Faustin Pollaert: This is the youth drama you've never recovered from

Faustin Pollaert: This is the youth drama you’ve never recovered from

PARIS, FRANCE - 24 SEPTEMBER: Journalist Faustin Bollaert participated in the conference

Faustin Pollaert: These Youth Dramas You Never Recover From (Photo by Mark Piasecki/Getty Images)

This Thursday, July 21, 2022, Faustin Bollaert will chair the France 2 “Un flirt & une danse” programme. Another love-themed show is for the star public servant, who herself has experienced intense grief over the loss of the person she loved so much… among other things.

Faustin Poulet has been starring on France Télévisions for several years now. Every day, in the controls of her show It Starts Today, the presenter makes us discover life stories like no other, with a sense of humor, kindness and sensitivity. On the private side, Abby and Peter’s mother, the fruit of her love for writer Maxime Chatham, experienced a personal drama that shaped her laughing and optimistic mood. But it is not easy to build oneself in the midst of a successive bereavement…

video. Minute Faustin Bollaert

Faustin Pollaert suffered from tragedies at a very young age

If today Faustin Pollaert finds a beautiful emotional balance on the arm of her husband, with whom she shares a passion for horror stories, then, when she was younger, she suffered the worst: the loss of her first boyfriend. Usually a little reserved about her intimate woes, Faustin Bollaert indulged in some secrets in 2019, on the set of Michelle Symes’ Show He Won’t Get Out of Here. “I also lost my boyfriend from a motorcycle accident, when she was…” I suddenly started overwhelmed with emotion. And to continue, to be more precise: “This is the first time I’m talking about it, I wasn’t 18. It was my first big love.

A painful period for the young Faustin Pollaert who was already recovering with difficulty at the time from two more losses. First her childhood friend: “I wasn’t ten when I lost my best friend. I spent the morning waiting for her to come and sit next to me, class. She was there the day before…that day, she hadn’t come. And all the days after that, her place will remain. empty”. Then her grandmother said to her mother, “She died in my arms. It doesn’t matter, it happens to everyone actually. But I had a summary of cases of teenage bereavement, which made me have a very special relationship with death. a lot in my life.”

Behind that communicative smile that she strives to maintain every week in public service, Faustin Pollaert hides the pain. Then there are other dramas that took place before his birth but did not leave his mind…

“Suddenly, nobody, nothing”

In 2021, in the columns of the magazine Gala, the hostess returns to the disappearance of her paternal grandmother, whom she did not know, unfortunately. “It is one of the greatest mysteries of my life,” she said. A grandmother tragically died in 1974, along with Faustin Pollaert’s aunt and uncle, in a plane crash. If the hostess was born five years after the tragedy, then the memory of the deceased permeates her childhood. “I was always curious about her because my dad always told me I looked a lot like her. She was very funny, jogging and deeply in love with others.” Character traits she seems to have inherited: “When I ask my parents about this grandmother, I get the impression that I have inherited a lot from her. Not meeting her is one of the greatest regrets of my life.”

video. Faustin Bollaert in full grief: The host faces death again

On the set of Michelle Symes, Faustin Poulet returns to her younger years drenched in sadness and grief. It is not easy to build after losing so many loved ones. “All of a sudden, nobody, nothing. I’m not complaining: everyone has to go through grief. Simply put, it happened to me in my teens, at a time when the character was basically fake.” From these dramas, Faustin Pollaert managed to draw painful lessons, of course, but today it helped her to imagine life in another way: “Disappearing, overnight, I know. I know that everything can stop like this. It gives you the constant fear of losing the ones you love . …and the urgency of living (…) I won’t have time to do everything, so I prefer to go for the basic and the exceptional. I need passion.”

Passionate, essential, extraordinary, Faustin Pollaert continues to discover every day through the stories of those who come to testify in It Begins Today. Nice way to cheat death.

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