Corsica: Electric cars responsible for blackouts?

Corsica: Electric cars responsible for blackouts?

A little anecdote relayed by one of its journalists, who is currently on leave in Corsica, to the editorial board of Karadisiac: “ The town of Saint-Florent (Haute-Corse) was denied power on Monday night, forcing shops and restaurants to close. What caused this massive collapse that lasted in some places until morning? The spread of electric cars rented or belonging to tourists! At least that’s what some people in the village are saying… true or not? ‘ Defies Oliver while taking things easy in the sun.

Caradisiac has validated this case.

That the number of electric vehicles (EV) circulating on Camel Island is increasing sharply, especially in the summer, with the arrival of tourists, it seems clear, given the testimonies collected, in particular that of managers of charging stations available on the site.

Electricity leasing companies

We have a lot of requests. Also because many rental companies are running on electricity ‘We were told at the reception at Hotel La Roya, which is equipped with two Tesla stations and three classic ones,’ Which only delivers slow charging and requires you to leave your car overnight And of course, hotel guests come first.

Same story on the Vito service station which has a classic dual charging station. ” Ah, it is true that we are seeing more and more of them … It is normal: practically all rental companies have become electrified! And besides, we can see that tourists find it difficult to find stops, because we are not equipped enough in Corsica … ‘ says the attendant.

Since January 1, 2022, it should be noted that the Mobility Orientation (LOM) Act requires car rental companies – like all fleet managers of more than 100 vehicles – to replenish 10% of their fleet with low-CO2-emission vehicles. After that, it will be 20% from January 1, 2024, 35% from 2027… and even 70% in 2030, according to the Climate and Resilience Act!

In any case, the European Union (EU) has just confirmed the end of the 2035 heat sale, as a reminder. So we better understand the stress that can be on the installation of electrical stations, which is said to be too late, in France, and that there is not enough to meet the demand…

Insufficient number of stations, as elsewhere in France

In this case, Corsica has one hundred official in service. In fact, this is far from enough. So, besides, if all the rental companies have already switched to electric … checked, we are still far from it!

Avis and Europcar always have 100% heat on the island. Sure enough, Sixt just crossed the line. In its catalog, the Peugeot e-208 is on sale at the end of July at 155 euros per day against 149 in the gasoline version.

Reportedly, Hertz’s garden has begun to spark electrocution. But the information does not come from online simulations. And if her press service confirms a real desire to switch to electric, she will not be able to prove that she got off to a good start in Corsica.

But on Monday evening, was there a special flow at the charging stations in Saint-Florent? In town hall, we don’t believe this story at all!

We have worked closely with EDF and no link to potential electric vehicle charging has been established at the same time “Let’s know the mayor of the city, Claudie Olmita.” We were told there were loads and agents were still working on a high voltage cable in the heart of the village ‘, we were told again.

Malfunctions not related to electric vehicles

No, no, it has nothing to do with electric vehicles ‘, EDF Director on Caradisiac’s Ajaccio repeats. As Kors Matin previously said, We had a problem with an underground box, some kind of power strip. It’s classic overheating due to high temperatures, and finally it’s a fairly common breakdown on our grid this summer we have to deplore. “.

Other than this particular case, would a doubling of electric vehicle charges likely cause such damage? Because overall, the park’s transformation is really accelerating. Sales of thermoelectric vehicles on European soil already continue to decline. In the second quarter of 2022, according to recently published figures from the Association of European Automobile Manufacturers (ACEA), only electric vehicle (EV) purchases increased (+11%).

But let’s rest assured that from this point of view, according to forecasts made by RTE last year, it will not be a problem to reap this increase in demand.

Even in 2035, according to the calculations of the director of the national grid, there should be about 15.6 million electric cars in circulation in France (ie 40% of the total), compared to about 600,000 today, production will be enough “ To cover the consumption related to electric mobility “.

But as mentioned earlier, if your electricity supply isn’t an issue, it’s still essential to be able to access via a terminal – which is free and in good working order – so you can recharge. And that hasn’t won yet!

In Saint-Florent, there are two other hotels that offer charging stations, La Dimora and Les Galets … except that in the latter, the equipment is down.

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