The epic life of Madame Sean Connery told by her granddaughter

The epic life of Madame Sean Connery told by her granddaughter

“Behind every great man is a woman. Small as she is…” This is how the first of the four episodes of the documentary begins Miss Sean Connery, which is broadcast this Sunday from 1:20 pm on France 2. The title of which speaks anonymously is Micheline Roquebrune, 93 years old. The narrator is his granddaughter, journalist Stephanie Renovin, 45.

She was the last, since childhood, shaken by the biographical stories of her maternal grandmother. “She is very talkative and tells stories well. I have always heard him tell his stories from Morocco, his passport theft, his custody, his very difficult childhood with nuns, his two divorces, as captivated by Stephanie Renovin 20 minutes. Every single time, I loved a movie going through my head, so I wanted to share it with others. »

Micheline Roquebrune, Sean Connery's last wife, and her granddaughter, journalist Stephanie Renovine.
Micheline Roquebrune, Sean Connery’s last wife, and her granddaughter, journalist Stephanie Renovine. – Brainworks Lalabel

At first, five years ago, a journalist confined herself to an audio recording of her grandmother with her phone to “track her.” Last year, when the documentary was validated by the production 1:15 pm on SundayI decided to do the interviews in front of the camera. The format in four episodes, broadcast one after the other, proved to be appropriate. “It works really well, like the series, with its twists and turns. And it turns out that my grandmother used to live with the twists and turns.”

“She embodies liberation, courage and knows how to say no.”

Indeed, we tell ourselves that the screenwriter would not have dared to imagine such an epic journey. Micheline Roquebrune’s encounter with Sean Connery, during a golf tournament in Casablanca (Morocco) in 1970, has it all in a four-star romance, with a dose of emotion and drama. He is already married too. Love will overcome all obstacles. He will prove, for example, stronger than the control of a husband blinded by jealousy, who, having tried in vain to train the one leaving him, used his prayers to prevent her from setting out for England. Micheline Roquebrune ended up asking King Hassan II personally to mediate on her behalf…

“When I started working on this documentary, I left a very romantic life, rich in tales and adventures. Then, the more I met her, the more I came into her life, and realized that she embodies liberation, courage, freedom, the truth of knowing how to say no, and the will to take charge of her life,” Stephanie Renovin says:

Thursday, after a preview Miss Sean Connery At the headquarters of France Télévisions, spectators went to see the journalist. “They told me she was a role model for women, which made them think. I found her amazing,” she is excited.

“She doesn’t realize the richness of her career”

Michelin was in the room. She enjoyed seeing her life on screen. “She doesn’t realize the richness of her career. It’s all down to her credit, I don’t think she’s a pretentious woman. She doesn’t ask many questions about what she is, and that’s what makes her so interesting,” says her granddaughter.

Sean Connery in the cinema, in the seventies and eighties, represented a exemplar of masculinity, a symbol of masculine power, the archetypal appearance of a brave hero. It is surprising to see to what extent, in the city, his wife was the pillar of the couple. “She was always happy with her role in the shadows, and she didn’t need to be in the spotlight. She pulled strings a lot. He could focus on his art because she managed everything else,” summarizes Stephanie Renovin.

Incredible gamble

The star owes to Micheline Roquebrune some crucial choices in his career. She was the one who convinced him to take on the role of Indiana Jones’ father and the role of Jim Malone in The Incredibles Who lived out the only Academy Award he received for Best Actor. He was hesitant. She also saved Sean Connery’s fortune by gambling. This astonishing plan is elaborated in Episode III by the main interested party who, since its 93-year heyday, has retained a cheerful style and freedom of tone.

“She always made her decisions out of love, she always followed her heart. She dedicated her life to Sean. At the same time, she has a very feminine, free and independent side, insists Stephanie Renovin. It is ironic, but she says it was her who chose him and she does not regret anything.” At the end Ultimately, we tell ourselves that we will gladly rename Sean Connery “Mister Micheline Roquebrune.”

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