Fifth. The Prix Guillaume de Pracomtal in Auteuil this Tuesday 4 October 2022.

Fifth. The Prix Guillaume de Pracomtal in Auteuil this Tuesday 4 October 2022.

Guillaume de Pracomtal Prize

Direction Auteuil this Tuesday, 4 October 2022 for Tiercé-Quarté-Quinté+. In this event, the Prix Guillaume de Pracomtal will have to compete against each other as runners. The race will be contested over a distance of 3,600 metres, and will receive €95,000.

At the event, on her return, in Nantes, 14-year-old Toscana de Perlée kicked out her partner at the end of the course while she was battling for second place. It is a high quality filly and looks good at this value. However, she does not have the experience of some. Her mission seems difficult to achieve, but it is still possible to find a place for her. The late 16-year-old horse, Ilestbo de Houelle, made his impressive debut at the Great Handicap this summer at Clairefontaine. His coach has been relying on it lately, but he managed to take only sixth place, without blemish. After some progression, he could finish in the top five this time.

Jenny’s Secrets

Jerome Glandy: Spirit of The Moon (1) has been doing well since its last performance, performing well under heavy load, as on this occasion. If all goes well, he will eventually have his place.

Yannick Foen: Vae Patron (2) just made a good comeback. That day, he faced a good field. And on the occasion he proved his competitive edge at the value 62. On Tuesday, he had to carry a weight but the horse enters the event in very good shape and the condition of the ground doesn’t matter much to him.

Miroslav Rulik: I was a little surprised by how well Zaki (3) performed last time, but he is constantly improving. Hope there won’t be much rain. If the condition of the field is to his liking, we expect a good performance.

Mrs. Brigitte Ray Scandela: After his last trip, Saint Langes (4 years) needed a vacation. This is what was offered. Currently I find it to be in very good condition and has recovered its freshness and is working behind it. Competitively at this value, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it perform so well right away.

Laurent Vail: Sideralis (5) has always shown us quality. After I tried the hurdles, I put it back over the hurdles with the intention of doing well. It’s worked accordingly to be able to make a good comeback, and at that value, I think it’s competitive. Now I hope it goes well, because I expect a good performance.

Alan Quittel: I regret that the program has gone badly and that there will soon be no races dedicated to the mares in the extension of his last performance to advance on the reserved female roster, on November 13th. Odela (6 years old) has recovered well and I am waiting for confirmation of her good comeback, but it bothers me to run for two weeks and face the guys.

Julian Mirren: I obviously can’t blame Iban Rock (7 years old) for getting beaten up for his comeback. He definitely needed this race to get back to his best and once again “stumbled into greatness”. I find it to work well and seems to be in good shape. Now, given all of his attempts, it’s hard not to be confident. He deserves to win the Quinte title.

Gabriel Linders: Sagaro (8) has recently found a good commitment in Nantes. Tuesday’s race will be a test to determine his future schedule. He is trained for big obstacles and will be directed to this specialty in case of failure. Unfortunately, we didn’t see much on the day of the Iceberg du Large (9). If left in a slump, he didn’t really “come back” into the race. It was a reconnection and I hope he shows a completely different face on Tuesday. Must demonstrate competitiveness in terms of disabilities and ability on challenging terrain potentially unknown.

Erwan Jaral: Free Lord of Anjou (10) will be back here. He has the potential and the work behind him. However, on Tuesday, we will be installing it for the future without preventing it from anything. In fact, he’s done a lot lately by running to the front. On Tuesday, we’ll be putting him back in time so he can relax, hoping to see him finish his run well.

David Wendreyev: Walfer (11) is a quality component. He returns home with work behind him. It has the same setup as the previous “returnees”. It is properly positioned on a scale and loves a smooth floor. A race of this type must be removed before the end of the year.

Augustin Adeline de Beaubronte: Unfortunately for his hurdles debut in May, the amazing Machin (13) has just made a satisfactory comeback. He’s in great shape, and going back to the snags, it seems to me he’s in pretty good shape. It’s a quality colt, and at that value, it seems to me not in a bad situation. I think he can do well at this level, and he will leave with confidence.

Mrs. Mireille Desvaux: Precious Impulse (15) is moving in the right direction, from race to race, in managing its efforts. Even if it’s a little close, I’d rather turn it on than see it exhausted in the morning, because it’s so generous. It last showed that it was competitive in terms of value 57. It has recovered well. I’m waiting for confirmation, especially since she’s more than a heavy groundhorse.

Does not start: 12

Summary: 7-16-3-2-1-14-15-6 Press summary: 1 – 2 – 7 – 15 – 16 – 3 – 6 – 5-4

Equidia: 2-7-16-1-3-6-15-11-
Europe 1: 7-1-2-3-14-8-16-15
Parisian: 7-1-6-2-4-16-3-15
Paris Stadium: 7-1-2-16-3-6-8-15

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