re. Marseille-Cassis 2022: Relive the 43rd edition

re. Marseille-Cassis 2022: Relive the 43rd edition

French Hassan Shahdi crowned the 43rd edition of Marseille Cassis with a time of one hour and 44 seconds, and in the women’s category, Ethiopia’s Addisi Mislenio Andalem came first with a time of 1h08 and 48 seconds.

All you need to know about the Marseille-Cassis race:
Marseille-Cassis 2022

The 43rd Marseille-Cassis took place on Sunday, 30 October and once again gathered 20,000 runners who set out for the 20 kilometer, at 9 am, from Marseille’s Velodrome to Cassis, via the ascent of the famous Call of La Genisty.

After taking the lead at the Col de la Genisty, France’s Hassan Shahdi made the pass and the finish line first in 1 hour 44 seconds.

He was followed by Ethiopian Teresa Niakura in 1 hour 01 30 seconds. Last year’s winner, Felix Baur comes in third.

“I’m happy, the weather is great, there were a lot of people on the roadside and the weather is good”Hassan Shahidi responded to Sabrina Salmiya’s microphone.

“There was a good group, we left very quickly”analyzes the winner. “It was a skimming race, in Gineste climbing the riders cracked one by one.” Hassan Shahdi clung to the Ethiopian Felician Mahtra’s shoes. “At one point he paid off and raised a raise and let him go.”

Then the Frenchman went down the hill to the finish in Cassis. 2021 edition winner Felix Bohr improved his time from last year by a few seconds. But he failed to follow it. “Hassan was in great shape. So I timed it and managed to land to try and get a podium.”

Three French people took the top five places. Nicholas Navarro came in fifth with a time of 1:03 and 26 seconds. “Good thing for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games” The licensee of SCO Sainte-Marguerite is suspended in Marseille.

The first three women arrived in a pocket handkerchief. Ethiopia wins the double. Odessa Miselnio leads Andulim with a time of 1h08 and 48 seconds, followed by Betelihem Afenigus with a time of 1h08 and 57 seconds.

French Mekdes Woldu completes the podium at 1h09. Visibly marked by the efforts made in the end, it improved its time from the 2021 edition where it arrived first 1 hour, 13 and 24 seconds.

“It’s hot today, it was hard”The athlete notes. “I gave everything to the end. When you run, don’t leave, don’t count other athletes. That’s what I did today.”

Anthony Fortunato arrived in 1:43 and 54 seconds. But perhaps it will not be the athletic performance that will remain in the young man’s memory. Barely crossing the line, he asked his mate Ann Laurie in front of our marriage cameras.

A proposal that the person concerned accepts immediately. “How long have I been waiting!”

20,000 people set off at 9 am from the Stade Velodrome in Marseille. Amid the crowd, Felix Bauer wears the No. 1 bib. He won the race last year and is aiming for a double. A few minutes before his big start, he confesses his ambitions to journalist Karen Kasuto.

“I’m preparing for a marathon so I’m doing a lot of kilometers in training, and we’ll see if I’ve recovered well from the past weeks.” Felix Bohr is hoping to improve his time last year.

“I’ve been waiting for this moment for weeks, and it’s the moment of truth, I’m going to have to do my best now! You have to have fun, give your best, and try to surpass yourself.”

For others, the athletic challenge is teamwork, like this group of thirteen friends. One of them, Christelle, has Charcot disease and works in an armchair.

Her companions will take turns pushing her. “We have been preparing for six months and intensively for three months. We will give everything at Gineste to try to get there, Anis explains. We’re not aiming for a while, just getting to the finish line together.”

All runners wear sneakers on their feet. But some outfits came in disguise, like these friends who were dressed as they were in the time of the pharaohs. For fun but also to support an association that helps children with autism.

To validate their time at the end and to receive this 43rd edition medal, participants must hang their bibs clearly visible on their chest. Precious Sesame 34-year-old Audrey from Marseille was unable to get hold of one of the 20,000 bras on sale by the organisation.

Every year, the race is already a victim of its own success and many runners find themselves in the water.

The young woman still wanted to participate. Shortly after the starting line, she watches the passing of her friends who managed to get a bib. “I will try to integrate into the race, when they pass”hostility says.

For her, this parallel engagement has a taste of the “real” Marseille-Cassis. “At the finish line, no medal, but I still run to have fun.”

He was able to start well and deservedly. Claude is 76 years old, hails from Gardin and runs Marseille Cassis 27th. On his shirt, his grandchildren left him fans.

“We have to start slowly, we have time, and my goal is to arrive, tired but not broken” He whispers to Karen Kasuto who follows him from his motorcycle. “It’s a great race, I have a lot of memories coming back with my teammates.”

Up front, the Elite 2022 group has announced a fierce competition for the helm of the race as the specialists from the African highlands will be able to engage in a major battle with the aspiring French riders.

Among the men, Felix Bohr, who won Marseille-Cassis last year with a stunning acceleration in the last 100 metres, is aspiring to write his name once again atop the classic Provencal poster. Hassan Shahdi, 17 at the Eugene World Marathon Championships, and Nicholas Navarro, fifth at the last European Championships in Munich at the same distance, will give him a great showdown with France, as will Duncan Perrett, winner of last weekend from the tournament. Rennes marathon, and the young Sharik Abdel-Razzak, the vice-champion of France in the half-marathon in 2021.

Rwanda’s Felicine Muhitra, who has a time of 58’28` over 20km this season, will also be closely followed along with Ethiopia’s Teresa Niakura.

On the women’s front, Stack Woldo, winner of the 2021 Marseille-Cassis edition and fourth in the last 20 kilometers from Paris, who set a new personal distance record, will be one of the favorites to climb to the first step of the race. Platform. The two main opponents in the race for victory will be Ethiopians Addis Mislino Andualem and Abirash Chilima Kebeda. The Kazakh, Zhanna Mamazanova, winner of the last French half marathon and third last year in Marseille-Cassis, will also play on the last Sunday of October.

New in 2022 andIn order to support French riders in preparation for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, a specific classification for French riders will be created, parallel to the usual standings, as well as a dedicated performance rewards network. The rewards of the two ratings can be combined

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