Tomorrow is ours: Charlotte Valandre How will her funeral be? We tell you everything!

Tomorrow is ours: Charlotte Valandre How will her funeral be? We tell you everything!

On July 13, the French learned with sadness of the death of Charlotte Valandry, an actress known for her many roles on TV (Tomorrow is Ours). Above all, she is an icon in the fight against HIV, who revealed that she had contracted the disease nearly twenty years ago in a book.

Why did Charlotte Vallandri reveal that she had HIV?

On the set of filming begins today, facing Faustin Pollaert, the actress has returned to her illness. ” I discovered (HIV) in 1986. I talked about it in 2005“She started. She would like to remember that the era is not the same. The disease is new and unknown.” It was hard to talk about. Especially at that time. When I found out, I was given six months to live. So when you are 18 years old, you don’t understand what happens to you (…) I put myself in oblivion and denial“.

It was the law of silence. At the time, it was like that, and we shouldn’t talk about it. My parents told me that too. It suffocates you. I don’t want to lie. You need to be transparent. To help them in this ordeal. My body hasn’t moved in ten years (…) Then in 1996, there was a need to start triple therapy (…) There was a rumor at one point. I decided to talk about it in 2005 because I had a heart transplant in 2003. IBetween 2003 and 2005 there was a reflection of what people would think. After the transplant, my weight was 35 kg“.

I had nothing to lose. We did that in this book in 2005. There were a lot of people who didn’t expect me to talk about it.“.

The last minute of Charlotte Valanderi, the icon of tomorrow is ours

Because of the HIV treatment, her heart was damaged. Then the actress victim of heart attacks. In fact, His heart only had 10% of his ability to breathe. We must move. It was transplanted in 2003, then a second time ten years later. In 2022, she must undergo a third transplant, but her body refuses the transplant. She was in a coma for a month. Artificial coma, to relieve pain and reduce the risk of complications.

Finally, after a month in a coma, and as her family’s official statement reveals, she wakes up. Surrounded by her family, who can see her for the last time, she takes her last breath and leaves with a smile. In addition, she has time to determine that she wants to find her mother in heaven and scribble a few words on a list. This is the end of this long battle for an actress who can be left proud.

If it is never called to Sidaction (without knowing why), Case reinforced. It made it possible to fight some stereotypes. Above all, it has changed the lives of many patients. Touched, she remembers in Today Begins the man who told her that her book saved her life. She struggles to swallow her tears as she is touched by this beautiful memory that she is carrying with her.

Charlotte’s funeral

Relatives of the actress said that she will be buried in private, in Blinov Val Andre, in Cotes d’Armor. It did not escape you, it is from the name of this city that it takes its stage and its name is the artist who was born Anne Charlotte Pascal. The city is located close to the beach where the actress spent her childhood.

It was she who chose to rest forever in her native Brittany. In addition, a religious ceremony is organized later in the year, next September. It will be held in Paris. No date has been disclosed at this time.

This will be an opportunity for his family and loved ones to say goodbye. But also a moment of reflection for all the people who, at one time or another, have felt close to the actress of tomorrow who belongs to us.

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