“The girl who grew up poorly, you have to level up, is not so beautiful”: Joy, youngest daughter of Laeticia Hallyday

“The girl who grew up poorly, you have to level up, is not so beautiful”: Joy, youngest daughter of Laeticia Hallyday

Joy Hallyday’s latest post angered a lot of people. The youngest Johnny Hallyday was attacked by netizens as she said with one of her friends. We give you more details.

A shot that provoked reactions

Daughters of Leticia and Johnny Hallyday slept well ! Today, the two teenagers use social networks and do not hesitate to show themselves. If initially Jade was the only one who liked to share her photos on Instagram, her little sister did too Some time ago. Remember that at some point, the youngest Taulier put her Instagram private until she made it public.

From now on, we can see everything Joy Hallyday posts on her account. Furthermore, on July 18, 2022, the little sister of David Hallyday Post a new photo From her, wearing a hoodie, on her account. The picture that also raised netizen feedback. Indeed, while she was in the company of a friend, the beautiful brunette did not hesitate to give a finger of honor.

netizen feedback

It didn’t take long for netizens to start criticizing Hallydays’ youngest members. Many of them were, in fact, angry at Joey’s behavior in her photo.

“Mademoiselle, please raise the level!” What’s the point of doing it when you have a mom who knows how to spread love against all odds, we’re so inspired,” we can read in the comments.

Some people in particular said that Joey Hallyday’s attitude in her picture isn’t like that “Not very pretty” I called him too “bad girl”.

There is also someone who attacked Leticia Hallyday, after this shot was shared by her younger sister. One user already pointed his finger at Johnny Hallyday’s widow, saying:

“Beautiful education… Bravo Laticia! what a shame “.

Comment that It did not go unnoticed at all In the eyes of Joey Hallyday. She replied:

“You all prove me right.”

Although there are still some people who have loved Joy Hallyday’s new photoLike her sister, Jade. The latter dropped “I love” in the post’s comments. A comment that certainly pleased younger Johnny Hallyday.

Joy Hallyday on vacation with her mom

Just like her daughters, Leticia Hallyday feels free to post pictures too on his Instagram account. Most often, the widow of Taulier appears on social networks along with her offspring.

Recently, the beautiful blonde shared her vacation with her daughter Joy Hallyday. Mother and daughter, in fact, benefited from this summer To relax a bit in Greece. place “With all his heart”to believe The caption of the posting. In this post, Leticia wears a dark blue dress and sunglasses. She also carried a braided circular bag that went perfectly with her summer outfit.

For her part, Joy Hallyday was wearing a little green dress spring decorations. The least we can say is that she is gorgeous in her clothes, just like her mom. Plus, long before she enjoyed the holidays with her youngest, Leticia Hallyday was spending time with her darling Jalil Lesper.

The two love birds are actually eHe flew to Marseille, in Herault, until the 1940s finds its roots. On her Instagram account, Leticia wanted to share her joy when she found herself in this place.

“You still convey the beauty of this area, the lands of my childhood,” she said.

So the widow seems to have spent moments of happiness in her oath where were you born. As for her daughter Jade, she recently paid tribute to her father on her TikTok account. On this occasion, the beautiful brunette unveiled pictures of Johnny Hallyday with his family.

Proof that the rocker will forever remain in his daughter’s heart despite the passage of time.

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