Typical Quarterfinal Team

Typical Quarterfinal Team

We could have put 11 for Morocco, but we had to please everyone. This is the typical team in the quarterfinals.

the average


Dominic Levakovic (Croatia)
It could have been Martinez. or Bounou. or loris. Indeed, the four goalkeepers from the four qualified nations played a massive role in the quarter-finals, between shots on goal saved and brutal displays. The choice finally fell on Levakovic, because he is the only one who combined both: great performances during the match against Brazil, and a decisive save in a TAB session.

The Defenders

Nahuel Molina (Argentina)
He still did not understand how he found himself there, face to face with the Dutch goalkeeper, when he did not ask anyone. Before Christmas magic, Lionel magic.

Jawad Al Yamak (Morocco)
Goncalo put Ramos in his pants pocket and prevented the ball from going to the Portuguese neighbor by pushing it away each time with a header.

Dayot Upamecano (France)
Its name begins with a U, like Umtiti. He is a central defender, like Umtiti. He was brutal from the start of the World Cup, like Umtiti. Conclusion: He will score from a corner kick during the semi-final against Morocco, and he will break his walk with a step. The French love their little habits, let’s not bother them.

Kyle Walker (England)
When he tosses in bed or gets out of the shower, Kylian Mbappe will now be afraid of falling in front of Kyle Walker who didn’t let go of the Frenchman during the entire meeting. Unfortunately for the English, if the anti-Mbappe plan works, this will not be the case for those anti-Griezmann and Giroud.


Soufiane Amrabat (Morocco)
In 2018, his brother Nordin stood out during the World Cup by screaming in front of the camera “VAR is bullshit” After the elimination of Morocco. However, VAR is official: Sofiane is the best midfielder in the World Cup. The letters S and A on the flag.

Luka Modric (Croatia)
George Clooney thought he was the best old person on earth. But that was before Luka Modric, at the age of 37, produced an even more impressive World Cup than the one in 2018, in which he was named best player.

Antoine Griezmann (France)
If he wasn’t a soccer player, he would be a GPS. Griezmann 2022 Edition gives direction to the game for his teammates, but also for the ball. And then even to his opponents, okay. The English, though good on their journey, have lost their way and will therefore reach their destination four years too late. Damn Waze.


Youssef Nusairi (Morocco)
In the group stage, Ghanaian Osman Bockari celebrated Cristiano Ronaldo after his goal against Portugal. Yusuf al-Nusairi did better: he reproduced the vertical trigger Jordanian to destroy a target. Joseph’s flight.

Olivier Giroud (France)
Four years ago, France didn’t need their goals to lift the trophy. In 2022, if France is still in the race for the third star, the credit goes largely to him. And I think a few months ago, Dr. D. was thinking of going to Qatar without him.

Lionel Messi (Argentina)
He was told that to be equal to Maradona, you must possess not only his talent, but also his aura. So Leo took it literally. Here he puts his hand (for Diego, the referee saw nothing), from the rooms, who attacks the referee, Louis van Gaal, and who treats Wout Weghorst as a moron. Macy’s gang leader, it’s still hard to believe.

On the seat

Walid Rekragui (Morocco)
On July 28, 2022, in the final of the Moroccan Cup, he threw a bottle at an opponent’s player on a counterattack and was sent off. At this exact moment, does he imagine that less than five months later, he will be the first coach to lead an African country to the World Cup semi-finals? Let’s find this bottle, it’s worth gold!

Wout Weghorst (Netherlands)
There’s nothing better than sending a big banger from two meters late in the game when you’re late to score. Especially when she is as comfortable with her feet as she is with her head.

Leandro Paredes (Argentina)
If Holland-Argentina has fallen into World Cup legend, it is in part because Leandro Paredes entertained with a mine in the direction of the Dutch bench, and another at the back of the net during a penalty shootout.

Neymar (Brazil)
He could have become a hero to the people with his amazing goal that tied Pele as Brazil’s top scorer, but he wanted to finish fifth in the penalty shootout.

Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)
We would have liked to see him bow down only to tears of grief. But CR7 is full of resources: it is almost certain in fact that he will wait until he puts up a hat-trick in a friendly against Luxembourg to truly announce his retirement. Naughty.

Bruno Petkovic (Croatia)
The last time he scored for Croatia was in September 2020, in a 4-1 loss against Portugal. It was worth the two-year wait because that goal was scored against Brazil in the 117the Minutes, worth all the food shortages in the world.

Written by Eric Maggiore and Stephen Oliveira

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