In the "JC" Decaux family, the secret to success is power sharing

In the “JC” Decaux family, the secret to success is power sharing

Investigation“Second Caliphate Season” (6/3). At home, the business is run as a family. Since the father, Jean-Claude, a self-made man, handed over the torch to his three sons in the early 2000s, French urban advertising group has become the number one worldwide.

It started as an advertising slogan. “Together as always”, Jean-Charles Decaux slipped, pointing to his older brothers, Jean-Francois, and the youngest, Jean-Sebastien. Warm smiles and slightly harsh demeanor are meticulously cultured men. As soon as we arrive at JCDecaux’s headquarters, in Neuilly-sur-Seine, we notice the same mixture of seduction and discipline in the life-size photo of their father, the founder of the company, who died in 2016, which continues to stare visitors into the entrance hall. “Together as always”So, although it seems very rare that you will be able to meet them at the same time. Jean Francois lives in London, Jean Charles lives in Paris, and Jean Sebastien lives in Milan. However, the three of them matched their diaries as wonderful travelers to invite us to lunch. This means whether they want to show their full understanding.

We are now in the basement of the building, a former car park converted into a reception area decorated with paintings by artist Gérard Garrost. A majestic getaway with the little ’80s, those “advertising years” that made the group a fortune. This is it “Father” Whoever designed this place, the sons confirmed, with that boundless common admiration which we soon guess was the main cement.

“Only three sons”

Together, they take their places, lined up neatly on the same side of a majestic rectangular table. The eldest, Jean-Francois, 63, is tall, of Germanic physique – he has lived in Germany for a long time – and settled in the middle. With his silver hair and athletic figure, he is more than like a father. On his right, Jean Charles: 52, with a smooth face, impeccable hairstyle. In the advertising world, he is nicknamed “The Wizard” because he is likened to the Prince of the animated film. partner. Finally, to the left of the eldest, Jean-Sebastian, 45, is the smallest, and also the least comfortable. He wears the three-day beard, the signature of the men of his generation. He’s a member of the trio, no doubt, but we still get a little feel for him… “I only have three sons.”Their father would say before adding half jokingly: “I am glad to have three sons, it saves me from having to provide for in-laws. »

Jean-Claude's children

Dressed in nearly identical suits, baggy neckties and white shirts, the three Deco display a tireless presence and politeness, allowing everyone to express themselves without interruption. Above all, do not give the impression that there can be the thickness of a sheet of cigarettes between them. Since their father passed the torch to them in the early 2000s, their turnover has more than doubled (2.745 billion in 2021, despite a significant drop due to Covid-19) and made this French urban advertising group the world leader, with 12,000 employees in more than 80 countries. With them, the estate has become success storyShe was noticed and envied by many families in the business world. the recipe ? An extraordinary process, based on the equitable sharing of power. Each year, in a well-established ballet, Al-Bakran performs the role of president and general manager. “They are a true couple, and they would never make a decision without each other”Their uncle Jean-Pierre, 78, reassured one of the pillars of the Censorship Council, which everyone adores.

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