Eczema, psoriasis...Lozer plant that comes naturally to the rescue from skin diseases

Eczema, psoriasis…Lozer plant that comes naturally to the rescue from skin diseases

Take care of atopic skin without cortisone.

Treat eczema and psoriasis without cortisone? A bold bet that could change the lives of many. This bet, Hanan Al Drissi made. The 36-year-old Auvergne founded Altheys in 2021.

The company, which was initially based in Saint-Chély-d’Apcher, is now thinking bigger and has just moved to its 1,300 square meter workshop in Albaret-le-Comtal, in the heart of nature. It has four employees and five apprentices, divided between the production plant in Loser and the store in Clermont-Ferrand.

2.5% of the French population concerned

I originally worked for a do-it-yourself natural cosmetics company.Hanan Al Drissi explains. My initial project was to develop a range of zero waste liquid herbal teas. But I met in Clermont-Ferrand, where I came from, Daniel Jean, a French pharmacologist known for developing and marketing patents to large laboratories, such as PiLeJe. I learned that he had created a patent on the plant report, whose molecule called orthoquinone has been shown to have effects on inflammation associated with eczema and psoriasis.. “

That’s all Hanan, a cosmetics enthusiast, and her partner in chemical engineering, Pierre Voslin, a native of Loser, need to take advantage of this discovery with a range of antiseptic creams and gels for atopy-prone skin. It must be said that 2.5% of the French population is now affected by a skin disease. Covid-induced anxiety, stress and mask-wearing have accelerated this phenomenon.

Dubbed process

However, there is no natural, effective, cortisone-free solution. This is what we tried to do by developing the Zematopic Kit. A clinical study in 400 people, including children, and 100 experimental pharmacies showed an efficacy of 90% after one month of treatment.“The company is known for the efficiency of its operations, and today it is part of the French Eczema Association.

Born in Auvergne, this project soon found its place in Loser, where plantain grows naturally as it is cultivated. “From this plant, we develop in our laboratory a premix, which is a mixture of plantain extract and vegetable glycerin. This is our primary business. It combines with other natural ingredients. Products are unscented and bottled without ventilation More hygienic and economical because the pressure is enough to get the right dose.

Having gone green, closer to raw materials, Altheys plans to open physical stores in the department in the coming months.

Liquid herbal tea “Zero Waste”

It was not only plantain that drew Hanan and Pierre to the heights of Albaret. The duo also developed emotional regulators, based on the Bach flower model, and developed the original idea for a liquid herbal tea that doesn’t stagnate.

Welfare products from surrounding farms or wild harvest. “Three people take care of the picking, Hanan says. We use only the freshest plants, from local and rational cultures. Once picked, they are processed within an hour through a process of soaking in ethanol.

Cold action preserves active ingredients and plant flavors as well. “Then we relate them according to their medicinal properties. Each herbal tea contains ten plants. “

A tablespoon in a cup and a little water and it is ready. No more messy bags and over-packaging.

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