Rock en Seine 2022: Stromae's emotional lift at closing ceremony, futuristic and subtle

Rock en Seine 2022: Stromae’s emotional lift at closing ceremony, futuristic and subtle

The boots are gray with dust, the legs are starting to get heavier, but the spectators still cling to this last evening of the festival. They were tired, but impatient to find the Belgian artist Stromae, whose return to the stage was coveted. After the release of his third album, pluralityLast March, he was responsible for bringing to an end this eighteenth edition of Rock en Seine, Sunday, August 28th.

A large screen lights up at the back of the stage, as if we were going to attend an outside show. The film begins and takes us on a journey between infinity of plains and pink mountains. “It’s Tatooine, actually.”a young man laughs in reference to the famous desert planet of the saga star Wars. The avatar of Stromae, the avatar for clips from his latest album, appears in a futuristic laboratory, populated by robots of all kinds. The lights went out. The real Stromae enters the stage in his ruffled shirt and his tufts of hair collected in two macarons. “You have more profits than losses”, It begins, under the cries of joy of the audience, which little by little finds its energy.

We’ve gotten used to his perfection over his previous rides. This is no exception to the rule: in Stromae, everything is accurate. Accompanied by his four musicians behind their white instruments straight from a spaceship Star TrekThe singer ties the tables. The screen behind him is divided into eight articulated pieces of different shapes to the beat of the songs to create multiple atmospheres. on the piece When the, The paintings are made by Farandol and the turn behind the artist. The light is weak and creates a dark and heavy atmosphere. After a few songs, they band together to build a building whose windows reveal local scenes.

Like the actor, Stromae changes his costume almost every scene change. He arrived dressed in light green pants for the first three songs, light and lively, and dressed another, this time black, for his saddest and deepest voices. The decor follows the rhythm and turns to the rhythm of his desires: his microphone stand becomes a politician’s desk for his piece. sons of joy While his chair is replaced by a sofa that he slips into during his title Bad day. Stromae presents to the audience a film that has been thought through from start to finish.

Belgian singer Stromae at the rock band Unseen in Paris on Sunday, August 28, 2022 (ANNA KURTH / AFP)

Under his many hats, Stromae also plays the role of animator and tries to wake up his audience at times, disturbed by the change of atmosphere of various songs. before the song health It does not start, a small voice gives the rules to be respected: “Ladies and gentlemen, please follow the safety instructions for the following song”. The singer’s avatar asks the spectators to learn some dance moves: extend the arms to the left and then to the right. Great initiative, fun, but hard to apply to 40,000 people stuck together… who haven’t played the game at all. “Unfortunately”captivates Emilian, a young festival-goer who comes to the concert. “He does a lot of dance calls, but the audience is so few and so sweet.”

Stromae has composed three multi-song albums. cheesewhich was released in 2010, was a resounding success, especially thanks to its title Vitamin, then we danceWhich made the artist known all over the world. After exhaustion and major health problems forced him to leave the stage for a few years, the Belgian singer is back on his feet this year with a new album. An album that addresses his depression, difficulties and pain. Do these themes resonate with an audience of festival-goers hungry for dance and applause? definitely. When the song starts Hell, A title addressing the topic of suicide, the audience sings loudly from the first notes. This is the strength of Stromae: he manages to touch his audience with the simple and powerful words of his choice.

Belgian singer Stromae at Rock en Seine, in Paris, Sunday, August 28, 2022. (Christophe Crinel)

The playlist is also not randomly configured. Thanks to the effective combination, Stromae managed not to undermine the morale of her audience and to maintain constant excitement. Sings nicknames that move, that make you smile like all the same where My love The clip of his reality TV version made netizens laugh a few weeks ago. Then the atmosphere changed. The singer enters a darker cycle with his track Loneliness, Which speaks of solitude and celibacy. “Are you still Rock On Sen?”He says laughing. The audience clings to and follows the artist’s vantage points without losing enthusiasm.

To keep up with the pace, Stromae has been able to count on her legendary successes. When the first notes of Papotai The audience’s echo becomes unbearable. The artist no longer needs to sing, spectators take charge. For Jeanne, who has been a fan of the artist since her debut, this is a hit: “It’s the first time I’ve seen Stromae live and it was just as I imagined it.” The same thing happens in enormous, a piece during which the excitement created an enormous cloud of dust. But the apocalypse occurs during appearance: Stromae ends on the incomparable then we dancewhich once again indicates her immortality.

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