France national team - World Cup 2022: Do not panic, at least not immediately ...

France national team – World Cup 2022: Do not panic, at least not immediately …

In the Great Blues History book, it would be a good idea to book an entire chapter for Denmark. Among the enemies with which the French national team has met since 1904, the European champions of 1992 are neither the most famous nor those who are immediately associated with the most memorable moments of the tricolor adventure. However, when they are around, the Danes are always a harbinger of something. Most beautiful watches. As in 1984, 1998, 2000 and 2018. From a historical fragrant one time in 2002.

In less than two months, Frenchman Christian Eriksen and his friends will find themselves for the sixth time in the final stage of the great competition. It will be on November 26 at 974 Stadium in Doha. And it would be necessary to hope that this placeless beauty – the Blues were defeated twice by Denmark in less than four months – could be more cheerful than the meetings at the Stade de France. 2) Copenhagen (2-0).

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Two months before the World Cup, Deschamps’ roster could look like this

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Last June, the Blues suffered from exhaustion and physical malfunctions. On Sunday, physical glitches, always they, and the patent inexperience of Didier Deschamps brought back doubts and uncertainty that is never good, no matter what the evening’s actors say.

Already three defeats

On Thursday against Austria, the youth and freshness of the revamped squad recovered, but were framed by Varane and a few surviving world champions, and put the June disaster in the background. On Sunday, Denmark reminded the Blues that when the ramp goes downhill, you must have the appropriate straps to secure them to the ground.

After coming out of it, Didier Deschamps pointed out the youth, lack of motivation and aggressiveness of the team that bobbed seriously from the first wave. Even drowning when the red flag was not raised. When you’re a sailor, it’s best to know how to swim. This was not the case for everyone.

But, basically, what did we learn more about a France team we didn’t know in the heart of 2022 that had already seen them lose three times in an official match? That 3-5-2 not made for the first comer? We already knew that. That international level is something else even for youngsters who are experienced in Champions League matches? nothing new. That without aggressiveness, nothing can be achieved? The same.

Plan B = Unreliability

What we learned especially on Sunday is that Didier Deschamps cannot, at this time, boast a credible plan B. Simply. In a more complex context, this person has no guarantor. So you have to pray hard, cross your fingers, or summon mystical powers of your choosing for Plan A to fully work.

Less than two months before entering the Blues’ race against Australia, this Plan A was put on hold above all else in the form and availability of each. At this point, it is impossible to draw diagrams of the comet. Because some we no longer expect may come back. Because others, who were meant to be, may not be. This is the life of a select group, in the heart of the most intense autumn of European football history, in its modern, hardcore and mercantilistic version.

Didier Deschamps is not naturally anxious and tends to fall back on his feet. However: the building was not at all dilapidated on the brink of a major event.

Didier Deschamps is disappointed

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In the summer of 2018, when the Blues were on their way to conquering the planet, he needed preparations and the first match of the World Cup before finding the right formula. This happened against Peru (1-0), but no one was convinced, except for the players who decided the score that evening. Six days later, the purge against Denmark (0-0) confused the tracks somewhat. However, the staff was convinced of this but could not hear it: what happened in Moscow was not of much value, because this match was for hairdressers.

On that day, DD and Guy Stephan realized above all that Plan B was not on the level of Plan A, which should take all the light until July 15th. But, at least, Team France had a plan A. Solid and unsinkable. Like his midfield, it consists of Paul Pogba and N’Golo Kante, whose complementarity would bring happiness to the country. Pogba and Kanté, two compasses at the time, we don’t know yet if they’ll guide the blues in the desert. And if it was towards an oasis. or a mirage.

world Cup

Two months before the World Cup, Deschamps’ roster could look like this

15 hours ago

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The worst comeback imaginable

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