Live broadcast - Ajaccio-Lille: The mastiff holds up after the defeat against Paris Saint-Germain

Live broadcast – Ajaccio-Lille: The mastiff holds up after the defeat against Paris Saint-Germain

Lil respond after slapped Parisian!

The second success of the season for Lille, who won 1-3 at Ajaccio Rookie to Rookie and put in a good performance after losing to Paris. Thanks to Yusuf Yazigi’s jewel and goals from Jonathan Bamba and Thiago Diallo, LOSC took a huge leap forward and positioned itself at the bottom of the podium ahead of the other matches of the weekend. ACA put their heart in it but remained at number 18.

There is no nouri in the box

We might have had a very different end to the game if Nouri had not cracked his half-volley in the Lille area. Maybe it’s over for the Corsicans who won’t come back.

extra time

Four minutes minimum. François Coty continues to push!

Penalty kick by David. (1-3)

David quickly changed his penalty but the Lille striker opened his right foot too much. His powerful shot hits Leroy’s post!!

Loss penalty!! (1-3)

Gomez has come to set fire to the Corsica region and Lacey is surprised by his double connection. Lil is hooked and falls, the penalty point is determined by the referee!

Yellow card for Biala

Very generous in his successive interventions, Biala is punished with a yellow card.

What if, what if?

Is ACA able to do that and bring down the mastiff in these last minutes? It seems like it’s a little late but the whole stadium believes in him again!

Jooo Payala!!!

Corsicans finally score, brave!! In a new corner for the ACA, the ball is hopping dangerously in the Lille area. Nobody wants to take him out and finally it is Biala who comes out to put a furious whim into a small net, Ajaccio is back at 1-3!!!


Lille scored exactly 3 goals in 5 of Ajaccio’s last 6 matches in Ligue 1, including the last 4 goals.

Dagalo comes out injured

The third scorer of the match appears to have touched the grass and is asking for a change. He was replaced by the young Yoro.

Potowe hits a large scale! (0-3)

There was a lot of spontaneity in this attack by the young entrant to the ACA. Potowie makes use of a pass in the back of the defense to speed up and hit the ball hard, no questions asked. The ball missed, but that’s what the Corsicans have lost so far!

Change to LOSC

The exit of Ismaili and replaced by Zidadka. The usual right side this time takes the left lane to defend.

Quiet night people

All under control, LOSC is quietly heading towards the second success of its season. The Corsicans are doing everything they can but they haven’t been too dangerous yet to hope for 3 goals against Lille.

ACA’s double attack change

Pantaloni plays his last cards: Lacey and Musseti-Oko enter the ring, Marchetti and Hamma leave.

Yellow card to Manjani

Corsican spirits are heated and Mangani, in protest of the mood, is warned about yellow.

Double change of mastiff lessons

From Yazici and Zergova, Martin and Gudmundsson entered the field.


Terrible scenario for ACA!! While they had just touched the bar, the people of Corsica were surprised by the next move. An eccentric hub is poorly pushed into the area and Djalo, the complete hub, doesn’t ask questions. Lille defender takes over with half a ball piercing the opposing goalkeeper!!! It’s 0-3 for a mastiff.

ACA bar!! (0-2)

Huge opportunity for Corsicans in this Marchetti corner! In the pack, Mayembo jumps higher than anyone else and catches … from the shoulder a ball that bounces off the Jardim rod!!

ACA’s Triple Change

Youssef replaces Alphonse, Nuri again Spadanuda, and Poteh replaces Al-Idrisi.

LOSC often passes by right

Lil has space and turns the game to the right, often. Zhergova was transferred by Yazici but her cross to David is very deep. Leroy seizes it without concern.

Yellow card for Zhergova

Mr. Leonard pulls yellow for Zhergova, in protest.


Ajaccio has collected just one point after three Ligue 1 games this season, its lowest total at this stage of the competition since 2004-05 (0 points).

The Corsican threat is approaching

The Corsicans are playing up the field and have been putting in better lines since they came back from the locker room. But many crosses on Jardim’s surface are always returned by a Lille player.

Yellow card for Diocese

The versatile Diakite is sanctioned with the first yellow card in this match for a foul in the opposite half of the field.

Jardim has found colors

We expect the Corsicans to be more accurate in the second act that will come and irritate Lille’s attentive rearguard. After getting 7 against Paris Saint-Germain, Jardim is reassured in his ball passes, as is the case here on this high cross from Alphonse.

She’s back with François Coty! (0-2)

There is no change that we notice when we break, we leave the same on both sides.

It’s time for François Coty! (0-2)

Lille shows good things on the lawn and returns to the locker room with two goals. Youssef Yazisi, author of Pure Gem (0-1, 17), then Jonathan Bamba just before the break (0-2, 43), came to reward the mastiff’s intentions. ACA is a contrarian player but he lacks the subtlety to really worry Léo Jardim.

extra time

The fourth referee announces an additional minute.

Bamba is still decisive

This is Bamba’s second goal this season in Ligue 1, who scored his team’s only goal on Sunday against Paris.


Lil stands out thanks to Bamba!! Ismaily is unstoppable in the left lane and manages with some success to the edge of the roof. He sends a Bamba who controls, turns and finishes with a perfect flat foot towards the small net, 0-2 for LOSC!!!

