Fifth. The Algora Prize in Vincennes on Tuesday, October 18, 2022.

Fifth. The Algora Prize in Vincennes on Tuesday, October 18, 2022.

The Algora Prize in Vincennes on Tuesday, October 18, 2022.

Direction Vincennes on Tuesday, October 18, 2022 for Tiercé-Quarté-Quinté +. In this event, the Algorah Prize will compete against runners. The race will be contested over 2,100 metres, with a budget of 57,000 euros.

In this event, Extra du Châtelet (5) has not been able to return to Enghien recently. It needs a race for the economy to fully express itself. Its margin has been reduced, but it is still competitive at this level. He has to face young people and foreigners, which complicates matters. On the other hand, this time it is on the front line. He can hope, at best, for a small spot in Quinté. Fiorentina Somolli (9 years old) has run little this year after being eliminated from the competition. He just showed his best form lately at Laval. Here, the entry is preferred but she unfortunately inherited the number 9, which obviously complicates matters. In four attempts along the 2,100m of the Grand Track, she always made it to the end. One of many venue possibilities, Fynio du Pommereux (14) has shown great consistency this year and increased his record to 1’10’8 over the 2,100m of the main track. He is really comfortable with rhythmic races. The speed revs also left him well. Here, he must negotiate a position on the second line and rub shoulders with strangers. He will need a clear path but can set himself, like the others … Armor As (16) will make his first outing on behalf of Erik Bondo, after several months with Jean-Michel Bazir. No one has seen him since this summer. It is difficult to assess its exact degree in terms of form. She showed very good things, especially last winter, but she didn’t always confirm them. In the near future, he especially needs reassurance. It is difficult to maintain and eliminate.

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Emmanuel Farren: Grande de Ranchi (1) has been unlucky lately. Recently, at Laval, she set off in a gallop race but her driver pleaded guilty. Previously, she would, at least, take second place with a bit of luck. She is extra and the commitment in front of her elders is perfect. Eric Raven, this time, will apply. She has a first chance.

Thomas Malmqvist: Short In Cash (2) Has had a lot of leg issues and hasn’t been seen for about a year. I spent three months in training. He makes me feel good during his training sessions. He didn’t work hard either. In terms of value, it is pretty much competitive, but it’s hard for me to say after such a long absence. These are the races that will guide me.

Dominic Luquinho: Extra du Chatault (3) just won in Amiens. He works more on the small circuit than the big track in Vincennes. And now he is forced to confront the younger one, which complicates his task. However, it works well and occupies a perfect position behind the automation system. It can keep a small place. Judging by what he does in Sweden, Rackham seems unbeatable to me.

Jean-Luc Begon: Espoir du Noyer (4) didn’t start well in Laval and found himself too far from hoping to make a comeback. Its shape is unmistakable. During his previous outings, he placed third, on this course which he especially appreciates. Moreover, it imposed itself on this road in June, before the Faubourg. Although there are 6 year olds, the place is still within reach.

Thomas Shalon: Eureka Free (6 years old) needed a breath in order to prepare for the winter meeting after a good spring. He behaved correctly on his return to Laval with his iron. Since then, he has been working hard. I don’t work hard. It will evolve at its best course in Vincennes. With different combinations, we are on top. I would be disappointed not to be in the five.

Philip Dugerd: Drop de Colleville (7) was not in the best shape, during his last outing in La Capelle, getting lost. He recovered his freshness and was treated. He looks good in training. Entrance is favorable, but he has to face 6-year-olds, which is not easy. Moreover, he is forced to rush outwards. Everything should go well for fifth place.

Jean-Christophe Germain: Gold Mincourt (8) just beat Rambouillet when he didn’t wear the four-foot-high for the first time. It will be again on Tuesday. The entry is decent and it did really well in this course, but inherited a number away. Despite my reservations, he could get a place.

Jean-Michel Bazir: Gigolo Louvre, 10, was arrested in the spring. She just came back and proved, that day, that she still needed to race. It will still be inferior which complicates its task against sharp and bare horses.

Jean-Philippe Ravigo: Zante Breed, 11, spent time in thalassotherapy and returned to light training. We played the freshness card to get back to the capital on a path he loves. It would be better for her to run a little later with only the mares. Here, I want to be reassured. Four, fifth place would be really good.

Jean-Michel Bazir: Jamin Jabba (12 years old) is taking a break this summer. Recently, for the sake of his return, he logically asked to breathe. He still needs to run to find the right carbs. Ferret, he cannot compete with such opponents.

Christopher Erickson: Rackham (13) is a very good horse, and he will run in his winning class. In Sweden, he has to face the best. He did not fail on several occasions. It’s not as fast as the Swedes behind the autostart. On the other hand, it is tough and has staying power. Vincennes should satisfy him. Will stay for the winter. I can’t wait to see him on the right track.

Bruno Burgoyne: Gee (15) is logically struggling to get back into shape after two and a half years of absence. More recently, she had resources when she was proven wrong, at the start of the straight streak, at La Capelle. Since then, she has been declared a non-runner at Rambouillet as the storm made the track heavy. I didn’t want to take the risk. This race will allow him to stay in great shape.

Summary: 6-1-13-4-3-8-9-16 Press Summary: 6 – 13 – 1 – 3 – 12 – 4 – 8 – 9

Equidia: 13-1-9-4-11-8-6-5
Europe 1: 13-3-8-6-1-4-16-11
Parisian: 4-13-6-8-11-9-5-1
Alsace: 6-13-3-8-1-10-4-5
Paris Stadium: 13-6-1-8-16-2-4-3
RTL: 1-6-16-3-4-9-8-14

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