Attendance at "Amandiers" slowed down due to the case of Sofiane Bennacer

Attendance at “Amandiers” slowed down due to the case of Sofiane Bennacer

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the film Almond trees By Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, in theaters since November 16, suffers from the case of Sofiane Bennacer. This actor, who plays one of the main roles, has been charged with rape and violence against several of his former companions, he revealed. Parisian on November 22 before that Release He devotes his front page three days later. This feature film, which traces the boiling of Patrice Chéroux’s theater school in Nanterre in the 1980s, was selected in official competition at the recent Cannes Film Festival and benefited from an important promotional campaign and positive critics.

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According to Alexandra Henocksberg, President of Ad Vitam, distributor and co-producer of the film with Agat Films, sixteen of the 411 theaters screened on Thursday 1Verse December, the decision to cancel or not program this feature film when they had initially intended to do so. L’écran de Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis), Le Concorde de La Roche-sur-Yon (Vendée) or Le Jean-Marais du Vésinet (Yvelines) have all indicated on their Facebook pages that they have removed the label. The Jean-Marais team defines: We cannot remain silent in the face of this news. (…). We support the plaintiffs: it is important to hear and receive this word. » And Ad Vitam had indicated, Sunday, November 27, to operators: “Know that in this case, we understand and respect all positions and decisions you will make regarding the exploitation of the film in your room.”

relativistic shock wave

Almond trees, with a budget of about 4 million euros, the average amount of a French film, recorded, according to Comscore, 104,057 admissions in the first week of operation, from 16 to 22 November (counting 8,543 spectators). In its second week, it drew 54,408 spectators. As of Monday November 28th, the posts are really down.explains the head of Ad Vitam. The effect didn’t appear overnight, but after four to five you say. “This case clearly has ramifications for the film’s career.”Alexandra Henocksberg adds, “Not only accepting theatrical performances, but also DVD and video-on-demand sales.” You now expect the movie to attract “Good year, bad year 200,000 spectators”, Where I expected “300,000”.

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Comscore CEO Eric Marty puts the shock wave of the Bennacer case into perspective. It’s not a complete stumble or dissatisfaction with the second week. Erosion for sure but a result in line with the declines in other similar films in the same week, such as Armageddon timing by James Gray (-35%), Cairo conspiracy by Tareq Saleh (-38%), Masquerade By Nicolas Bedos (-41%) or so Close by Lukas Dhont (-48%)”, He said. Other important indicators according to him, the average number of viewers per screen, all cumulative sessions decreased during the first week only from 387 to 326 in the second week.

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