her husband into “Out to satisfy the zeitgeist.”

In front of the camera, the director’s wife commented on the first scandal that targeted Roman Polanski in 1977. He had a sexual affair with Samantha Gailey, a 13-year-old American at the time, because of which in 2009 he was arrested for an affair with Samantha Gailey. A minor with whom Emmanuel Sener is associated ‘A very lenient time’. “We rented a lolita. I’m not saying I thought it was good, but it didn’t shock me.”. After being sentenced to 90 days in prison and psychiatric examinations that allow him to halve his sentence, Roman Polanski flees the United States after a new arrest warrant. “I understood that he ran away. It was very scary, and in the end he ran away from the injustice.as Emmanuel Sener says before pointing out that today’s director and Samantha Gailey “Very good relations” This last “This victim position cannot be taken any longer.”

“Let’s take care of the real predators and leave Roman Polanski alone.”

Emmanuel Sener

Whoever participates without restrictions, his memories are exhausted “Paparazzi Hunts” also deplores “The world is going crazy” Referring to some feminist activists and the misuse of the “me too” movement. “It is very good that speech is freed but we are witnessing a lot of abuse, violations and lies that denigrate and harm these victims.”she screams.

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In this fifteen-minute interview, Emmanuel Sener passionately supports her husband and the father of her two children. “He was very attractive to women. He didn’t need to rape anyone.” She emphasized before listing other arguments in favor of Roman Polanski and remembered that his “Violation of the presumption of innocence”.

From five accusations of rape and sexual assault at Caesar 2020, where the director was rewarded for his film accuseThe French actress says that her husband is today “bruises” Which “blacklisted” in France. “No one wants to distribute their films anymore, I’m also forbidden to work here”. It is a condition calledToday’s prison is worse than yesterday’s prisonEmmanuelle Seigner who insisted She has no reason to leave her good husband and good father. We publicly demand that we “Take care of the real predators and leave them alone.”

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