The return of the good charlatan

Homa is found on the left side and launches a solo attack. The former Stefano will rush into Lille’s defense but rub shoulders with a good return from Diallo, solid.


Ajaccio has won only one of 9 home matches against Lille in the French League (3 draws, 5 defeats), the first being in December 1967 (2-1).

Watchful judgment before David

Mr. Leonard intervenes in this duel in Corsica between David and his defender. The referee judges the errant attacker by not balancing his opponent, after this cross from Zhergova.

ACA is approaching

Super cross from Alphonse, turned with the right rhythm to the right. His ball is dangerous for Idrissi, who catches the ball only with his head, and then bounces back on Fonte.

Gomez is a little clumsy

Bad move from Gomez in midfield on Spadanuda. The referee intervenes but is lenient with Lille.

ACA wants the penalty

Every Francois Coty demands a penalty after this cross from Alphonse, which Ismaily saved in his area. The procedure is reviewed on the video, but it is a corner that will follow, punishing the side will be very harsh.

Marchetti could have made another choice

Marchetti, the symbol of the first Ajacian half-hour, is showing good things in the middle and is not lacking in momentum, as is the case here in this full pivot hack. But the ACA lacks that technical rigor to take action to the end.

mastiff has wings

Lil’s game is spatially balanced, and attacks come from both sides. Xergova and pampa are often sought after.

Yazisi treats and rewards the Mastiff

This is Yazici’s first goal of the season in Ligue 1, and what a goal! Turk comes to embody Lil’s good intentions.


What a goal Yazici scored to fire the Mastiff!! After a candle pushed back by the Corsica defense in the axle, the Turkish connects Sombrero in front of Mayembo to turn and then a straight and powerful half ball penetrating Leroy, 0-1 for LOSC!!!

David did not apply! (0-0)

Great night action and perfect Yazici chest delivery on this Bamba cross. The ball is perfect for David who hits a springboard but the Canadian misses the surface accuracy and sends a missile into the air!


This is the first meeting between Ajaccio and Lille in Ligue 1 since March 2, 2014 and the 3-2 success of Le Doge in François Coty. ACA has lost its last 7 games in the first division against LOSC, conceding 20 goals in the series.

David’s campus goal! (0-0)

The people of Lille thought they opened the scoring, but David, after scoring alone past the goalkeeper, was reported as an offside! The Canadian was actually in an illegal situation at the beginning of the counterstrike from Zhergova.

Ajaccio presses a little

The ACA was too stressful for a few minutes, and causing problems for the Lille rearguard. The hinge managed to push a dangerous cross far to the left.

Marchetti strike! (0-0)

The first fuse at this meeting was lit from outside the area by Marchetti. However, on a dead end, the Corsican midfielder managed to fire a dry shot from the right as Jardim came off a beautiful dive!

ACA does not hide

Corsicans seem willing to annoy the mastiff, but they lack subtlety with their transmissions at the moment.

first glitch night

Zhergova was fired at the rear of the Diallo, where he put acceleration first and was able to focus on the surface. It’s a little too strong for David, who can’t take it off balance.

Let’s go to François Coty! (0-0)

It was Lille, in black, who started this opening match of the fourth day of Ligue 1! The lawn is in a rather disastrous state, it is attacked by a fungus.

Kick-off is imminent!

Players on the grass at Stade Francois Coty, accompanied by referee Thomas Leonard.

Absence on both sides

As against PSG on Sunday, Lusk must dispense with injured Remy Capella, and Mohamed Bayo, who is still out after his night out. ACA’s new recruit Yoann Touzghar is not yet available.

4-2-3-1 from mastiff with two changes

The defeat in front of Paris inevitably left its mark. So it makes sense for Paulo Fonseca to make choices: coach Alexandro leaves his eleven, in great difficulty against PSG, to replace him in the hinge with Thiago Diallo. Edon Zhegrova occupies the right wing in place of Gabriel Gudmundsson.

Olivier Pantaloni made just one change from the team that lost at Rennes on Sunday: In this 4-4-2 match, Giannis Semenani relinquishes his starting spot to Kevin Spadanoda as left midfielder.

New hunk for the promoted Corsican

Having been promoted to the First Division, Ajaccio had a difficult start to the tournament. Two defeats to the big guns (Leon and Rennes), a draw to Lens… and the Corsicans are still struggling a lot tonight. Against a restless Mastiff, it’s not easy for Olivier Pantaloni’s men to think about starting the season.

Lil must forgive

After five days of humiliation at home against hyper-excited Paris Saint-Germain, LOSC returned to Ligue 1 with the desire to erase this bad memory. With a win, a draw and a loss, the mastiff puffs Paulo Fonseca’s team at the start of the season.

LOSC . configuration

Jardim – Diakite, Fonte (hat), Gallo, Ismaili – Andre, A. Gomez – Zigrova, Yazigi, Bamba – David.

Ajaccio composition

Leroy – Alphonse, Gonzalez, Maimbo, Diallo – Byala, Marchetti (cover), Manjani, Spadanuda – Idrissi, Hamuma.

Good evening everyone !

And welcome to our website to follow the match between Ajaccio (18, 1 point) and Lusc (12, 4 points), the opening match of the fourth day of Ligue 1 live at 9pm!

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