Very good news for France in the UEFA index

Very good news for France in the UEFA index

If all is not well this week and from the level of PSG against Maccabi Haifa (the 7-2 win for the Parisian club in the Champions League), then the European record for French clubs between Tuesday and Thursday is more than satisfactory. Of course OM lost to Eintracht Frankfurt (2-1) and could feel some regret, but FC Marseille is still on track to qualify for the 1/8 finals of the C1 competition. A qualification that, let’s remember, awards additional points (5 points, France equals 3 wins in the European Cup) for each country that places a team in the 1/8 finals of C1. This is also one of the reasons for England’s rise to the top of the standings with 3 clubs already qualified for the next round of the Champions League.

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Paris got their bonus points back, so they could be imitated next week by OM in the event they beat Spurs and thus qualify to 1/8. In C3 and C4, the clubs are doing well this season. This is the case of Rennes who will be able to feel some regret after the return of Fenerbahce who were nonetheless three goals behind after 30 minutes of play (final score 3-3), but also for Monaco who had to concede a draw. Budapest vs Ferencváros (1-1). But Nantes, who beat the tongs 2-1 over Karabag, and Nice, who beat Partizan Belgrade (2-1), keep all their chances for the next round.

Portugal and the Netherlands put a good distance

That put a good gap with France’s two runners-up in the UEFA index, namely Portugal and the Netherlands. The former benefited from victories and especially the qualification of Benfica and Porto in 1/8 of C1 to maintain a gap over France in the current season’s classification, but not enough to return to the general classification of C1. • The UEFA index, calculated on the basis of European results for the past five seasons, where France maintains a lead of 4,448 points. As far as the Netherlands is concerned, French clubs can smile after shivering at the start of the season. The early elimination of Ajax in the Champions League should allow France to maintain a thick rank ahead of the Netherlands at the end of the season.

What he most quietly hopes for the latter is to maintain his fifth place in the UEFA Index general classification at the end of this season. Remember that this place will allow four clubs to qualify for the new Champions League format (3 qualified directly in the league stage, plus 1 in the preliminary round, one more than currently), the first of which will take place in 2024-2025. It now remains to change Test next week for France, Nantes, Nantes and Monaco next week and continue to put the Netherlands and especially Portugal at a good distance…

Ranking of countries by UEFA coefficient for the 2022/23 season (in parentheses, the number of clubs remaining in competition and the number of clubs that qualified this season for European competitions) as of 10/28/2022:

-1. England 13,428 points (7/7).

-2. Spain 11,142 points (7/7).

-3. Germany 10500 (7/7)

-4. Italy 10,071 points (7/7).

-5. Belgium 9200 points (4/5)

-6. Portugal 9000 points (4/6)

-7. France 8.583 points (6/6)

-8. Turkey 8400 points (4/5)

-9. Netherlands 7500 points (4/5)

-10. Liechtenstein 6500 points (1/1)

Ranking of countries according to the UEFA coefficient during the past five seasons (between 2018 and 2023):

-1. England 99.998 points

-2. Spain 87,569 points

-3. Germany 75,856 points

-4. Italy 69.640 points

-5. France 57,164 points

-6. Netherlands 53900 points

-7. Portugal 52,716 points

-8. Belgium 36,400 points

-9. Scotland 36400 points

-10. Austria 33,600 points

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