Fifth. The Prix Barbara in Vincennes on Friday 4 November 2022

Fifth. The Prix Barbara in Vincennes on Friday 4 November 2022

The Prix Barbara in Vincennes on Friday 4 November 2022

Vincennes directive on Friday, November 4, 2022 for Tiercé-Quarté-Quinté+. In this event, Prix Barbara competes against runners. The race will be held over 2,100 metres, and a sum of €53,000 will be awarded.

In the event, Feeling Boy (1): Even if he does manage to run the 2,100m of the big track during his career, it’s not necessarily his favorite track. I’ve been waiting for this entry since my last outing in Craon. That was six weeks ago but he was able to work in good conditions. I find it very good. He has no strangers and young people to contend with. “I think he has a first chance,” says Eve Drew.

Jenny’s Secrets

Michelle X. Charlotte: Fête d’Eurvad (2) had a great season and ended up winning a race on the track that interests us. She had a little problem with one foot, so she hadn’t raced in over a month. Everything went back to normal and I was able to get it set up properly for this great entry. She faces, this time, the males, but her place is fifth, if all goes well.

Jerome Michel Legros: After getting back on the Rambouillet, where the track was sticky, the Fusée des Vaux (3) showed he needed to run, in Lisieux. She was shoddy and helpless, unlike on Friday, where she would be put into competition mode. It may lack a track but it’s going apace and has inherited a great many. You should talk about it again soon, maybe Friday.

Cyril Chino: The Ecume de Furtais (4) did very well at 2,100m at the beginning of September. You “go out” of number 9. We should not try to start it and suffer. Thus, she knows how to finish shopping. At Laval last month, it backed away from its offending rival. The course was not favorable. Since then, I’ve kept it for this event. She looks so good to me it will take some success.

Jean Marie Robaud: Estournel Mouriez, 5, was less good during his last summer outing in Cagnes. Since then, she has acted very well with a small comeback in Borély. Its second place allows it to be placed well in the front row. It really is an estimated distance of 2,100 metres. It’s perfect at work. I loosened his shoes four feet. He loves to suffer. I am here to convey it with ambitions of victory.

Joel Hallais: In Caen, October 23, the far west of the rib (6-year-old) was hit in the knee, hence his mistake. Well followed after that. In very good condition at the moment. Perfectly adapted to 2100 metres. He just has to endure the race and use his flowing speed in the last three hundred metres. His number is correct. I can process it again. He is competitive.

Xavier Tellens: In the end, it was trying to make him alert to this post. Ecalgrain (7) is stout and well prepared. This speed course and big track won’t bother him. It is ideal to have a small train and it is hidden close to the head. All the lights are green and we’d be disappointed if he wasn’t in the top three.

Miss Morgan Blot: It will be a discovery, a new environment for El Capitano (8). We are preparing for our winter goals, namely climbing. We will have a real race. This should serve as a starting point so that you are ready for the end of the month. So we won’t deprive ourselves of sixth or seventh place but I don’t think he can do a better job at the moment.

Patrick Terry: Forsica de Rocher (9) ran very well the last time, at Laval, but doesn’t have much space. He is brave and dignified, above the demanding and a little lower in these awards. He’s in the front line but would need a good number behind the autorun (editor’s note he inherited a 9). If all goes well, he can take a place.

Jonathan Vanmerbeek: Hope of the Day (10) balances failure but wasn’t always so lucky. It was to take a place under the saddle last month without a flaw at the start of the straight line. I’ll have her driver lead her to the rope and aim for seventh. It is better to get rid of it.

Christopher Peterment: Flicka du Sky (11): His last ride was good. With number 9, she soon found herself trapped with her nose in the wind. I managed to lead it to the rope in the last turn and ended up with resources behind tired opponents. On Friday, the field is raised lower but it will take a little luck to start in the second row. I count on her to play good roles for this quintet

Evonik Dosit: After last winter, I slowed it down a bit and kept it for the winter meeting. Furious Purple (12) will still miss the race. You really need a very good run to be able to finish in the top five.

Nicola Dromini: The recent trips of Fakir de Gesvres (13) are not really encouraging. It’s hard for me to show confidence beforehand. He works at a distance of 2100 meters and his number is correct in the second line. However, he will have a lot to do to be competitive.

Jerome David: Finally, Fée de Boisney (14 years old) behaved very well. With relays, she found herself far away. After that, it didn’t end badly. We were satisfied. You have to hide it and have a nice little piece to finish. She might be better than 2100m this time at a higher pace. If she’s 5th or 6th, with a good run, that would be fine.

Charlie got: We must erase his last race at Engin. After a few gallop steps at first, 15-year-old Villette del Green found herself lagging behind. It is best judged by her previous trips in Vincennes. She finished third on this course, which she especially appreciates, at the beginning of September, without making good progress in the race. Much is nothing unusual and I am logically confident.

Summary: 5-6-4-3-1-2-7-15 Press Summary: 5 – 1 – 4 – 3 – 6 – 2 – 7 – 9

Equidia: 1-3-4-7-2-5-6-15
Europe 1: 6-1-7-11-5-4-3-2
Parisian: 4-6-5-2-7-1-3-15
Alsace: 4-5-7-1-2-6-9-15
Paris Stadium: 5-6-1-2-3-7-4-15
RTL: 5-3-6-7-2-1-4-15

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