Argument between Cyril Hannon and Louis Boyard: We summarize the passing of arms between host and deputy in six chapters

Argument between Cyril Hannon and Louis Boyard: We summarize the passing of arms between host and deputy in six chapters

Live ups and downs or a dangerous slip? After a verbal altercation between La France Insoumise deputy Louis Boyard and C8 host Cyril Hanouna, Thursday, November 10, on the set of the program “Touche pas à mon poste,” the two men announced their intention to wear a complaint on Monday. From fanfare to court via the Palais-Bourbon, franceinfo retraces a sequence of the most prominent cases of media focus and freedom of expression.

Chapter 1: Your World between Cyril Hannon and Louis Boyard

“You piece of shit”, “moron”, “Clown”, “Tuckard”… Cyril Hannon attacks his guest Louis Boyard, who received him on the set of “Touche pas à mon poste”, Thursday at the beginning of the evening. The two men know each other: the former La France Insoumise deputy is a columnist for the main program of C8, followed by an average of less than two million viewers.. This isn’t an old brawl, but rather an exchange that occurred during a sequence dedicated to the immigrant boat Ocean Viking which ignites the powder. Then the deputy accuses The five richest people from France from“to impoverish Africa”, Quoted by Vincent Bolloret, owner of the Canal + group, to which C8 belongs.

Bollori gave you money because you were a columnist here, you didn’t mind.Cyril Hannouna answers, accusing the deputy of being wanted Make a startThe tone rises quickly. The insults merge. “You are irresponsible Cyril, you are hurting France, you are stirring up racism in France and we don’t even have the right to criticize Bolloré on your channel”LFI deputy launches. “you piece of shit”adds the host, before the chosen one leaves the group to boos from the audience.

A little later in the evening, he was elected Val-de-Marne continues and hashtag on Twitter. “On TPMP, Cyril Hanoune just insulted me because he criticized Bolloré, the owner of his channel. Cyril Hanoune is as irresponsible with regard to freedom of expression as it is with the far right,” he is writing.

The facilitator responds on the social network after a few minutes. For him, this sequence, on the contrary, “Good proof that in the TPMP we can say everything and invite everyone”.

Act 2: The LFI Vice President takes over Arcom

The day after the broadcast, the head of the LFI deputies, Mathilde Bannot, announced that it had taken over Arcom (French General Authority for the Regulation of Audiovisual and Digital Communications). In her referral letter, she writes about the incident “Fear of an annoying turn.”

We are in custody and will study the sequence regarding the publisher’s obligations. Arcom had previously reported to AFP, without specifying whether the referral came from LFI or viewers. Channel C8 does not comment.

Act 3: An investigation into the “interference of Vincent Bolloré” is required

For his part, Louis Boyard on Friday requested the formation of a parliamentary commission of inquiry Vincent Bolloré is involved in the media he ownsThe deputy denounced in a press statementTrying to intimidate but also [une] A clear demonstration of the censorship methods used to silence anyone who attacks this billionaire’s empire.”. “The aim in particular is to audition Vincent Bolloré and Cyril Hanouna.”Parliament continues.

Cyril Hanouneh returns to the ruckus on Sunday. “I am as optimistic and correct as some politicians. The only thing I regret is insulting him, that is not a good example,” wrote on Twitter. As for the rest, I have no regrets and will always stand up for my friends..

Act 4: Louis Poyard announces complaint

The deputy announced, during a press briefing held in the National Assembly, on Monday, that he would file a complaint against Cyril Hanouna. to express “An idea for the millions of people who have been offended”, Louis Boyard guarantees that these people were “It was insulted every time the TPMP advocated the far right and made racist and Islamophobic remarks in its programmes.”

“The sheer force of a Hanoon who thinks he can insult and intimidate someone because he criticizes his boss is unacceptable.” Louis Boyard continues, who then sets out to file a complaint for “public insult”. “Whether you are an MP or not, a presenter does not have to insult someone live for criticizing the owner of his channel.C8, Vincent Bollorie, insists ‘rebellious’ MP.

Chapter Five: Cyril Hanoun announces, in turn, that he has filed a complaint and defends his “friend Boloury”.

In the evening, the facilitator counterattacks. During his presentation, Cyril Hannon and his writers returned at length to the altercation that occurred four days earlier. In turn, the collaborators of “Baba” expressed their feelings, criticized the position of the deputy and defended the position of the parade leader. “We’ll sue Louis Boyard,” Then he announces Cyril Hanouna, who he is talking about “libel”. Louis Boyard accuses “People love him.” to do “raising racism and sects” In the country, train people “against each other.”

The Bolloré group’s star presenter takes this sentence uttered by the rebellious young man and takes him to task: “You make noises on horns, you make noises on racism.” Finally, the host devotes the final minutes of his show to a defense “Girlfriend” Vincent Bollor. “Bollori is a friend of 20 years old, the only one who always called me, even when I was making 200 euros a month. A friend of 20 years old, I will always defend him,” Identifies. Louis Boyard is accused of being a “liar” as well as real “disgusting” in this story.

Law 6: The LFI in turn defends its deputy

“One never serves oneself better than oneself.” After this petition in favor of the host, La France Insoumise united behind the deputy. Tonight on the TPMP, an hour of discussion in defense of Soldier Soulful. In the program: lies, complete absence of contradiction, defamation “LFI deputy tweets from Bouches-du-Rhône Manuel Bompard. “Hey Arcom, does Bolloré pay you too?”Asked.

At a meeting in Clermont-Ferrand (Puy du Dome), LFI leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon, in turn, intervenes in the controversy, on Monday evening. “The problem facing us as citizens is media pluralism,” Throw. “When nine people own 90% of the media, there is little mediocrity and obedience,” And he adds in a speech denouncing the media focus.

“I will not throw stones at Hanauna like everyone else,” But adds Jean-Luc Mélenchon. “He is just an open face, he has no good manners for others and he does not know how to wrap his speech with poison and lace.continues the former LFI presidential candidate. Then he takes his audience to task.Imagine if it were the other way around, if it was Louis who spoke that way… What wouldn’t we say! “

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