Charlotte Valander's funeral: Chilling words from her daughter...

Charlotte Valander’s funeral: Chilling words from her daughter…

Charlotte Valander’s lovers recently reunited say goodbye for the actress. Apparently his daughter was present at a funeral. She wanted to pay tribute to her late mother.

Charlotte Vallandri: An intimate funeral

Over the past few days, the Seventh Art Realm has had in mourning. Charlotte Valander left us on July 13, 2022 at just 53 years old. She was one of the icons of French cinema. The funeral of the actress took place on Tuesday, July 19, 2022. Ceremony “sober” And the “All in Simplicity” Which happened in the town of Breton-Blineuve Val-Andre.

There were a few unknown people in front of the church. They saw Charlotte’s relatives say goodbye to the late actress. during the partySome of his relatives, including his sister, Oud, wanted to honor the actress. The daughter of the actress was also honored memory of his mother while giving a speech.

Charlotte Vallandri: The moving speech of her daughter

Losing a parent certainly isn’t easy. Tara Leisen, Charlotte’s daughter, couldn’t contain her emotions when she was have paid tribute The actress during her funeral.

As for her offspring, it was Charlotte Valandre “The strongest person I know”. Although Tara is grieving the loss of her mother, she still wants to remain positive. For good reason, Charlotte Vallandri is finally “free,” according to Tara Leisen. It was she who always fought the disease during these years on earth.

“Finally his freedom was returned to him. His battle is over,” Tara announced, very moved.

In addition, Maud Baker was one of the public figures who attended At Charlotte’s funeral. The actress also paid tribute to her friend in her own way. In her story, Maud Baker actually posted a snapshot taken during Charlotte Vallandry’s funeral. A funeral wreath can be seen with the inscription “to our chacha”.

The actress remarkably added a little heart to this story. This photo was accompanied by a song that fans of the late will surely know. This is a duet with Marc Lavoine entitled ” See you soon “. No doubt about it death of his friend Maud Becker is very sad.

His heartbreaking words to his daughter

Before she left for good, Charlotte Vallandry dedicated a few words to her daughter through a story. Text titled “Don’t forget to love me” And the actress testified to her love for her child.

According to Charlotte Valander in this letter, her daughter, Tara Leisen “Bring him back to life” She entered the world in 2000. Then the deceased mentioned the future of her child. Charlotte is confident about her daughter’s future, which she describes as a “bonus”.

The actress wanted to do privately Says goodbye to his daughter in the publication. This is a poem that Charlotte Valanderi wrote during her lifetime and was posted on her Instagram account after her death. In this, the actress told Tara that she It will never be too farEven if you are no longer of this world.

“I’ll be in a laugh, a song, I’ll never be far away,” she said.

“I’m not sleeping, I’m watching”

In this same poem, Charlotte Valandere also encouraged her daughter to call her when she needed her. whatever “At night, in the rain, or in bright sunlight”tara can always count on his mother.

“I don’t sleep, I watch. I love like I love you my angel, my heaven. Mom,” she wrote.

In addition, during an interview with psychologists, Charlotte Valandry mentioned her childhood spent in a Breton family and a Catholic. During this interview, Tara Leessen’s mother Talk about faith.

For a deceased woman, “to believe” is to say to herself. “Life goes differently, to keep our loved ones close” And one day you will find them. According to her, “If faith has meaning,” it can Looks like the joy of lovingwithout expecting a return.

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