"Are you kidding or what?" : Jean-Luc Reichmann reformulates the candidate at 12 noon!

“Are you kidding or what?” : Jean-Luc Reichmann reformulates the candidate at 12 noon!

Thursday, July 28, 2022, Jean-Luc Reichmann filter reformat He made statements that were a bit bold. candidate “12 strikes in the afternoon” In fact, he addressed his mother. The host couldn’t believe his ears to the point of reacting. We are evaluating.

Nico La Kivanes, owner of “12 Noon Shots”

Wednesday 27 July 2022 The Mahdi succeeded Directed by Yael And he becomes the master of noon. If he thinks most likely that he will stay longer, then the adventure of the candidate ends the next day. The one who took it off is Nicholas.

this is the last, 22 years, discussed at length with Jean-Luc Reichmann for his first post. As usual, host “12 strikes in the afternoon” Want to know more about their candidates. So he turned to the little boy to ask him what he was doing for a living.

Nicholas told him:

“I am on vacation. With Covid and everything … I got my degree and then preferred to stop and enjoy life.”

Surprised by the response of the young host “12 strikes in the afternoon” Hoot:

“At twenty-two he is taking a vacation … I like you.”

After that, Nicola made it clear that he wanted Take advantage of life. The fact is that the most important to him, “I love life no matter what”. The words that earned him the nickname Nico La Kivans by Jean-Luc Richmann.

Jean-Luc Reichmann puts things right

facilitator “12 strikes in the afternoon” Then he asked him what message he wanted He passes it on to his parents.

Then he said:

“I would tell my dad to have a good vacation and my mom to give my sneakers a little bit more.”

The answer again stunned Jean-Luc. Unable to remain silent, he reframed the young man. inform her of thatcouldn’t Talk to his mother this way. Especially in front of the millions of viewers who watch the show.

Nicolas defended himself by explaining why he made these remarks. According to him, his mother is against The fact that he is taking leave. Which would annoy him to no end.

“So tell me if I was a father, I would probably have said the same thing as my mother. Because my son would tell me that he is 22…”, he later explained to his companion Natalie LeCoultre.

“I’ll have to call security!” »

This isn’t the first time Jean-Luc Reichmann has reworked a candidate. In May 2022, the host also Put it in place A contender for the title of Master appeared. The candidate in question is called an Apollinaire. When he was about to face Laëtitia in a duel, he did so wrong joke.

“Attention, I know where you are stationed!” He shot the person he was going to face.

Jean-Luc intervened immediately. He told Apollinaire that he could not make these statements, even under the guise of humor. Furthermore, he didn’t know litetism well enough to put up with it.

The host said:

“Are you okay?! I’ll have to call security!”

Zette slips in “12 Strokes in the Noon”

When the candidates are not The sound that slides. On July 19, 2022, Zette was already very comfortable. It is rare enough to be underlined. During the episode, the sounds she made were Annoy his colleague.

Then he asked angrily:

“Do you eat something or not?” »

She replied with:

“Yes, a little crocodile.”

animation then share it Sequence on his Instagram account. In the caption to his post, Jean-Luc put:

“Zette is the goalkeeper with his mouth full in the middle of the show and he’s so rude… BOUUUUUUh”

The post by Jean-Luc Reichmann caused a reaction A large number of subscribers. In the comments bar, it says:

“Zette is exceptional. I adore him!”, “ Poverty. Courage Zette!” “,” Thank you for giving us so much happiness thanks to Zette. I had a great time with you. Thank you too, Jean-Luc, “It’s a banana! Oily Bon Appetit »

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