'Out of Season', an effective frozen thriller, blurs the paths

‘Out of Season’, an effective frozen thriller, blurs the paths

Investigator fell into torment! in off season, broadcast this Thursday at 9:10 p.m. on France 3, Marina Hands plays Strain Berry, a Swiss police captain, responsible for leading the investigation into the murder of a woman with a horrific scene. She is soon supported by her French counterpart, Les Bououni (Soufiane Zermani), who reveals to her that another body has been found in a similar condition on the other side of the border. Thriller about an unusual serial killer…

As the mystery deepens, the detective discovers that her son accidentally killed his girlfriend in a car. A twist at the end of Episode One poses a frightening question: How far will you go to protect your child?

Investigator in a “difficult situation”

Marina Hands took on this role because of “the intense emotional situation in which this woman finds herself. The dictates of her heart will disturb the order of things, the way she planned her life, because she is a captain in the police,” the actress says that 20 minutes He met at the Festival Séries Mania, where the Franco-Swiss series produced by Fribourgoi Pierre Monard, to whom we owe Platzspitz children And the abnormality. off season Created by Sarah Farkas, Marin Flores Rumi and Claire Kanye, he navigates between law and morality to ask us what we’d do in place of the captain.

All the more Strain Berry is frankly upset about her daughter’s death three years ago. “What you go through emotionally as a woman and as a mother is unbearable and upsetting in life, mourning a child, and a second child in a horrific state you could also lose. We are in a human tragedy, comments Marina Hands. This is torn between seeing his life and how things happen, that’s what triggered my interest”

A familiar and new police duo

Marina Hands and Soufiane Zermani form a unique investigative duo between the French and the Swiss on screen. “Something so clever about the script is that we imagine we’re starting with a genre movie that has fairly stereotypical characters and this famous detective duo, seen a billion times often goes against everyone… Finally, we don’t talk about it at all. He says that everything goes against them, that they face limits, barriers that should separate them, and in a natural way, everything limits them,” explains the actress. She continues: “With Sufyan, we worked on a semi-animal bond. He does not speak. The idea then is to show how they talk to each other differently. We tamed each other in the same way that these detectives tamed each other on the show.”

Unique visual atmosphere

The series and production also rely on the special atmosphere of its surroundings: the small fantasy ski resort of Les Cimes, almost deserted, after the departure of the last seasonal workers. The series was filmed in the Alps between Switzerland and France and required more than sixty days of filming, “I stayed immersed there for three months. The environment we live in is very important. And there is something fatal when we tell ourselves that nature is spared us. In the series we feel that nature is watching you and becoming Ally or foe. For Sterenn in this case, he is somewhat of an enemy, because it reminds him of the memory of the avalanche,” explains Marina Hands.

And to continue: “We are in pure tragedy. We do not really know what era we are in, in what country. It is the mountains, the sky, nature, trees, and man in front of them.”

After a cliched starting point: “Who is the Edelweiss killer?” off season It unfolds brilliantly by exploring the past traumas of its heroes, the secrets of the inhabitants of Cimes, and by making the plot run off-road rather than borrowing green trails for the thrill.

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